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Supercharge your Joomla! site. Integrate almost any software into Joomla! and allow your users single logins.

Now get full control over integrating multiple softwares at the same time, with the new master/slave capabilities. JFusion is a free GPL plugin for the award winning Content Management System (CMS) Joomla. JFusion provides universal user integration, by extending the Joomla 1.5 user authentication framework without any core hacks. JFusion does not support every software out-of-the-box, but is designed for people to easily write a plugin to create a bridge, without re-inventing the wheel.

JFusion proves that Joomla is the future of CMS softwares. Which other CMS software can act as a portal and integrate your users across multiple different platforms? None! Now you have full control over all of your web applications using JFusion.

Currently supported softwares are;
1. vBulletin 3.8.0
2. phpBB 3.0.x
3. MyBB 1.4
4. SMF 1.1.8
5. SMf 2.x
6. Magento
7. Moodle
8. Gallery2
9. dokuwiki
10. Elgg
11. Oscommerce 2.x, 3.x, XT, Zen, Max, SEO
12. e-Front
13. Wordpress
14. Mediawiki
15. Universal plugin (integration to "anything"? as long as it is simple enugh)

A number of modules are provided with the JFusion package such as;
1. Login Module
2. Latest Activity Module
3. User Activity Module
4. Who is Online Module

Additonal features such as a search plugin (integrates external search i.e. from you integrated software inside your Joomla! search) and a discussion bot(posts news items posted in Joomla! into your integrated forums automatically).

In addition to a user sync feature JFusion now also provides user-group sync using which you are able to link user-groups between softwares (handy if you have membership subscriptions that need to be synchronized between softwares)

Excellent support is available from the JFusion support playform, where our JFusion Support Team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Make sure you also check out our documentation section, as it has many guides on how to make JFusion work for you. With our new version checker and one-click upgrade functions, it has never been easier to keep your JFusion installation up to date.

JFusion is arguably the most actively developed integration software for Joomla. Just imagine what features we will be bringing to you next!


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Reviews: 1
I tried 1.0.6b to integrate phpBB3 and I can't believe how easy it was to set up. It works perfectly as is, I look forward to seeing a final release, that's when I'll be setting up my forum. Thanks for all your work.
Reviews: 3
Hi, good plugin. I am using it for few weeks.

But I was wondering, could you create some new modules? Like the last-registered-users, last visitors... using avatars or personal photos (let admin to choose) of the profiles from the forum?
IPB has superb profiles and it would be cool, when an integration is done, to view on joomla site the last users, birthdays and stuff. :)

thx a lot for your work.
Reviews: 6
Wow ... nice component and it actually works even when it's not on final release yet. They also got nice modules to really help integrate your joomla site to your forum. JFusion Activity module shows latest posts from forum, JFusion login module has direct link to your forum pm's and new forum posts and shows your avatar from your forum. Only con right now which is a minor one is you can only login from your joomla page in order to simultaneously login to your forum.

Hopefully dual login/logout feature from either joomla or forum will be available soon. Can't wait to see the final release.

Joomla 1.5.2
JFusion 1.06a

Also, I ocnverted my Fireboard 1.0.3 to SMF then to phpbb3. Only thing lost from conversion was Avatars and broken links to uploaded pictures.
Reviews: 2

I was a bit worried about installing JFusion only cause it is still in Alpha, but after reading the comments and so on decided to give it a try. After a simple install and quick configuration, phpBB was integrated into my Joomla web site. It took only about 5 minutes to have everything running.
JFusion is AWESOME!

Runing phpBB 3.1 and Joomla 1.5.2
JFusion 1.0.6a alpha

User Sync works 100%
JFusion Latest module 100%
JFusion Login Module 100%

As for now, I did not find any bug, or gotten any errors anywhere.
Reviews: 1
Truly it is Ideal for message boards that want a portal.
I have connected my phpbb3 (with more than 1k users) to newly re-design Joomla site. And it works just fantastic for me.
It works without any core hacks, it is important for me, But I am still looking forward for such a Jfusion version which will not make any permanent changes to my Joomla user table.
We also expect to get two-way user sync functionality in coming versions.
Any way! It is very nice utility to integrate a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable bulletin board package Phpbb with leading CMS Joomla.
Full marks to you. You deserve it.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension that is working well on my new site. The first stable release should be out shortly and the developers and support team are fully engaged.

Being new to Joomla! and the multitude of extensions available, it is refreshing to see this level of interest and support in a Joomla! extension by the people offering it!! Thanks guys!
Reviews: 4
I have installed JFusion with a very established PHPBB3 forum - it worked great. Simple to install and to get working it has all the basic features I need. I'm not after bi-directional account registration as i only approve new users via the forum.

I had a couple a small teething problems and found the support via their forums/team excellent.

Well done!
Reviews: 4
The description here on the Joomla site is very different from the developers site. Great extension but it does the opposite of it says it will do here.

"Universal User Integration" ... sorry no! Its a one way integration from other software. Forget integrating your Joomla users in a message board. Joomla accounts are totally useless/meaningless at this stage in its development.
Ideal for message boards that want a portal - useless for joomla users that want a message board.

This text from the developers site should be on the Joomla extension description - I cannot believe it was left out!

What does JFusion do?

* JFusion will force Joomla to use an exteral software as the "master" of usermanagement."

"What can JFusion not do at this stage?

* JFusion does not have user-sync at ths stage, which makes it unsuitable for people with a large Joomla user database, to extend their Joomla installation with a forum (user-sync will be added at a later date)"

This is pretty explicit ... why isnt it written here. It means I gota move all joomla accounts in to a message board.

Owner's reply

"Universal" means that with the JFusion framework you can integrate many different softwares with Joomla.

JFusion 1.0.5e has one-way sync capabilities to sync users from the forum into Joomla. We hope to have two-way sync capabilities up and running soon.

Thank you for pointing out that some extra information would be useful on this extension's description. I have added this. Marius

Reviews: 8
This comp comes with a great idea of user universal integration. It must have full suport for joomla 1.0x in the future so I'm lookin forward.
Reviews: 1
Just installed JFusion and all went very well.......until I wanted to log out.
The version I downloaded says it has a logout bug fixed, but it seems that my copy still has that bug because I get a
Fatal error: Call to a member function destroyForumCookie() on a non-object in home/telly/abc/ on line 257

Since I have no idea what that means and can't find mention of it online I will have to un-install and find something else to use. Shame really, looks like a great plugin.
Owner's reply

Good to see your problem has been solved.

Thanks, Marius

Reviews: 1
...I just installed Joomla 1.5 and phpB3 - and they actually work together. How did that happen? I've been holding bridge components together with rubber bands and paperclips...and this "thing" just flat out worked!!! I almost, I'm crying.

Excellent job guys!!!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install, absolute no knowledge needed to start using it. Works great with phpBB3. I can't wait for the user sync in the next version.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and even easier to configure with the JFusion wizard.

I have used various bridge's but this one beats the rest hands down.

No editing core files, just install, configure and away you go.

If you want a bridge that just works, JFusion is the one!
Reviews: 1
The fact that this, being an alpha release, has had ZERO bugs worth notice compared to the massive number of problems I had with jvbPlugin makes it a vastly better product even considering the current lack of many features. The ease of installation is only a thousand times easier than that of jvbPlugin, too. And JFusion is free :)
Reviews: 1
I've installed this on my Joomla 1.5 RC4 instalation along with SMF 1.1.4 and it works exceptionally.

User sync both ways is a much needed feature but from what I've heard its on its way in a future release. A few other minor features need to be added but I believe they are on their way too.

For an alpha release, it's a great extension!
Reviews: 4
I was so happy yesterday when I tried it, that I almost cried! I will still be anxiously waiting for the user sync. feature so possibly using Community Builder will become possible, but just being able to FINALLY combine SMF with Joomla is just wonderful. :)
Reviews: 1
Ok, i've done a quick test with smf and - it works !
The idea is brilliant and if this bridging solution is OK with OSM then this is our baby ;)
Keep goin..
Owner's reply

Yes JFusion respects the licenses of softwares. Th FSF has told me that JFusion is compatible with non-GPL licensed softwares such as SMF. Cheers, Marius

Reviews: 2
We initially wanted to use Joomla a year ago, but our whole site is based around vBulletin 3.6.8 and we have substantial workflow driven by the vB profile fields and registration process. The previous duo-synch bridge was very flaky and left us feeling that we'd get stranded with a split site at the next upgrade of either side.

Fast forward to a couple days ago when I saw that J!1.5 was finally out and started looking at extensions. And I found JFusion, which is so *exactly* what we need it's amazing. Using the vB user tables as the authentication system for Joomla suits us perfectly, and it's a true testament to the greatly improved design of 1.5 that the switch over is as clean and surgical as it is!

We had a couple minor blips installing and getting JFusion running, but as it's still in Alpha, that's pretty freaking incredible. Not only does it WORK, but it works cleanly, and well! And it's still early days. Great extension with great potential and top notch support, the answers to just about everything I needed was in the forum.

JFusion *is* the reason we're back in the Joomla arena. 5 Stars + from us!

Reviews: 1
Pros: It works! In Alpha, allowing login between test 1.5RC4 with vB 3.68. Considering that this is an alpha I should have given 5 stars.

Cons: None really considering this is an early Alpha of a highly desired integration. It take several attempts to get the configuration just right with VB.

I look forward to the continued development of what has been long sought by people wanting to leverage arguably the best CMS out there with arguably the best forums out there.
Reviews: 1
Well, I installed this bridge in my Joomla 1.5 and phpBB3.0. I use JFusion login modul.
Now, I can’t synchronisation the users between systems. I read I can it next version. It’s ok.
But… When I swicth off the joomla users plugin in the joomla admin then I can’t login in admin such as administrator.
What I have to give the link in the menü to I login in the phpBB, because now it isn’t operate.
Thank you!

Owner's reply

Yes user synchronisation will be part of the next version as stated.

Uninstalling is as easy as unpublishing both the user and authorisation plugin and republishing the Joomla ones. Sounds like you forgot one of them. Now you will need an mySQL editor to republish the Joomla plugins.

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