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Akeeba Subscriptions is a subscriptions management component for Joomla! 2.x/3.x. It's built using the Joomla! RAD Framework (FOF) and the best practices which ensure stability and security.

The killer features

- Streamlined administrator interface
- Rich subscription levels (subscription packages) editor which allows you to choose different images for each of your subscriptions and even a different order confirmation and order cancellation text to show to your users.
- The easiest subscription management interface you've seen on a component. It will even show you your users' faces, powered by Gravatar.
- Users can upgrade or expand (renew) their subscriptions. Renewing a subscription will create a new subscription which becomes valid the very second their old one expires. Users do not lose any of their subscription time when renewing, unlike most other subscription systems out there.
- Discount coupon codes which allow you to set an absolute money value or percentage discount for all or a specific subscription level and user, have publish up/publish down dates or a usage limit (e.g. the coupon code is valid only for the first 100 people to use it) – or a combination of any and all of the above!
- Automatic discounts for upgrading or renewing subscriptions based on the subscription level and days of presence in the subscription package. This allows you to easily create rules like: 30% discount if you renew up to 30 days before the end of your subscription, 15% discount if you renew within the last 30 days, no discount otherwise.
- Full support for complex tax calculations based on country, state and ZIP code. It fully integrates with the European Union's VIES system so that you can charge no VAT tax for intra-EU B2B transactions.
- Send emails to subscribers upon subscription, when their subscription/payment status changes and when their subscription is about to expire

Note: The component is distributed free of charge. No support is provided for it, free or paid.

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Reviews: 4
Accidently came across this extention, was my good luck found what i needed...
got few words... good work; hats off to developer for keeping it non commercial.
Reviews: 3
I have recently started using the free version of this product to sell subscriptions via HikaShop, having previously used the paid versions of two other popular and well-reviewed membership managers on other sites, one with VirtueMart and one without shop integration. I'm very impressed with this product: it's much easier to set up and use than the others I've tried, the documentation is clear, and the free version does everything that most users will need. Integration with HikaShop was incredibly simple to implement, and everything worked first time. I have never been disappointed by an Akeeba product, and though I don't actually need the extra features, I intend to pay for the professional version of this product in order to support continued development.
Reviews: 1
Having used a commercial tool in the past that never did well, I was not expecting too much of this freebie despite the excellent backup they produce. But as the commercial tool was no longer being supported decided to try this on upgrade to 2.5. My need was simple on the first and at first sight this seemed like total overkill. But I needed a higher spe on another site so decided to hit the learning curve. It was a delight to discover that it was not that hard to use at all. And up and running in no time.
I did hit a snag, the site was one time only subscription and there was no obvious way to bring in existing users. While it was not vital to do so that would mean a less than optimal experience for older members. So I bit the bullet and manually added all of my users one by one.
One possible bug report got sent to Akeeba while I was reading comments here. Before I had finished I had a reply and explanation of the issue.

Using Joomla since version 1 it is ever refreshing to see developers of this high level producing for the platform.
Reviews: 8
I stumbled across this software by accident. At first I didn't think it was what I was after, but I decided to try it anyway due to past experiences using Akeebabackup. Very glad I did. Does everything I needed plus a few things I hadn't originally thought of. Well worth a look. Thanks!
Reviews: 8
Easy to install and configure, good and detailled documentation, all needed features on board. Works simply perfect for me. Very good extension.
Reviews: 2
Having used this on several sites I have found this possibly one of the best free products around for Joomla!
On the one case I did find a minor bug in the component Nick was very quick to respond (especially as it was a bank holiday) and found a solution almost immediately.
Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 4
I have been using all akeeba products.
Great products, simple to install - clean coding.
What else can I say? Thanks to akeeba for making these great extensions!
Reviews: 2
I was looking at lot of Subscription extensions and finally found Akeeba Subscription with all the features needed, including the payment(gateway) options. And, Non-commercial :)
Thank you Akeeba.
Reviews: 2
This extension solved me a big problem in a virtual store / catalog I have been building recently. I've used it to create shoppers in virtuemart with different shopper groups according to subscription levels to show/hide relevant products.

It works like a charm for one shopper group.
It has great integration to joomla user group.
There is a bug in virtuemart integration for multiple shopper groups.
There is another bug - changing subscription level doesn't work you have to open a new subscription and delete the old one.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

The two reported bugs are actually not bugs.

The VM integration only supports assigning one shopper group per user. When we were building the integration plugin –about a year ago– VM itself didn't support anything different (it was one shopping group per user). If you are certain this is no longer the case, you are welcome to tell us so. To the best of our knowledge this situation hasn't changed.

Changing a subscription level is not possible for the end user (subscriber) but this is a feature, not a bug. Honestly! Each subscription level can have a different length and a different price. Reconciling this is a daunting task and usually requires the intervention of a sentient agent, i.e. a human, who can understand how to best handle each individual case based on business policy and special considerations. Alternatively you can use Upgrade Rules which are designed to handle this issue exactly by providing automatic discounts to people wishing to upgrade their subscriptions. Of course the old subscription remains. A more elegant approach might be added in the future but I'm sure most people will consider it a bug as it's nigh impossible catering for all ad hoc business models.

That said, changing the subscription level from the back-end of the component is perfectly possible. We have to do it on our site all the time when people buy the wrong kind of subscription and ask us to help them with their wrong order.

Reviews: 2
I have been looking for a free subs n finally my dream come true landed on Akeeba. All you compnets are 7star i highly recommend your work. In africa people use mobile money transfer such as MPESA can you work out on a way to incoporate that coz this is a Big Hit-Thanks
Reviews: 1
This extension is so powerful and useful that I couldn't believe it's free! And the technical support it's superb, so much helpful.

I recommend it 100%
Reviews: 1
Is an excellent application with power from Akeeba developer.

Really easy to use and absolute free
Reviews: 6
It took me a little while to find all the features that I needed, but everything was there, including integration with Joomla's usergroups, the ability to upgrade members, and adding custom fields for special purposes. All this AND great documentation. And, it is free. I couldn't ask for more. Thanks, Akeeba!
Reviews: 15
I really want to congratulate the entire team from Akeeba,
they do a great job, I was glad with AkeebaBackup and again, they go straight to the goal and it's free! What can I say more?
Reviews: 17
I have to say, I'm glad to find a free extension such as this one that actually is able to beat the competition that are charging $100+ for less features. When you use it, if feels like it's built solid - it basically is. I give high praise to these developers for outstanding work on many of their extensions.

This ranks in my Top 5 non-commercial extensions for 2012.
Reviews: 1
Akeeba Subscriptions is an excellent application and Akeeba is a great developer!

Based on workload, I think behind the Akeeba's name are some twins, or some clone of exceptional developer! :-):-)
Reviews: 9
I'm starting to think that Nicholas over at Akeeba has about seven clones of himself. This is pretty amazing since I thought scientists only were successful cloning sheep so far. I say this because, not only are the extensions expertly designed, but the documentation is so professional and detailed, there must be a room full of librarians that write it.
Akeeba has the best extensions and this subscription component is no exception. In addition to the documentation, Nicholas also answers you on the forum within minutes usually and his answers are 5-10 paragraphs long in detail. He actually tries to think things through with you and suggest a better way to accomplish what you are doing.
The subscription component is powerful and works great. It also comes with a million plugins all well documented.
Professional products and support - too amazing for one guy. These types of extensions are what make Joomla so powerful and special. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
Now I'll be honest, I haven't used or even tried any of the other free subs extension so I can't or won't try to compare as that wouldn't fair.

But what I will say is it's because of Akeeba Subs that I haven't needed to try any others! It has everything you'll ever need and so much more. Akeeba is a brand I trust and that's why I went for Akeeba Subs first instead of any other subs extensions - Akeeba backup, admin tools etc are essential components of my site and I don't know what I would do without them so I was happy to add Akeebasubs to my Akeeba collection.

It's so unbelievably powerful one can hardly believe it's free. I don't understand why some want to go paying for subs extensions - I have read the features and descriptions of other subs extensions including the commercial ones and Akeebasubs seems to have more than any of them.

When you first install it's a bit daunting, but if you read the manual properly it is very easy to use.

Setup your subscription plan. Setup a Joomla usergroup to match your subscription plan. If you want people to pay to have banners removed from your site, simply put your Google adsense etc code within {Akeebasubs !subscription} tags {/akeebasubs} and boom anybody who is a subscriber won't see your ads. It really is THAT simple.

This works for any other content, premium pages, download links - anything you like.

You can integrate it with Acymail so your subscribers get a VIP newsletter, you can integrate it with Kunena - the sky really is the limit.

Simple, powerful, quick and effective.

The developer is always releasing updates regularly, answers to e-mails very fast and responsive and is understanding and fair, unlike most developers you can actually talk to this one and work things out which is a fantastic bonus. You know you have an extension where there's someone a part of it who is approachable if you have any problems.

Now I'm going to go monetize my site more and use the powerful Akeebasubs permissions to give my subscribers more fun, interactive premium features.
Reviews: 17
I appreciate this software so much that I already wrote a blog post about it, but I forgot to report my satisfaction here on the JED. Five-star! Excellent documentation, sensible defaults, excellent support at a very reasonable price, what more could you ask for?
Reviews: 5
I have been searching for a while for a nice subscription solution for my eWorkshop in Joomla 2.5 and JomSocial! I found it. It installed well, and not much later all is working!
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