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Editor's Note
EasySocial is the best social network extension for Joomla! It gives you the power to start a social network for Joomla websites, fast and easy. Instantly engage and interact with your members with one extension on your desktop, smartphones and tablets. EasySocial membership flow is customizable for a wide range of communities.

Web developers can build custom apps that can expand the features of EasySocial more than just an online community.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose EasySocial:

1. Build modern communities with better engagement tools best for intranets, enterprises and large corporations

2. Supports future needs of the community as it is able to expand by adding customized applications and tools.

3. Ready to support all kinds of communities with customized registration flow based on specific membership requirements.

4. Reach further and expand interactions from wider networks from members from different social networks.

5. Best for creating communities that are condusive for employees, customers and suppliers to share common interests.

6. Backed by proven record of outstanding support by a team of dedicated professional Joomla developers with over 20 years of experience.

Key Features of EasySocial:
- Groups for users where users can collaborate in groups with a variety of applications built for it.
- Events allows users to create meetups and collaborate with attendees on the event.
- Customizable forms for membership registration to suit according to your community requirements
- Privacy settings for each member profiles, posts and in the activity stream
- Get live community updates on the latest activities with live feeds and email notifications
- Login with Facebook account and expand the reach of your EasySocial community
- Members can help keep communities clean from spam and abusive activities with direct reports to admin
- Private messaging or conversations with one or more members within the community

Other Useful Features:
- Migration from JomSocial and Community Builder
- Amazon S3 storage spport
- Built in Achievement and Points system
- Attach and share files in activity stream

EasySocial Integrations:
- Kunena
- EasyBlog 3.9
- JReviews
- K2
- Mailchimp
- CometChat
- Invitex, Quick2Cart, jGive (by TechJoomla)
- Parainvite (by SIMBunch)
- JFBConnect (by SourceCoast)
- Collaborate Chat, Super Login Pro Module (by Herdboy)
- Music Collection (by JoomlaThat)

If you would like to integrate with EasySocial, contact

Future of EasySocial:
- Refer to the roadmap
- Upcoming template support for EasySocial
- Membership subscription for EasySocial

See EasySocial in real action in the Demo

Support plans are available for EasySocial

EasySocial is brought to you by the same creators of EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento.

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Reviews: 1
Anytime I have a request or ask something in the forum or on email, they respond very quickly.
They are very kind and very helpful.
If you can use their products, go for it!
They are always there to help you.
Reviews: 1
I have been using EasySocial for about a year and I am beyond satisfied. My users are all about the product, not mentioning the great and continuous support Stackideas provides.

The product speaks for itself. If you ever try EasySocial which has all the bells and whistles, you won’t be willing to use anything else. What I like the most: they are listening to their customers. Also, when it comes to bug-fixes, with each new version (regardless of the fact it’s a new major release or just a smaller sub-version) they bring new functions to the table, and these tiny enhancements make them outstanding.

The team is dedicated, reliable, fast, and kind enough to help you during day and night. I actually wonder when they sleep :) Whenever you need assistance, these guys will be there for you to lend a hand, answer your questions or solve your issues. The support usually responds within hours, keeping you up-to-date.
They definitely run my league, so I give them my highest recommendation.
Reviews: 8
EasySocial is another excellent Joomla extension from Stackideas. These Guys are also amazing in terms of support. I treat them like reliable Friends :)
Reviews: 1
After a lot of research I have chosen to buy EasySocial because the many features and it meets up my needs.

Recently I run into a problem after an update, I thought that it was caused by the EasySocial update but is was not!.

StackIdeas helped me although it wasn't their software after all that was causing the problem. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 4
It's good extension. But what I found still need to improve for these aspect:
1. UTF8 URL not support well when SEF is enabled by Joomla default.
2. UI font small, elements and effects too heavey on mobile mode. This caused the browsing experience not fast render to use it. adding 1MB javascript for download on mobile is too large, as Joomla already has mootool and Jquery to download at the same time.
3. UI too small and too close on mobile, which not easy too find and not easy to click by fingure.
4. Joomla 3.3.3 not fully support well. System message not bring to the guest. i.e. when login fail, mo message on front end until logged in successfully.
Reviews: 4
I was using JomSocial since a long time: I bought it when it was Azrul´s software in Version 2.x.

Unfortunatley, more and more I was getting unhappy and since a year I was thinking about switching to EasySocial. I was on JomSocial for such a long time, and EasySocial is so much younger cheaper ... can it fulfill all of that features that JomSocial can?

Short answer:
Yes, and much better then I ever could imagine!

The updates are nearly bug-free, the support is outstanding, the usability on the frontend is fantastic, the developement is extremly motivated, for my opinion in the moment this is one of the top-extensions that you can buy!

The migration from JomSocial is extremely easy and works brilliant, the software is integrating perfectly with other extensions like sh404, jPayplans, Kunena, AcyMailing and much more.

In addition to that, StackIdeas don´t refuse support when it´s a problem connected with another extension.

This software is worth every single cent that it is charged and I couldn´t imagine that a community-extension can be so easy-to-use and in the same moment so complex in the features.

Well done, StackIdeas!
Reviews: 15
First off when you purchase an extension with your money you put your faith into the developers that they will answer your questions pertaining to that extension. Not only is this a great extension to build a community of like minded people but it also has top notch support that answers your questions any time of the day. They say they have online and offline support but in all seriousness this team of developers id dedicated and passionate about what they do and that is put out top Joomla extensions. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I've used all the community tools for Joomla and have recently just swapped from JomSocial. Support is fast and helpful and the tool has some amazing features that the others simply lack. Oh yeah... and it's loads cheaper that JomSocial.
Reviews: 2
I can't say enough about EasySocial and StackIdeas. The product is absolutely top-notch but their commitment to support is what puts StackIdeas in a league of their own. Worth. Every. Penny.
Reviews: 2
Very professional job done by this crew.Easy to install and configure.The layout is so clean.Streaming, posting, sharing, everything is thought in details.Mentions and hashtags are the top-notch features for me.
Reviews: 2
I was surprised by Easysocial. Have tried other community components but the others had plastic look. Easy Social is very professionally built and designed. Backend seems logical with all the adjustment options that are easy to use even for less savvy like me. Less knowledge in the technical does not mean you do not have the sense for the fine. Easysocial is simply perfect. I am 60 years old and is an amateur. I had some installation problems and ended up in a panic. The friendly Stackideas support helped me faster than lightning. Are you looking for a professional look and features as well as security in the form of good support then choose Easysocial.
Reviews: 4
StackIdeas is by far the best Joomla vendor out there. I have used their products on several websites for over 6 years and they function well. But more importantly, StackIdeas has tremendous customer support. They respond very quickly to tickets, many times on weekends and after hours. They keep me informed of what they are doing to my site, and always follow-up to make sure I am happy with the fix. I've used dozens of Joomla extensions over the years and have never had anything close to this level of service from any other vendor.

As for EasySocial, it is a new product and the documentation is still a little spare, but you probably won't need it (just drop StackIdeas a quick email if you do). I used the the other big social engine for many years and never really got it to work correctly. I had EasySocial installed and customized to my site within a hour. The only negative is that there are not as many third-party plugins available yet (like calendars, quizzes, etc.) so be sure to consider if you need any of those to be integrated with your social flow. Even then, you should definitely try EasySocial before any other social extension - I think the support and ease-of-use will far outweigh any other consideration.
Reviews: 6
EasySocial by far the best social component for Joomla yet... and more importantly the team at Stackideas has raised the bar so high with everything they do, that my goal is to run a 100% stackideas eco system. They are doing a phenomenal job at listening to customers and introducing features that there is demand for... reducing the need for third party plugins... and if something is a bit more of a niche, which results in third party developers choosing to pick it up and offer that feature for EasySocial, the team at Stackideas is always available to help ensure a certain standard of quality.

In all my years of developing sites with Joomla (and Mambo before that)... Never have I been so excited and grateful for a team of Joomla component developers.

I suggest you take a look at their forum to get an idea of how proactive and helpful their team is. EVERY single problem or question gets answered or solved with a great attitude, and if it is a weekend, and it takes a few hours to reply, they apologize for being slow.

I have owned EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss for a couple of years now, and I bought EasySocial back when it first came out. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the products they make, and the service they provide. They make all their customers feel like we are a part of their team. They involve us in every step of the planning. They constantly are seeking our feedback and acting accordingly.

As an Entrepreneur myself, I have to say, their standard of service inspires. I am constantly learning from their practices.
Reviews: 3
I recently installed EasySocial on a charity website, so we could create a community spirit. I encountered a strange problem when registering new users. I thought it may be un-solvable, but Mark and the team were relentless in solving the problem, despite taking many hours of their time. It turned out it was related to the plugin requiring users to change their password when first logging in. we turned that off and we were in business.

Every time I have a question the team are very quick to respond and I am pleased to say that no problem has gone unresolved.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this extension, which has a rich feature set, but mostly because I know it has a quality team standing behind it.
Reviews: 11
Stackideas never disappoints. I love their social component and it works great with my website. Very flexible and easy to understand. Their support is AMAZING! Thank you Stackideas.
Reviews: 2
Really amazing products and customer service!
It is hard to describe how great these guys are and how their product keeps on improving, it seems almost weekly!

I have had several issues with the installation on my site, posted up a help request in the forum, and each time got both a quick response, and they actually fixed the problem for me! I can't say enough.

I was a bit worried with them being on the almost opposite side of the world, but their responsiveness is great.

The product itself is really, really advanced. It allows really seamless integration with Joomla, Kunena and several other extensions. Using Easysocial in conjunction with Easyblog lets you use your ES photo galleries as your source for photos in your blogs without doing anything more.

Just darn cool stuff here. :)
Reviews: 1
Excellent application & Wonderful Support (15 Stars :) :) :)
These guys know what customer care truly means :)
Reviews: 2
Easysocial, what can I say? Don't try it because you'll never want another community component. Great support, like a community into the community. Very pleasant and "efficace". I am using it since the beginning and I can't wait the next features.
Reviews: 3
phantastic extension and unbelievable support.
i love it
Reviews: 2
Component Developers should follow StackIdeas model for customer support.

Just like what others are saying about StackIdeas you can count us as one of the happy customer.

Check out their forum to know it yourself.

As for EasySocial, it is still young but it has an outstanding features that other social component has not thought of especially in security and access.

Two thumbs up for Stackideas team. Check them out!
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