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Google Currency Converter Module

This module allows you to display the Google Currency Converter in a module position.

The module makes use of the Currency Converter from Google Finance.

Note that Google did not release any API for the Google Currency Converter (There are some APIs for Google Finance, but not for the Google Currency Converter).

Unique Features

* Performs currency conversion by connecting in real-time at the backend to the Currency Converter from Google Finance. So you get the most up-to-date currency rate as provided by Google Finance.
Uses AJAX to display the result - no reloading of pages required!

* Full CSS support! This means that you can set the font family, font size, foreground and background color of the input field, submit button, etc.

* Available for all Joomla versions: Joomla 1.0.x, native 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x and 2.5.x!

Live Demo

You can see a live demo of the Google Currency Converter by clicking the demo link above.

Latest Version
v1.0.9 (for Joomla 1.0), v1.5.9 (for Joomla 1.5), v1.6.9 (for Joomla 1.6), v1.7.9 (for Joomla 1.7), v2.5.9 (for Joomla 2.5)
Released Apr 6, 2012

The latest version can now handle the following 2 cases:

* 25,000 will now be correctly handled as 25000
* Any empty spaces after a number will be automatically trimmed and handled correctly

v2.5.8 (for Joomla 2.5)
Released Jan 26, 2012

Native version of the Google Currency Converter for Joomla 2.5!

v1.0.8 (for Joomla 1.0), v1.5.8 (for Joomla 1.5), v1.6.8 (for Joomla 1.6) and v1.7.8 (for Joomla 1.7)
Released Dec 5, 2011

- Native version of the Google Currency Converter for Joomla 1.6 and 1.7!
- Addition of more than 30 new currencies by Google!

v1.0.7 (for Joomla 1.0) and v1.5.7 (for Joomla 1.5)
Released May 16, 2010

This is in response to the Morton's post titled "more than one google converters".

This new version allows you to display two or more google currency converters all on the same page, each with different currency_from and currency_to.

v1.0.6 (for Joomla 1.0) and v1.5.6 (for Joomla 1.5)
Released August 31, 2009

Added support for retrieving google currency data using file_get_contents or fread. So for those people with no cURL library, you can now use the module using file_get_contents or fread.

Your Currency not supported by Google
If your currency is not supported by Google, you may want to try the Yahoo Currency Converter which provides 62 more currencies than Google - a total of 153 currencies around the world!

Complete list of Currencies supported by Google

Complete list of Currencies supported by Yahoo

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Reviews: 3
Very good module. Easy to install, customize and it really works! Thanks for sharing.
Reviews: 4
this is simply good but could be even better if the conversion is made live. i.e, the conversion without pressing any button.
but anyway this is simply the best module for the currency converter.
Reviews: 2
Nice tool, but if your servet connecting to the internet through a proxy server, in an intranet invironment, it does not work!
The module doesnt have proxy settings like some other tools.
Reviews: 28
Nice extension with brilliant configuration description on the download pages.

Simply a 2 minute job to install this.
Reviews: 9
Very easy to use and powerful! Fully recommend!!
Reviews: 1
Very usefull. Easy to install. Thanks man....
Reviews: 5
It took me literally two minutes to install, configure and start to use.

Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install, simple and effective.

Reviews: 6
Thanks for this module - it's just what we needed. Works great right out of the box, and the instructions for customizing each part of the module are very helpful. Thank you!