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Articles Anywhere - place articles anywhere you can enter text.

Articles Anywhere is a plugin that allows you to insert articles anywhere on your site. So you can place articles inside modules or in other components or where ever.

You can place articles using the syntax:
    ★ Using the title of the article: {article Some article}...{/article}
    ★ Using the alias of the article: {article some-article}...{/article}
    ★ Using the id of the module: {article 123}...{/article}

Within those tags you can place different tags to place different article data/details:
    ★ {text} (the entire text: introtext+fulltext)
    ★ {readmore} (a read more link)
    ★ {url} (the url to the article)
    ★ {link}...{/link} (tags to add a link to the article to anything within the tags)
    ★ {introtext}
    ★ {fulltext}
    ★ {title}
    ★ {id}
    ★ Or any other data available (must match the column name in the database)

When showing text (all text, introtext or fulltext), you can also make the tag only show a certain amount of characters:
{text:100} (shows the first 100 characters of the entire text)

When showing read more link, you can also overrule the standard "Read more..." text:
{readmore:Please read on!}

Articles Anywhere also comes with an editor button to make inserting these tags easy.

More information:

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Reviews: 1
Compliments on this plugin, it's exactly what I was looking for! And the support is also great. I got a really quick response. And that for something that is FREE?! Amazing!
Reviews: 2
awesome extension and lightspeed support... amazing!
Reviews: 16
Ever wonder how managing your website without copy pasting part of an article in another one? Well article anywhere do the job for you and keep you away from duplicates. This is trully life-saver as I have "reminder" here and there on many articles and it would be such a waste of time of having to edit them all one by one. With article anywhere, I only have to edit one article and that's it! Even more, there is a great support by it's developer Peter!
Reviews: 10
Easy to use, works nice.

This tool is good for Administrators when need customizations without editing core files.

Thank you
Reviews: 2
This extension saved me big time. K2 is limited on the frontend editing option, Especially when dealing with articles in modules. This extension was perfect and all requests to the developer were resolved quickly and support was exellent!!! I will be looking at the other extensions because they just take Joomla and K2 to the next level. Money well spent. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Not sure how I lived without this as it is probably my favorite download thus far. Installed on my Joomla3.2 site with no problems. Once installed it took me all of 3-5 minutes to test it...Works Perfect!!! Thanks!!!
Reviews: 4
Really a time saver letting you to use your texts/articles again and again, wherever you like.

Thanks Peter for all of your goodies
Reviews: 2
I have been using this plugin for two years and had a problem when migrating from Joomla! 1.5 to Joomla! 3. It turns out it was due not actually due to the plugin but the developer fixed it for me extremely quickly anyway.
Reviews: 2
I've had this extension for a while and found it to be the best around. The support I got to solve a small issue (mine -- not the extensions) was fast and very easy to understand. I have the PRO version and I recommend it highly.
Reviews: 1
An excellent plugin. I can place articles anywhere in my site, even other components. The shortcode is very easy and I can modify it. I can not say anything about support because I didn't need it. Thank you Peter.
Reviews: 4
I had a little HTML closing tag error. Within a "minute" Peter solved the problem.
Never seen such a quick and efficient service for a free extension !
The extension itself is very easy to use and works perfectly.
This gives me the idea to have a look a the wole extansions range of this company.
Many thanks.
Reviews: 2
I tried out the free version of Articles Anywhere in the Content Template of the component ContentBuilder. It worked just great for single articles - no compatibility issues. That gave me the confidence to get the PRO version of Articles Anywhere in order to display output from ContentBuilder data views (i.e. multiple articles). Works a treat!

Because of the ease of use of Articles Anywhere, I now use other NoNumber extensions too - like Modals. NoNumber responded rapidly to pre-sale questions and while I have not yet had to seek specific support, I am confident they will get back to me in a timely fashion. As someone fairly new to Joomla, it's great to have a trusted resource of simple tools that add a lot of value. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
Very clean code, it did not conflict with my most pesky extensions! Nicely organizes information with a clean and simple interface. I use the Pro version with the easy insert button. This makes inserting articles within articles a simple click. Incredible features like inserting a whole category or just a title and more. I could not be more happy with an extension. It will save me hours of work. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
This is the prefect extension for my needs. I was looking for years how to reuse existing articles more efficiently in Joomla. I thought that having tags will solve that problem, but having dummy articles embedding original content proved to be a better solution for me. Thank you very much for the extension! It installs easily, and works very fast. No difference between an original article and embedded one.
Reviews: 21
Great for adding content within other content. Use it extensively. Thanks Peter.
Reviews: 2
Amazing extension which makes many things very very easy. Should be a default extesion of joomla. Before I asked Peter for help i spent 2,5 hours to sort a problem. At last I decided to ask for help. I got a direct response from him and he sorted out the problem(me the idiot, him the expert).
His effort is excellent. Do not ever hesitate to use his extensions. Use his extension manager to install them. So easy, so clean, so smooth. Thanks Peter.
Reviews: 13
Easy to install, documentation on website easy to follow. Allows flexibility in setting up site.
Reviews: 1
Perfect solution! The embed article button for text areas is a great feature of this bundle.

Thanks for sharing!
Reviews: 7
It would only be fitting that my first JED review be for the one who most call the King of Joomla extensions. I don't believe in propping people up for the sake of following the pack...I'm a beat to my own drum kind of guy, but this guy deserves my review and support...WHY? Because, in my case and I am sure others would say the same...I received world-class support, but best of all...he did for his free version extension. Thank you, but more importantly, please keep doing what you do, which is provide tools that allow people like me to better utilize Joomla to connect and communicate with my audience.
Reviews: 5
I searched for a long time trying to find what I found in this extension! It works. There is a demo to see what it will do before you download and try it, it's well documented, and I can't say enough good about it. I've used some of the Author's (Developer's) other extensions and they've all been perfect! I'm currently using the free version (there is a free version and a super robust commercial version that even does more stuff). I'm gonna buy the commercial version because I like it so much and I can use the super power features. Thank you, Developer for providing this outstanding app!!! You and your apps are greatly appreciated.
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