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While being an easy-to-use, quick and powerful content construction kit that everybody understands, ContentBuilder fills the gap between cracks and regular Joomla! users, who finally want to get the advantages of a CCK -- Check out our demos and videos!

Video tutorials and demos:

The main task for ContentBuilder is to structure Joomla!® content (articles) while preserving content layouts - but you can do a lot more with it, including:

* Catalogs
* Directories
* Classified Ads
* Contact Forms
* Article Submission
* Basic Communities
* Paid Content
* File Directories (Upload/Download)
* File Selling
* Image Galleries
* Extended Joomla! registrations, including Captcha and paid registrations
* List/Details views (Record Display)
* …or regular CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on your data.

Supports CSV Import!

Joomla!®'s article system is not replaced. ContentBuilder provides list/details views by default that can act as administrative panels. It also creates regular content items if desired, which you may use on your site just like any other content -- without the need of core replacements.

Additionally, you can use ContentBuilder to control user permissions for several actions, such as content access, content editing, rating, article parameter settings, publishing, etc.

ContentBuilder provides a well-defined plugin infrastructure to enhance its capabilities:

* Content (extended ratings, image resizing, downloads or any other content plugin available)
* Form Elements
* Form Validation
* List Actions (select records and perform actions on them)
* Verification (think of payments and coupons)
* Themes (yes, even themes are pluggable)

There is a variety of plugins that ship with ContentBuilder already, such as PayPal payment, image resizing (thumbnails, modal details), downloads, list actions and common form validations. Plugins and modules like Advanced Search, Videos and Article Selection Form Element are available seperatly from download page.

ContentBuilder offers an easy-to-use integrated form builder that can operate on the data source of your choice.

For our BreezingForms fans, you might be interested to know that it also integrates perfectly with ContentBuilder (

*** NOTE: version 1.0 is in the works. The current version may be used in production already ***


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Reviews: 1
It´s great and efective; simple in it´s functiolality and therefore easy to understand; if this is not enough, the suppor ts great and kind. Ty very Much.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension, it meets my requirement.

But I have two problems.

1.If I install the attachment extension and the ContentBuilder extension, I can't use the attachment extension's add attachment's function when using ContentBuilder to edit.

2.It cannot show the attachments using Attachment extension to upload file when using ContentBuilder to display content.

Thanks. Anyway thanks for your dedication.
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for an extension to create a product catalog.

Each details of the products are stored in different fields of the database created with ContentBuilder, and I created a template with ContentBuilder. It creates automatically the articles (standard Joomla articles) in the specified category.

I could also import all my data using CSV import. Using this feature, everything is created in just one minute (except customizing the template for my specific display needs).

I have really appreciated the tutorial video. Watching this 19min video was enough for me to use this extension.

Knowing PHP or SQL is not needed at all ! The extension does everything for you.
Personally I have a good knowledge of PHP and SQL, I was going code everything to generate articles from database data. Fortunately, I discovered ContentBuilder. It saved me a lot of time.

I detected an issue in the CSV import and reported on the forum. I had the chance that Markus was online, the issue has been solved with a new release in only 45 minutes !!!

I finally will use ContentBuilder for my site.

There are some little things to improve : in my opinion only some user interface improvements (UI is very important for me), I'll post some suggestions on crosstec forum in the coming days.
Reviews: 8
This is an excellent component from!

Easy to use, easy to manage, easy to modify. Markus at has slammed this one out of the park! Joomla has needed a component like this for a long long long time! CCK, but at the rawest level. We have been able to do this with breezingforms, but it was complicated and cumbersome, not anymore with ContentBuilder. IMO, a great alternative to jreviews, zoo and k2, if you need just to display/search data views and not all the bells and whistles that the aforementioned components have (but some).

I will be using this one for a lot time!!

Thanks Markus!!!
Reviews: 1
I was using jsblod cck since past 3 months, but content builder is awesome. It solved my all problems. It is very easy to use. Thanks for good work
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a good component to publish CV

Content Builder helped me to do it perfectly.And the support is the best i had.

I recommend It.
Reviews: 1
Pretty straight forward, had it working in no time. I have one old J! 1.5 website and I'm not interested in migrating. I've tested ContentBuilder on this website, and it worked just perfect.

I hope ContentBuilder will stay free. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for this great extension!
Owner's reply


ContentBuilder will stay free, don't worry. We will add additional plans with some extras (professional support, special plugins, etc.) but ContentBuilder will stay free and NOT contain footers and such.

Thank you for the review!


Reviews: 1
this is exactly what i needed for a client website!

there is a slight learning curve, but it is a really comprehensive component that can allow you to do many sorts of functionalities.

Markus is really helpful, i almost dread asking him so many questions, but he is always there to help.

absolutely recommend this one!
Reviews: 1
Excellent work and perfect component, its very easy in installing and making new form but
1- its still doesn't support the Arabic language where the Arabic letters converted to questions marks like this "?????????"
2- Other thing is the creation of any button as form element unavailable.
3- And finally we can't group any two checklist for instance if the first concerned with the cities and the second with the streets.

I hope this issues will be solved in the next version

Owner's reply


1. UTF-8 is fully supported, make sure the connection/collation in your database tables are set correctly.

2. The built-in form builder is serving all buttons that are required to build a form. If you need custom button, you can also use BreezingForms.

3. You can group checkboxes, please check "horizontal" and in "Width per Element" use values like 50px, that will enable you to create table like checkbox groups.

Thank you for your review!


Reviews: 8
i tell u, this extension is very great. I saw the demos. and i found it very suitable for my site. and one that i look for this time.

just one thing. me with very lack of ability in creating database, found this beautiful extension to set on its parameter. though when i try to set on extension manager menu. even when i tried to read the documentations.

my suggestion to the developer, try to make more simple documentation. for comparation, let say, k2 and CB docs. they made it simple to understand and to applied for users like me...
Owner's reply


maybe you missed the documentation and/or the introduction vido? You simply add a new data storage and add the desired fields. No special database setup required, nor PHP. Or you use BreezingForms and let ContentBuilder operate directly on its data.

If you have further questions, please post it in our forums.

However, thank you for the review!


Reviews: 1
I use it for a staff directory. The view and filtering options are awesome. Fast and good support.
Reviews: 1
This component is great. I´m a paid user of form2content and it is really very similar but free.

Anyway developers should work in this tips to be the best.

- There must be a way to dinamically choose the category where the content is saved. I mean, the user must be allowed to add articles to the category and section he wants (admin choose the selectable ones).

- Also must be a way for the user to choose any other joomla default article field: title, publish date, unpublish date, metadata, etc.

- Every joomla plugin should work. Is this achieved yet? I don´t know

- A lot of field validations are needed. I have never use breezing forms, so I don´t know if using this form more validations are allowed... (numeric, alphabetic, just 3 letters, specific format...)

- There should be something similar to smarty templates to make decisitions on what data is shown and how. For example: what if i want the first letter of the article created is bigger than the rest and blue color?

- Of course it is a must to create a search module (possible a search component needed too to show the results in a blog view). Users can search results selecting the fields of forms. Form2content one is good (results in blog view) but it can´t be search for text fields, you can make it better...

- It will be great to have a calendar module too. This way we could create an article with a beginning date field and an end date one. I know a lot of people is looking for this in order to make full event sites forgiving about event components like eventlist, etc. Please, consider this. I will be happy to pay for this!!

- A complete documentation is a must, above all for the "other tables" manipulation usage.

Although i have point a lot of "issues" you can get better in, I think it is great beginning, in fact with the CRUD of any joomla table you have made something very useful and much more better than form2content, for example, that has still nothing similar.

I whish you the best of lucks for your software and your company. Keep the good work!!
Owner's reply


- user based category selection is in the works. Will be done right after the extended ratings that we are currently developing. In fact that is one of the missing things before we will call it "1.0" ;)

- The Joomla! article fields are already available. If you decide to create articles in your views, you will have a "article settings" tab for every record. Depending on the permissions you can either use limited article options or extended ones (the same like in backend).

- Joomla! plugins work! The fun part is that contentbuilder plugins also work in articles ;)

- There are already the most common validations but you can add your own custom ones using php, create custom validation plugins or wait/contact us for new ones that might be interesting.

- Instead of smarty templating (which would be a drastic overhead), you can use the hide-if-empty tag in the content template and/or use the "content prepare" tab, that allows php. There you can alter the output of any field the way you like.

- A nice filter module is planned and will be implemented right after 1.0 is out. For now, please use the filter for list views or use any filter module available for regular content.

- Calendar module copied :)

- Most important aspects to start right away are already covered. There is an update coming for the 0.9 line and we will update the current documentation accordingly.

Thank you for the review and the suggestions, we will keep working hard to make it the tool of your choice!


Reviews: 5
Using Joomla for 2 years now and I thought I have seen the best of it but then I came across content builder. Its like opening new doors of possibilities there is so much you can do with it. The flexibility is beyond expectation you can customize every part of it according to your needs. Content Builder and generous support by Crosstec together make it a must have product.
Reviews: 1
Was looking for something similar for a very long time.

Very good product. Highly recommended and great support. Can't wait for the full version!
Reviews: 1
This is a amazing component, well written, easy to create own content in own tables.
Also the possibility to change nearly everything and the upcoming features will get this component to my very favorites ones !

Support is excellent and quite fast. Thanks Markus !
Reviews: 7
Not just a CCK ... is a Swiss Army knife, full of opportunities and facilities ..

And to complete .. support is courteous and professional

Thanks for the extension
Reviews: 5
After downloading the component and installing it, watching the video once, everything is up and working with the demo download listings. Support was excellent.
Reviews: 20
This component is amazing, well coded and i think, later, it could be better than jseblod or k2
thank you
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