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Ninja RSS Syndicator Popular ComponentModule

The ultimate Jooma RSS Feed Creator! Have complete control over your website's RSS feeds.

Create any number of RSS feeds, select which sections and categories to include or exclude. Choose whether to render images or HTML in the feed. Output the whole the article in the feed, just the introduction or a certain number of words. The Ninja RSS Syndicator puts you in control of your feeds.

Also check out our new Enclosures Plugin and also our Content Plugin Tags remover plugin. With more plugins coming soon!

Component Features:
* Choice of output types: RSS 2.0, ATOM
* Write the feed name and description
* Choose the number of articles to show in feed
* Choose how to order the feed (by date descending, date ascending, section, category, article)
* Choose whether to show full text, a number of words in feed or just the intro text
* Choose the format for rendering author name
* Choose whether to render HTML
* Choose whether to render Images
* Choose whether to show frontpage items
* Choose which section to include
* Choose which categories to exclude
* Choose which individual articles to exclude
* Select the feed button
* Create your own personalized RSS buttons

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Reviews: 13
Very goog component... but, unfortunately, only for Joomla 2.5...
I migrated to Joomla 3.3 and I didn't found a free good extension for RSS.
Reviews: 2
Excellent component that is easy to set up with lot of parameters you may need...
Reviews: 4
Very good component, but doesn't support Joomla 3.0!
Reviews: 4
Extension works good, but unfortunately it doesn't support for K2 category/item (?)
Reviews: 12
This extension did exactly what it is supposed to do. Very easy to install and configure. Thanks!
Reviews: 13
This extension is good for several reasons: It allows feeds from non category blog pages, the output can be customised and most of all I did not need support to configure it. Thanks for your good work and for making this available for free.
Reviews: 33
For me, this extension took a little bit of tinkering to figure out, but not much. Now I use it on 10+ websites (going back to j1.5) and really like it. It's simple to setup and gets right to the point. This is very useful for both myself and my clients. Thank you!
Reviews: 4
Excellent plugin, very easy to install and configure, even beginers like me will do it great.
Working perfectly - seconds after installation, the RSS I created was already on my reader!
Reviews: 1
Ninja RSS Syndicator is good. You can use it on any article. The link to your feed is given in the components feed manager. It even updates the article (and notifies) when you change something. Well done, thanks!
Reviews: 1
Fantastic extension, does what says on the tin.

The only issue is that you cannot set the target for the link.

It's driving me crazy that I cannot change the target from _blank.
Owner's reply

Hi m-mellor,

That is not a limitation of our extension, it is a limitation of RSS. You cannot set the link target as it is the responsibility of the RSS Reader to decide how links are to be handled.

It's a pity you penalized our extension for this.

Reviews: 20
Professional and highly customizing RSS solution for any project.

Perhaps the only wish - SEF link for RSS feed.
Reviews: 4
I'm new to this with creating RSS-feeds so I had some learning to do for my self. THis extension works very well and you understand it.
I had one issue with how to get a button on my page but I got great help from Mark.
Use it.
Reviews: 1
Wonderful module! Very flexible, very quick and I had no issues installing it or setting it up! Does exactly what it says on the tin - highly recommend :-)
Reviews: 1
The extension did not work at first and I couldn't find a reason. Mark jumped in, helped me although it was obvious it was some other plugin not working properly.
Everything's fine now.

Thank you
Reviews: 4
I used this extentsion in 1.5 and now in 2.5.8 good then good now. You don't really expect great from free exetentsions. But, with Ninja thats not a problem. I posted a request and a question on there forum. I had a response and an answer in less than 5 hours, OMG, I could not believe my eyes. Wow! All this and were polite to. Easy install works great, oprions and additions from the author. I could not ask for me...and it's a FREE extentsion!

No hastle, No copout, Faq's, Thank You!
What a concept...If only the others...
Reviews: 1
Easy to install
Easy to setup
Good support
Very good work
Reviews: 1
In few words - it does the job!

This is a nice extension for those who are not firm with programming and who want to have singel categories as rss-feed exported.

We had some problems with tags included in the article and upon using the strip-tag-solution Ninja does offer too everything works fine.

Really remarkable is the support from this developer. When we implemented the plugin for this component and it did not work from the start, Ninja just needed a day to make the plugin originally programmed for Joomla 1.5 suitable for Joomla 2.5. This is really great.
Reviews: 16
I had some trouble setting up Joomla native RSS feed, so I discovered Ninja RSS and am i glad I did!
It allows full customization of my feed(s).
Great job.
Reviews: 2
I've used both the 1.5 and 2.5 versions of this free(!) extension and been very happy with ease of use and functionality. But the hidden jewel of this product is the customer service. When I came up against a technical issue on a site using the 1.5 version (which is technically not supported anymore), within 48 hours I had a new installable product package and a friendly word from one of the developers. Well done NinjaForge!
Reviews: 1
Just perfect! Works and it does provide all the options you need.

Thank you.
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