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Snippets ComponentPlugin

Snippets - make content placeholders.

With Snippets you can make reusable snippets (pieces of text/content) and include them into your content via a tag, like:
{snippet my-first-snippet}

If you edit the article (or module or wherever you put the tag), you will still see the tag. But on frontend view you will see the content of the snippet instead.

You can use this to insert much used content for instance. Then, if you change the content of the snippet, it changes everywhere you have used the tag.

You can pass along 'variables' with the tag which can be placed inside the snippet. This way you can use one snippet and it will generate different output, depending on what you pass along in the tag.

How to use it:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
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Reviews: 1
This extension become in a great partner in a site I have worked in. Lot's of translations and the same information about translator should be repeated in all the articles, save us lot of time and works like a charm, as somebody says, another 5* extension from NoNumber. :)
Reviews: 4
I have a large site with lots of elements that repeat (footnotes, page headings, stylized headers, etc.). Creating the elements is easy and I can import/export to other sites, if necessary. Support is great!!!! I use several NoNumber products and they all work great.
Reviews: 4
I was looking for an extension which could display some HTML or CSS (or whatever) Code on my website without me worrying constantly about getting code stripped from the WYSIWYG-Editor I use.

I tried different approaches and for my needings this extension is the best I could get.

Great extension and so far, works like a charme.
Reviews: 2
I am so glad I found this extension. I was searching for a content editor that would not strip out my code when I switched to WYSIWG mode (unsuccessfully) when I found a suggestion to use snippets. WOW, this is the best extension. I now have code snippets and text snippets that can be reused by me and my authors and I can protect my site by keeping everyone out of the source code. This extension was easy to install and use.
Reviews: 1
As has been said over and over if you reuse and would like to change it once for every use, this is the extension for you. I would also look into ReReplacer too!
Reviews: 7
There is nothing I can say that has not already been said. Another outstanding product form NoNumber!
Reviews: 12
very good product. Easy to set up and very usefull.

As usual Nonumber has developped a 5* component
Reviews: 33
This is another one of those extensions you wonder how you lived without...

A lot of website have content that is re-used across multiple pages, and when it needs to be updated... boy, that's a lot of updating to do! But with Snippets, you update ONE thing and it's automatically updated on ALL pages! Wow!

Dear NoNumber, I may be in love with you... thanks for making my life so much easier!!!
Reviews: 10
To understand the beauty of this extension, ask yourself three questions...

(1.) Do you ever need to repeat material in various pages of your site (a data table, a grid of photos, or some paragraphs of information)?
(2.) How do you keep track of all the repeatable material?
(3.) How do you insert the repeated material whenever you need it?

My answer to the above questions was...

(1.) Yes, all the time!
(2.) I kept lists I would refer to or created articles with all my repeatable text and material.
(3.) I copied and pasted the repeatable material into whatever article I was working on.

My ability to handle repeatable material improved tremendously with "Snippets."

With this handy extension, you can create all kinds of text, data, images, or any other content ("snippets").

It organizes all your snippets so you can keep track of them or edit them.

You can easily insert snippets into articles. As you're composing an article, use the handy editor button to see all snippets and choose one.

As with so many other NoNumber extensions, "Snippets" is powerful but so simple to visualize and manage, with a clean administrator interface.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 11
I just wanted to say this was exactly what I needed. I had to make a number of landing pages, with the same content, apart from various location text etc.
This allows me to make these pages in a much quicker manor.
And if I want to make a change to the landing page, I can now just change the 1 master snippet, instead of all my landing pages.
Reviews: 1
NoNumber! has the knack of identifying gaps in the extensions portfolio and filling them superbly. This extension allows a library of tags to be created so that values can be plugged in anywhere. Anywhere means anywhere. I've placed tags in articles, the titles of articles and even as the value of a parameter in a module. All worked just fine and allow embedded HTML. This is still beta software so expect the possibility of minor issues but support is great.
Reviews: 1
I wonder why people are not using this extension and neither no one has posted even one review.

I would just like to say that this extension is top of all, ya rite top of all. I am not a new bee, so what ever i am saying is 100% rite.

This extension combined with few ones can make your site do wonders.

I am sure the developer of this extension will totally agree.

Any way, Best of luck for future and waiting desperately for its upgrade version.

Thank you.