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Akeeba Subscriptions is a subscriptions management component for Joomla! 2.x/3.x. It's built using the Joomla! RAD Framework (FOF) and the best practices which ensure stability and security.

The killer features

- Streamlined administrator interface
- Rich subscription levels (subscription packages) editor which allows you to choose different images for each of your subscriptions and even a different order confirmation and order cancellation text to show to your users.
- The easiest subscription management interface you've seen on a component. It will even show you your users' faces, powered by Gravatar.
- Users can upgrade or expand (renew) their subscriptions. Renewing a subscription will create a new subscription which becomes valid the very second their old one expires. Users do not lose any of their subscription time when renewing, unlike most other subscription systems out there.
- Discount coupon codes which allow you to set an absolute money value or percentage discount for all or a specific subscription level and user, have publish up/publish down dates or a usage limit (e.g. the coupon code is valid only for the first 100 people to use it) – or a combination of any and all of the above!
- Automatic discounts for upgrading or renewing subscriptions based on the subscription level and days of presence in the subscription package. This allows you to easily create rules like: 30% discount if you renew up to 30 days before the end of your subscription, 15% discount if you renew within the last 30 days, no discount otherwise.
- Full support for complex tax calculations based on country, state and ZIP code. It fully integrates with the European Union's VIES system so that you can charge no VAT tax for intra-EU B2B transactions.
- Send emails to subscribers upon subscription, when their subscription/payment status changes and when their subscription is about to expire

Note: The component is distributed free of charge. No support is provided for it, free or paid.

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Reviews: 3
It's very simple, good support, very nice features like auto e-mails to subscribers, auto remove from joomla groups, custom fields, a lot of plugins and payment systems, an so on.
And will get better over time because their developers are working daily on it.

Good Work!
Reviews: 1
I am let's say an inexperienced Joomla user. I needed a subscription extension that will integrate with my J25 website that has also, jomsocial, kunena and ZOO. The only extension that came close was too expensive and I choose Akeeba Subscriptions.
This extension comes with tremendous amount of documentation, but you can also get paid support that starts at about 8 euro. For me the installation was OK but the setup was not so smooth mainly because I did not read the instructions, but Nicholas help me out right away pointing out the obvious. With guys like me I don't know when he has time to sleep :)
BTW the support you pay covers more than one extension like Akeeba Backup, Akeeba Admin tools, etc. so the little money you pay in support goes a long way and if you are an experienced Joomla user you have all these extensions for free. In my opinion we all need to support our great Joomla developers with as little as you can to encourage them to continue their work.
Reviews: 2
I recently made a site where I needed to create subscriptions AND make content restrictions to certain usergroups, and this component did all the work - for FREE! Make no mistakes, this component is extremely powerful, so you can use it for very precise content restrictions. For example, you can let users subscribe to specific article only OR complete categories/areas of the site, which is awesome!

MY compliments to developers, this is such a smooth and elegant solution, and the documentation is terrific as well. I suggest you read the documentation (which will take about 30 minutes-1 hour) and you are ready to create your first subscription.

One thing to know: I'm using PayPal, and PayPal sandbox testing for some reason doesn't work with the component. The subscription appears but it doesn't have "complete" status. HOWEVER, if you encounter this, it's only because of the sandbox. Once you start using live PayPal, there are no problems, it works without a hitch.
Reviews: 4
Excellent component and great contributor. Works out of the box and just about every extension you could wish for is included.

Developer has a fantastic opportunity to distribute a great base component and charge for the addons but hasn't. This is truly a great offering.
Reviews: 1
Amazing Extension guys!

Really easy to use even for us novices!
Reviews: 10
It took me a while to do the prelim setup but once done it was easy to use. Coupled with this, Nicolas gave an excellent support.

It took me a while (with Nicola's help) to figure it out that Paypal Sandbox has some inherent issues in it. But all features of Akeeba Subscription integration with Paypal works seamlessly in the Paypal production environment.
Reviews: 2
I have searched a long time for something as simple and straight forward as this module. I've used some other paid access control systems before and most were very complicated and did far too much for what my needs were. This beauty does exactly what I want it to do - let's members on the site and kick them off when their subscription expires - SIMPLE. With the added bonus of an affiliate program (very basic but straight forward) you can grow your site's web presence faster.

Support is also great and VERY helpful. A bug here and there when using templates from certain template companies, but can be overcome with a bit of CSS editing.

Well done Mr Dionysopoulos - great product and I'm sure we will see this little gem get more advanced
Reviews: 8
I have been playing with this component for about a month now, on two different sites. I use it together with Community Builder, the Kunena forum and Phoca downloads.

It took me a little bit of time to understand how to make it work at first as there are lots of plug-ins (that come directly with the main component, this is not stuff you need to install separately) for each one of the components I'm using it with - for example there is a plug-in to match up an Akeeba subscription with a Community Builder group and so on. But once you've understood how this works (and the documentation is fairly complete)... It is really efficient! I now get my subscriptions automatically activated after a successful PayPal payment, the users are added to the right groups in CB and the forum, when a subscription expires those privileges are cancelled... It's all automatic.

I've been able to find all the info I needed all by myself, except maybe for one: there is an integrated affiliates system, granted it's quite simple but it can be enough for small sites (my case), only I still can't figure out, in the case of recurring payments, if the affiliates get just a one-time commission or if the commissions are recurring too. Apart from that, I am fully happy with this component.
Owner's reply

Your question is valid. The very simple affiliate system predates the recurring payments and was never really tested with it. That said, the intended behaviour is for the affiliate system to give a commission on each payment. As a result it should give a commission each time a recurring payment occurs.

Reviews: 2
Totally impossible to install this extension - I am using using Joomla 1.5, yes I downloaded the correct package, yes I know how to follow instructions, but each suggestion given in the accompanying PDF Guide only results in the following:

"Install Component Success"

Then when I go to the Akeeba component which is visible in the Joomla Components Menu I get...

"Incomplete installation detected

Akeeba Subscriptions can not load because an incomplete installation was detected. In order to fix this problem, please follow these steps:

Download Akeeba Subscriptions' installation ZIP package from our Downloads page.
Go to Extensions > Manage , click on "Browse...", find the ZIP file you downloaded and double click on it.
Click on "Upload & Install"

This will install all of the missing files while preserving your existing settings and subscriptions."

So, I am sent around in circles and it never installs, not even manually either.

So Akeeba looses a customer since I have to go elsewhere. This is your product Akeeba, not mine... it is for you to get working.

So I have marked this as "Very Poor" because that is what it is!
Owner's reply

This is caused by incorrect permissions of your site's libraries directories. So, no, it's not a problem on our end. It's a problem of your site configuration. Hint: when you install the component, the post-installation page reads "Framework on Framework: NOT INSTALLED" with "NOT INSTALLED" in bold, red letters. Don't shoot the developer when it's the webmaster who does not understand how to do his part. Just saying.

Reviews: 2
As someone who has been in system development for many years I have to say that I am delighted with the level of support I received from the developer. Akeebasubs itself is great, easy to use and works - out-of-the-box but, in my case led to some obscure issues with my template. Responses were almost immediate and offered detailed suggestions on what might resolve the issue. The patience he showed was amazing - particularly when the problem was not of his making. The concept that you pay for a weeks support is sensible and good value for money.
I totally recommend both the product and it's support!
Reviews: 1
I'm a professional Web Developer and I've been using Joomla! and wide variety of extensions since 2007ish, and this is the first time I've felt compelled to sign up here and write a review on a component, or rather the Developer thereof.

I recently had a requirement to develop a subscription-based site (also a first) and picked one of the first ones I saw in the list with decent reviews and that didn't cost too much. I won't say which one. I had a small question and posted a message to their forums last week and I still haven't gotten a response.

Yesterday, I realized that it wasn't going to be flexible enough for my needs so I started looking for another one and found Akeeba Subscriptions. Once again, I had a small question and sent an email to the Developer. I ran to the store down the street for a few things and by the time I got back, there was the answer I needed in my inbox, on a Sunday!

The component is very flexible, easy to implement and offers a great deal of customization and different options for payment gateways, and it's free! I couldn't be happier. My only regret is not researching more and wasting the money on the other component.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!
Reviews: 2
I just launched my renovated subscription page with Akeeba Subs and my first impression is it beats the pants off my old subs component (named Paypal Subscription Pro? or something to that effect) for $0??? Huh? Is this a trick?! Great work, Nicholas!

Anyhoo, I would like to request a few additional features. One is to extend the 'import data' to cover my old subs component. That would be very appreciated. If not, is there a way to manually recreate the subscribers by importing from Joomla users database? I know I still have to read the nice PDF manual that came with Akeeba Subs.

Another is that, although the separated 'trial' subscription may be good for someone's site, I think my site would be better with an integrated trial, then to the fully paid version. Can this be included as an option? My old creaky subs component worked this way so I know Paypal can be configured that way.

Many Thanks!
Owner's reply

Hi Rick and thank you for your review!

I would be interested in creating an import feature from your old subscription system. I just need a database dump of its tables so that I can figure out how to do that. Please use the Contact Us link on our site (it's at the bottom of the page) to send me an email.

Regarding trial subscriptions it is possible, but not in the automatic-charge-after-the-trial-expires kind of way. You can create "trial" subscription levels with a price of 0, checking the "Forbid renewal" checkbox. This creates a free (trial) subscription level which can be used only once per user. This idea was actually proposed in another review on this site and implemented since a couple of versions ago :)

Reviews: 2
Enables people to monetize their site with plans payable with full payment. :-)

Nicholas helps you more quickly and professionally if there are problems.

Of course, we would like more features for affiliates, but remember that this component is free ;-)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! Our developer is already working on an integration with a third party affiliate management service which has much more features than we could even implement in this lifetime. The next version will have this built in, helping you create an affiliate network easily and affordably :)

Reviews: 5
Akeeba Subscription is just THE BEST Subscription-Extensions out there. It's FREE, intuitive to use, and very functional!

If you are searching a Subscription Component in Joomla, then your search ends here. And it's free and comes with a documentation, I've never seen before. It's just perfect.

I recommend this product, like all extensions coming from Nicholas! He is just a genius.
Reviews: 1
Working like a charm. Just missing a little option to manage automatically the VAT management for all countries, instead of manual configuration
Reviews: 1
I'm building a chess website for an association and needed a means to collect paid registrations. I tried some other free "Form" components but they required either too much configuration to get Paypal to recognize the data or they didn't provide Paypal Integration.

I tried Akeeba Subscriptions hoping it would be an answer for what should be a relatively easy project.

1. Installation was easy and direct.
2. Easy to create subscription levels
3. I like the idea of the auto subscription notifications you can configure.

1. I set up a Paypal sandbox account for testing. I could run through a few test subscriptions but after Paypal confirmed the payment, the account would not automatically activate. I don't know if this is normal in test mode or not.

2. If one of the test payments went through, I'd try another test for another level and noticed the form data was still there from the last submittal. My browser is set to clear everything and not save form data so I don't think it was my browser. Also, I have my template set to not cache pages.

3. I would go back to make a configuration change to one of the subscription levels and when I went to save the changes I got a fatal error message. After that, I could no longer submit any payments to the test account.

I'm sure there are explanations for all these but you must pay for any support as Akeeba does not have a free forum. That is not a criticism, that's just the way they do business.

I think I would rather they charge for their component and then I would not have used up so much time trying to make this work.
Owner's reply

Regarding your points:

1. There are certainly issues with PayPal's Sandbox. I know that. You have to use a penny value of .00 for the transaction to go through. There's however an easy workaround: use the live account, create a subscription with a value of $1.00 and buy it.

2. The form data is saved in the user session and auto-filled from the user's profile. Think about a user who wants to buy two or three subscriptions to different levels on the same day. Would you really want them to retype the same information each time they visited your site? Or retype all that info when all he needs is renew his subscription? I don't understand how something which increases your conversion rate is a bug?!

3. You are the first and only person to have (semi-)reported that. Unfortunately I can't provide support over the comments here, especially since I would have to guess version numbers, trigger conditions etc. Also note that bug reports are FREE. All you have to do is use our Contact Us page – which you obviously did not do. I will say it again: a bug unreported is a bug never fixed. I don't put bugs in my software intentionally and I certainly cannot fix a bug that's not been reported and I cannot reproduce.

>> I think I would rather they charge for their component and then I would not have used up so much time trying to make this work.

I fail to understand the logic behind that. Let's say we asked for 100$ for the component. It would be the same component you now get for free. You'd have the same problems. The only difference is that you'd have support. You can have support for 8 days for 7.79 EUR or for 365 days for 85 EUR (which also includes access to *all* of our software). So, if it makes you feel better to actually spend money rather than get the software for free why didn't you just subscribe to our 85EUR AKEEBADELUXE level?

Reviews: 13
It is surprising that Akeeba does not charge for this product - it is truly excellent and comes with so many plugins to cover a large range of components.
The documentation is excellent.
You have to pay a small fee for technical support, but if you follow the manual closely you should not need support at all as it is an excellent component.
Reviews: 1
I am in the process to set up a membership site and thanks to the reviews I went with akeeba subscription and my decision was perfectly right on the money. This Component is easy to install and to set up. I had a couple of hickups with the paypal settings but everything is solved and works perfectly fine now and I have to thank Nicholas for that. He is not just a great developer he also gives great service. With choosing his products - you never go wrong. I can vouch for that. Thanks again :)
Reviews: 1
Very good component! Works out of the box with tons of plugins.
What I love about this developer is that the support is SUPERB!
That (and a good component) makes it fun to make cool stuff for clients.
Reviews: 1
This is really the best ever I have seen to manage subscriptions! Thanks to Akeeba people!
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