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Editor's Note
Event Registration Pro is the Enterprise level Event Management System for Joomla! If you're looking for a professional solution that offers a higher level of event management then you won't be disappointed in Event Registration Pro.

- Responsive design
- Built with Bootstrap CSS
- Conference Sessions Support
- Front End Event Management
- Easy to use and learn
- Create both Free and Paid events
- 100% customizable CSS
- Built-In Calendar View
- Multi Language Support and Joom!Fish Integration
- 30+ Payment Gateway Options To Choose From
- Customizable Email Notifications
- Full Reporting with CSV File Exporting
- Tons of parameters allow for easy customizations
- Upcoming Events Module
- Events Category Module
- Mini Calendar Module
- Google Events Map Module
- Custom Event Registration Form Builder with 11 form field types
- Private / Public events
- Custom Event Category Menu Views and Filters
- Discount / Promo Codes
- JomSocial and Community Builder Integration
- Free Updates
- Free Support
- Front End event management
- Event Meta Data and Keywords
- Free updates
- Individual or Group Registration
- Allow registrants to upload files
- Event Archive Manager
- Repeating events capabilities
- Multiple Event Registration with a single checkout
- Unlimited Form Fields
- Each event can have its own unique registration form
- Spam proof design...No hard to read Capchta images Needed!!!
- Registration Cut-off and Start Dates and Times
- Unique payment methods per event
- Calendar filtering by category

Optional customization services are available.


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Reviews: 1
I have been working with this extension for the last couple of months and am very happy with both the product in general and most importantly - the support services.

Event Reg Pro is the most complete offering available that I could find and has been extremely well supported - helping me setup and configure as required to my specific needs.

Would highly recommend giving this component (and developer in general) a try.
Reviews: 2
Easy to use and powerful packed with features. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Great extension and when we needed custom work they quoted us a fair rate. Recommend
Reviews: 6
For the price of this extension, there are better options out there which offer many more features and customization options. We used this component for several years, and it functioned ok, but we have since moved to a competitor and found the experience much better. With larger events, we simply needed more features such as QR codes, and did not want to pay these developers to customize their own commercial component for us. Support with Event Registration Pro never met expectations, and as a customer we definitely felt less than valued. It was a relief to move away from this component.
Reviews: 1
good functionality as there is not too big selection for that type of reservation handling modules for Joomla. What use is from module if it just does not work correctly? Bought 5 months ago, so far headache with errors in calculations (rounding, displaying the discounts), list order, compatibility with theme, other ext-s etc. Owners constant response for every bug-report: "error is in your site, the module works well with Joomla base installation". Who´s using the base installation w/o any other plugin and modification in design? NOT recommend if you are not developer or just do not want to hire more skilled professionals to continue smbd else job, like I was forced to do in order to keep using the extension what i have invested huge amount of time in
Owner's reply

This customer had some conflicts with three other extensions that we identified. We explained that the other extensions were causing some conflicts and the customer refused to accept our diagnosis of his site issues. Any other legitimate bugs that this customer reported were taken care of by us within 12-24 hours.

Reviews: 1
Fully met the expectations.
Reviews: 1
It’s good, this soft works well, the support answers quickly, it’s still perfectible, but keep cool, I use it on my site and it’s OK.
Reviews: 2
This extension worked perfect right out of the box. Was easy to learn and configure. I'm a picky designer and I had to do very little front-end customization.
Reviews: 4
We always use this component for events registration. It's an easy install and configuration. It works as expected and offers great options for maintaining your event and registrants. Mike and staff are always been helpful when we have requested support.
Reviews: 2
The product works well when it works. Be aware that it may only work with the default template for the front end and any requests to support to resolve issues beyond the default template will cost you $40 or more per hour to fix. The support through Joomlashowroom is as others have stated very poor. I am frustrated because if this product worked correctly from the front end user interface and allowed registered users with the correct permissions to successfully create and edit an event it would be worthy of 5 stars. As it doesn't I can only give it two/five.
Owner's reply

We did in fact attempt to support this customer but their template of choice was causing conflicts with the javascripts required for features of Reg Pro to work. We explained IN DETAIL that this was the template and not our code causing the issues and that if he wanted us to fix his template code that we would do it at a discounted rate. This custom just did not understand that a template that is coded poorly can cause a lot of issues. He refused to listen to reason and just wanted to blame our product. We have tens of thousands of other happy customers using Reg Pro with all kinds of different templates without issues. We know our code is not buggy and is an extremely stable software and 99% of the time when there is an issue it is usually a poorly scripted template or module that can cause any conflict.

Reviews: 3
I have used this extension for years, and will continue getting the updates! I have used many Joomla extensions including registration programs, and this is by far the best. It is versatile, continues improving even when you thought it didn't need it, and in the rare instance I needed support... I received a response and help right away. I am always looking for the best of the best in Joomla extensions... the ones that are tried and true. This is one of them! Thank you for helping to improve the Joomla community.
Reviews: 2
Thankyou so much for your amazing and almost immediate support. Our site is finally live and it couldn't have been done without your prompt service.

The extension does everything and more than I expected. My client is receiving 80% of their business income from this extension.

We will be using this extension when ever an event booking system is needed from now on.

Kind Regards

Shannon Ducker
Reviews: 4
I purchased and installed Registration Pro and I must say that it is pretty easy to set up. They provide clear instructions that make it a snap.
Although there were a few issues during setup but their support responded immediately and corrected the problems. I will say the the issues were not with their program but with some settings and plugins on my end. I had a deadline to make to get this installed and their help was invaluable. Thanks so much.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this extension and a customization package for a client who needed an event booking system with some special Community Builder integrations (CB membership plans printed on attendee reports). The support was excellent, and the client was happy with the end result. I definitely appreciate the fact that Mike and Sushil went out of their way to ensure that I was satisfied with the final implementation. Most support requests were handled within 24 hours, and some were answered within 1-2 hours.

If you are looking for a component to handle public registrations (without requiring users to login), then this one works very well out of the box. If you're wanting something for private events (which require a Joomla user to be logged in to register), it also works well, however logged-in users must enter their name & email each time that they register. We were able to work around this by using CB database tables to populate all required fields (nice feature!).

As I see it, this product's main competitor is eventlist by schlu, which I have used extensively in the past. Unfortunately the downfall of eventlist is that it can only handle registrations from registered and logged-in users, which ERP excels at.

On the whole, I give Event Registration Pro five stars. Very happy here.
Reviews: 2
notification emails for offline payment are not received, only for paypal payments. needed to ask at the forum but it wouldn't allow me to register because my ip address is flagged as "spam". i switched to my other isp (i have both wireless and wired broadband), and still their stupid forum software flagged my other ip address as spam. i am a web developer, not a spammer. i just bought this software the other day, and i'm not happy with it. not happy with the support.
Owner's reply

We are sorry that your experience has not been optimal. However this is the first we have heard of your issue. Did you bother to contact us via our contact us form about your issue accessing our website? We got no such notification. As for your issue with notification emails, this is dependent on your configuration settings, so you must have not read our user manual about this. And you obviously bought our software and logged into your account successfully, and we do not even have a forum for support, and there is not any other reason to register again to contact us via our support ticket system. So this review is extremely baffling to me as it just doesn't fit with the reality of how our site and support works. It is also puzzling that you would give us a bad review regarding support that we did not even have an opportunity to provide. Please contact us at info[at] if you have any further questions.

Reviews: 3
I am new to joomla. I have been developing a site for 5 months to deal with hundreds of events in a dozen categories. I never knew that it would be so difficult to find a component that works. I started w/ Event Booking (EB) by the Ossulation team; I spent months putting it together and was nearly ready to launch when i discovered some fatal flaws which led us to Registration Pro (RP).

Overall the features list between EB and RP are very very similar, but unfortunately, many of features don't work on EB out of the box.
I found that compared to RP, the EB program is not well thought out; many small things added up to huge problems. Many of the most important features really don't work, at least for our needs.

So what are the pros and cons? here's the comparison:

EB - if you have anything slightly complicated you can expect to wait days for a response or not at all. just look through their sight and you will see what i'm talking about.
RP - generally within 12 hours, occasionally 24 hours (but lacks a user forum). In the wee hours of the night it would be nice to be able search a user forum for my answer rather than having to wait for an answer via a support ticket system.

Reminder Email:
EB- Although you can create a custom reminder email, it lacks the ability to dynamically add many fields (like the location!!). So it doesn't really work. In other words if i need to send a reminder that tells the user where their event is I can't. Also how does reminder emails work?? you have to install a patch to your server - which doesn't work! Something called a chron job. So reminder emails? for me and others, doesn't work!
RP- Reminder email is highly configurable because it has many many dynamic fields you can add to the email. For instance we do not use the short description field on the site but in the back ground we have added a special equipments list for each event which reads "for this event you will need a shovel". In the email we just add the tag "{short desc}" where ever we want to add this message and voila! You can also specify when you want a reminder to be sent for EACH event. NO PATCHES. IT JUST WORKS out of the box.

Email Confirmation:
EB - although you can create a "custom" email confirmation where you can pull information from various fields in dynamically, there are not enough field tags available to make this particularly useful. The program will present an html email to the user with all the events an registration information; the specific event details are presented as a link from the event title in the email. This is problematic because if the user is using a text only email system they will only get code. You can not send text only emails. If you are trying to add information that is specific to the event but is not public on the site you can but can't do it. 1. Not enough fields are available to make it useful. if the user registers for more than one event the confirmation will only display information for the first event, if you are adding custom information. Among the many many missing tags? a location tag! I know this is a bit hard to explain but, when you get into the system it will easier to see the failure point.
RP - can send fully html OR text only emails; you can use html code or not. Most fields in the events page (if not all) can be added dynamically to the confirmation email. This didn't seem important in the beginning but has proven to be a huge time saver in the end.

Calendar Sold out Events:
EB - In order to show events as "sold out" you have to install a patch but it seems to be breaking people's sites.
RP- Out of the box. You can tell the calendar to mark events as available or sold out on the calendar.

Coupon Code:
EB - can specify only one event or all events that is all.
RP- can specify multiple events for any one coupon.
*neither can specify a category :(

Calendar links:
EB - calendar has no way to point to a category of events only specific events. (but code was easily modified)
RP - same problem. (code was not easily modified and had to pay for customization)

Cart -
EB - has a cart module
RP - does not, but you can easily add this to a menu item.

Paypal Pro
EB - I did not get far enough to test whether or not this really worked.
RP - will need to pay for a third party plug-in ($25)

Design & CSS
EB - easily changed; overall fit my aesthetics better than RP.
RP - also easily changed but some were much more difficult to find (but they were very good about telling me where to look...via a support ticket)

Tiered Price structure:
EB - a little bit more easily dealt than in RP. i can just put in a price for if they buy 1, 2, 3, tickets etc.
RP - can't seem to put in prices but can put in a percentage. This is not ideal.

Adding Attachments to Emails
EB- you can add an attachment to you confirmation email but not the reminder (but then again reminder didn't really work). and if user is purchasing multiple events only the first attachment will go.
RP - not available at all.

Registering for multiple events:
EB - Users can register for multiple events with just one form.
RP - users has to fill out a form for each event and check out all at once. Had to pay for customization so that the user only had to fill out just one form for all events.
Note: Although the EB system is better for the user, I believe this is why their confirmation emails have so many problems - so in the end it's a problem for the site owner.

Registration information:
EB- from what I remember and it has been more than 3 weeks since I was in the program, you can not get a list of attendees for JUST one event. THere is a list of all attendees for all events that are organizable by event - how often do you need that?
RP - NO problem with the above. You can get information per event.

User Support Forum:
EB - has one (but many slightly complex questions go unanswered), for complex problems forget it.
RP - does not.

HTML descriptions
EB - you have to add a patch if you want to use html for an event or category description
RP - for events works out of the box. No category description out of the box.

The longer I used EB the more problems i found and the more people i found with other problems! I think if you have a few events and simple event needs then EB will work. Otherwise SERIOUSLY fork over the extra $50 and get Registration Pro. Fewer headaches. Although the features list is similar, RP's actually work the way you would expect them to work. I would definitely recommend Registration Pro.

This review was posted on the Event Booking page as well with a 1 star rating, would have given them less if i could have.
Reviews: 1
I am very happy with this extension!
It is very easy to configure and has a lot of extra's.
The support is also great and fast!
Reviews: 2
This new version is a sophisticated, professional program by a group who really understands the ins and outs of how event registrations work. We are somewhat new to Joomla and we appreciate the support we received to get up and running.

The program provides an easy to use interface that allows our web administrator to tailor every stage of the registration process. From the Latest Events Module to the easily customizable registration forms this program delivers exactly what we need for handling a wide variety of event types for our large and active professional service organization.

Our users love it. We highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
I have been using this extension for a few years and it has worked well for me. This week, my website was acting up and I had no idea what the problem was. I contacted tech support for this extension and they worked with me to get the system up and running. They support was outstanding and I highly recommend them.
Reviews: 1
I am a front end developer and new to Joomla for a CMS engine. I used Joomla on a new client project along with a development team to complete the site.

My client was in need of a nice, robust, easy to use Event Management and Registration tool to handle their events.

Event registration pro was recommended. It's a great tool, very easy to use and has little to no bugs that we have found during it's use.

The most important thing that I have found is the support team behind the product. They respond very quickly and are very willing to help out, which is a big deal to me.

They have gone above and beyond and continue to update the product along the way.

Thank you!
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