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MetaMod Module

Control your modules! (WORKS ON JOOMLA 3.3!)

…by date, time, recurring time, GeoIP (country of viewer), browser type and language, user name, group, page within other component (e.g. Virtuemart, K2), on-page text, article keywords, by article, section/category, domain, referrer…

…and much, much more!

MetaMod is a "Meta Module" - a module that includes other modules, according to a set of rules.

By installing the free GeoLite Country or City database from MaxMind, you can switch modules based on country names/cities/states etc.

Suggested uses:
★ VirtueMart: hide or show different modules at checkout, cart, product pages, categories etc.
★ Timed modules: recurring daily/weekly times and dates (great for radio/TV/broadcasting sites)
★ Languages: show different menus/modules based on the front-end language the user has selected (e.g. with JoomFish), or according to their browser language
★ Users: show a module for users registered for more (or less) than a certain time period, or target modules to certain users or groups
★ Switch between 2 modules for logged-in users and guests
★ Section/Category-specific modules: target modules according to the section/category of the displayed article
★ Domain & referrer: display different modules depending on which domain is being used for the page, or which site the user linked from
★ Browser detection: switch modules depending on the user's browser & browser version (e.g. show a different module for people viewing the site with Internet Explorer IE)
★ Control modules based on text found in the main component of the page
★ Control modules such as RSForm (show a different form based on where in the world someone is connecting from, etc)
★ Target modules onto specific pages in JReviews, CommunityBuilder, SOBI and almost any other component
★ Dynamically control the parameters of other modules on the page as well as whether the modules appear or not
★ and so much more!

Many more uses can be found in the documentation on the site, and in the forums. See you there!

★ v3.x is compatible with Joomla 1.7/2.5/3.0-3.3
★ v2.x is only compatible with Joomla 1.5.
★ Please download and install the right module for your Joomla version.


v3.18 (30 Oct 2014)
* J3.3
* fixed PHP warnings on profile save

v3.16 (24 Mar 2014)
* HikaShop support
* various VM fixes

v3.13b (10 Jul 2013)
* added K2 support
* fixed minor issue in VM handling

v3.13 (27 Nov 2012)
* fixed crasher in GeoLiteCIty support
* added support for VM 2.0.14; JomGenius now detects new pagetypes notify/recommend/manufacturer product listing.

v3.11 (03 Sep 2012)
* Added compatibility with JoomFish for J2.5

v3.10 (23 Jul 2012)
* Added Categorizr support to JomGenius, for detecting mobile, desktop, tablet and tv devices.

* Multiple improvements to JomGenius support for VM 2.x

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Reviews: 1
Great work, easy to use and extremely useful !
At last, no more innumerable hidden menus.
Reviews: 18
This module is excellent, really usefull, it saved me lot of time!
Reviews: 2
This extension provide an extremely flexible module management for my online shoe store website. When combine with other extensions like VirtueMart, this module make a real difference! Great job!
Reviews: 3
One of the best piece of code I never met.

You figure something about module visualization and Metamod, in a way or in another, can easily do it for you.

Excellent support.

Thanks Stephen!
Reviews: 10
I have used this extension for more than one year but something just dropped it in my heart that I was owing the developer so much. I needed a system that would display module based on the logged-in CB user. When I first saw metamod, I did not believe it could do even much more than I conceived. I believe this extension could even be creatively used to achieve what the developer did not have in mind. I wanted a rating higher than EXCELLENT but I didn't see so I had to choose it. Thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 1
The extension is particularly interesting, with many special functions and applications, which makes its function to perfection. The support has been great, very attentive, patient and fast. To my excellent
Reviews: 1
I didn't know the real power of this amazing module! Until i was tried, and i am very satisfied.
You can control the content of your module very easy.
Thanks to developer for a nice and useful free version.
Five more stars from me.
Reviews: 4
Amazing module! I needed something to help me turn off some modules for certain languages (I'm using JoomFish for translations), and didn't want to buy GOLD membership only to get a little plugin (with bunch of unneeded stuff) to help me do that. Meta Mod saved my day!
Reviews: 1
I need to display a module based on certain keywords in a content page. It works perfectly for this and offers other interesting possibilities. Thank you for your work!
Reviews: 7
A must have even if you are just for playing around with it. Super versatile and fairly user friendly! I actually bought it twice now. J1.5 and again for 3.0 and they credited me my original purchase on the upgrade package. Amazing! Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 3
I use this module with virtuemart sites. Simply said, it is ESSENTIAL. There are a lot of holes in virtuemart and the functionality of metamod helps to fill the gaps. I recommend metamod pro too. The price is cheap and the support is some of the best I've ever seen.
Reviews: 2
Great easy to use solution that may be expanded to create customized solutions. Superb technical support.
Reviews: 8
Joomla should have something similar already integrated in it! With this you can achieve so many things, just take a look at "the recipes" on the developer's website and you'll discover the power that the module offers!
Reviews: 1
My first review on JED, beacuse worth it, metamod can do anything, metamodguy ensure it all the time! so simple.
Reviews: 25
I have always used NoNumber Advanced Module Manager and really love it but I hit a snag when one of my clients needed to have adverts display specifically for different countries. Peter Westen, the developer of NoNumber, suggested I try MetaMob and it does the trick exactly as required.

It is great that he could suggest someone else's work and I'm very pleased that they work together so well. Thanks to the MetaMod developers for solving my problem so well and to Peter for suggesting it.
Owner's reply

Thanks Romuba for your review and kind words. Peter (from NoNumber) and I worked together to ensure that our extensions are compatible with each other, and as you can see they (and we!) work well together.

Reviews: 1
Very useful extension
for showing different modules at VirtueMart pages
Thank you !!!
Owner's reply

Hi Natax: yes, VirtueMart support is one of the standout features of MetaMod. We're continuing to add even more VM features, like detection of more page types. Add that to detection based on cart contents or previous purchases, and you have a massively powerful system for placing modules on VM pages to suit the customer's exact situation.

I'm glad it's been useful for you – thanks for your review – Stephen.

Reviews: 2
It is twice now that I have created a Joomla based site, and twice that I have come back to this module. The module works extremely well. Clear instructions including Metamod 'Recipes' to help both beginners and experts. Instant help and access to support forum. And all this, even before I paid to upgrade my free version. Thank you!!
Reviews: 1
Great tool for some extraordinary features. Like adding a module for logged in users and only for non-logged in users. It's like a Swiss knife!
Reviews: 2
I have been using Metamod since designing my website and I use it for a lot of things that other extensions are not able to do. It does what it says it can do and more - than I expected at first.

The support on the Metamodpro website is also excellent and speedy, unlike a lot of other developers I've tried to contact with regards to Joomla extensions!! The guy who assisted me guided me through the whole process of getting it solved and gave me the results I needed - and which I struggled with for some time before asking for help.

Thanks for making such an excellent tool available to us and thank you for giving such good support when needed.

Reviews: 37
This is a great tool for any site and worth the Pro if you don't mind paying but it does take an assistant rocket scientist to figure some stuff out. Once you do, it's really cool the things you can do!
Owner's reply

Hi Web.Dude – yes, configuring MetaMod to do what you want can range from the extremely simple to the fiendishly complex. In a way, that's part of the beauty of it. Not that you want it to be complex, but that with enough effort it has very few limits, and can place modules on your site according to just about anything.

If there's something that you were struggling with, that didn't appear in the documentation, forum help or "recipe" pages, please get in contact via the site, and I'll do my best to add it. Because of the sheer scale of things that you can do with MetaMod, it's hard to prioritise which should be documented, so we rely on feedback to know what else to add.

Thanks, Stephen.

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