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NoNumber Extension Manager Component

With the NoNumber Extension Manager you can quickly and easily install and update NoNumber extensions.

You can:
    ★ See what NoNumber extensions you have installed
    ★ See version numbers and see if yours is up-to-date
    ★ Install extensions
    ★ Update extensions
    ★ See the changelogs
    ★ Uninstall NoNumber extensions

The NoNumber Extension Manager is a component. So you can find it under the components in your administrator menu.

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
Do NOT use below reviews to post support requests or issues.

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Reviews: 4
NONUMBER Extension Manager is a simple but highly effective component to group and manage any other nonumber extension.

I suppose when you develop awesome extensions a handy manager is also required.

Rumours that the What? Nothing! plugin further enhances the component have not yet been verified.
Reviews: 20
We've been using nonumber's extensions for many years now. It's one of the best extensions there is out there, a must have!

Peter is one of the nicest and responsible developers in Joomla.

We cannot say enough good about this extension.

John P. Ramos
Reviews: 9
If you find out the power of NoNumber, this extension will be ther first install on your projects. You have to do only one thing. Install all axtensions to convert a simple joomla site to a fast giant!
Reviews: 1
I'm a big fan of the NoNumber extensions, and this makes keeping them updated so simple.
Reviews: 4
Very easy way to manage NoNumber extensions, all of which are excellent. I use several on most of my sites. Support is great!
Reviews: 8
I think if every extension looked as nice as this and worked as reliably Joomla's reputation would be unparalleled.

Every extension maker should hold themselves to NoNumber's standard.

This is one of the first extensions I install on every new website. No matter what the site, I know I'll use one or more NoNumber extensions, and this makes installing and updating each a pleasant process.
Reviews: 20
Once again, Peter saved my life with his amazing work. I had a typing error in more than 120 articles and this wonderful extension fixed it in less than 3 minutes.
Thanks Peter!
Reviews: 7
If you use any of the extensions from NoNumber, or if you are like me use many of them, this extension, by far, is the best way to manage them. Whether you have pro or free versions, this will manage both and install the extensions seamlessly.
Reviews: 12
the best group of extensions In Joomla
The best group of extension in Joomla.
Impossible to create a site without all extensions of Nonumber

Re-replacer, module anywhere, advanced module management...
I can't work without those plugin.

Nonumber : the best of Joomla
Reviews: 4
About time I left a review to say this is the first extension I install. Written magnificently, and always works. Can't promote this enough!

Great extension...!!
Reviews: 13
Perfect tool to manage the excellent set of extensions.Always have some NoNumber extensions on the websites I do.
One component to rule them all.
Easy to use. All info and actions needed.
Reviews: 3
This utility for easy install and upgrade of nonumbers extensions is brilliant, and the fact that it is open source for potential reuse is amazing.
Reviews: 2
The pro bundle is worth every euro! Just the DB Replacer has saved me countless hours repairing broken links on a 4000 pages site which I am converting. The support is very good. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 8
A must have for every developer. I wish I could purchase more but have to confine myself to those I use regularly.
I love the snippets feature especially.
Reviews: 10
If only all other Dev were providing those kind Component!

We actually would probably buy more, being certain that we will always benefit from the newest versions of our purchase...
Reviews: 2
The installation manager for NoNumber extensions is simply fantastic. I bought NoNumber's pro bundle and can easily install all or selected extensions via the extension manager with a few clicks. Updating is evenly simple.

There are many other components that I am using from other developers where updating components, modules and multiple plugins continue to be too time consuming.

Peter has demonstrated yet again excellent business practice and sets a benchmark for professional Joomla! extensions. Well done and highly recommended.
Reviews: 28
I see this extension as a "must have" for administrating the fabulous nonumber extensions available. Definitely recommended.
Reviews: 8
During Brian Teeman's Introduction to Joomla 3.0 workshop at Melbourne Joomladay today, I've upgraded my site skeleton to 3.0 while he's been going through features... NoNumber Manager has meant I've installed all the NoNumber extensions in 20 seconds - can't wait for the remainder to become 3.x compatible!
Reviews: 51
If any of the nonumber modules, components or plugins are in use on the site, this nifty tool helps in keeping them updated, it's more reliable for the commercial versions of the components and plugins than the standard Joomla update system.
Reviews: 9
This extension is excellent. Given how useful NoNumber extensions are, this is a very welcome addition. You can install, update and remove NoNumber extensions right from inside this component. It just works.

Install it, you won't regret!
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