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Supercharge your Joomla! site. Integrate almost any software into Joomla! and allow your users single logins.

Now get full control over integrating multiple softwares at the same time, with the new master/slave capabilities. JFusion is a free GPL plugin for the award winning Content Management System (CMS) Joomla. JFusion provides universal user integration, by extending the Joomla 1.5 user authentication framework without any core hacks. JFusion does not support every software out-of-the-box, but is designed for people to easily write a plugin to create a bridge, without re-inventing the wheel.

JFusion proves that Joomla is the future of CMS softwares. Which other CMS software can act as a portal and integrate your users across multiple different platforms? None! Now you have full control over all of your web applications using JFusion.

Currently supported softwares are;
1. vBulletin 3.8.0
2. phpBB 3.0.x
3. MyBB 1.4
4. SMF 1.1.8
5. SMf 2.x
6. Magento
7. Moodle
8. Gallery2
9. dokuwiki
10. Elgg
11. Oscommerce 2.x, 3.x, XT, Zen, Max, SEO
12. e-Front
13. Wordpress
14. Mediawiki
15. Universal plugin (integration to "anything"? as long as it is simple enugh)

A number of modules are provided with the JFusion package such as;
1. Login Module
2. Latest Activity Module
3. User Activity Module
4. Who is Online Module

Additonal features such as a search plugin (integrates external search i.e. from you integrated software inside your Joomla! search) and a discussion bot(posts news items posted in Joomla! into your integrated forums automatically).

In addition to a user sync feature JFusion now also provides user-group sync using which you are able to link user-groups between softwares (handy if you have membership subscriptions that need to be synchronized between softwares)

Excellent support is available from the JFusion support playform, where our JFusion Support Team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Make sure you also check out our documentation section, as it has many guides on how to make JFusion work for you. With our new version checker and one-click upgrade functions, it has never been easier to keep your JFusion installation up to date.

JFusion is arguably the most actively developed integration software for Joomla. Just imagine what features we will be bringing to you next!


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Reviews: 1
I finally got everything working perfectly after 2 years of using Jfusion. I've always loved how easy it was to integrate Joomla and vBulletin. Discussion bot works perfectly now. Just donated to them for their efforts as well as giving me very good support.
Reviews: 2
After struggling for days with a different Moodle bridge extension, I decided to give jFusion a try. I could not be happier. Installation and configuration was very easy. Everything works as it should and the documentation is very clear.
Reviews: 1
It runs well in two joomla1.5, but configration is a little confusing which takes me a lot of time. Thx for jFusion!
Reviews: 3
I have been using JFusion to integrate access to SMF and Dokuwiki within Joomla for about 5 years now and it works seamlessly for the members of the site.
My brief was to provide a site for a professional organisation whose members needed a wiki and a forum within a secure area. Without JFusion I would have found this hard to do.
Concentration is the key to setting up JFusion correctly; ignore all the documentation and then you *will* have problems.
When I got stuck their forums helped and Fanno (Morten) is superb.
Reviews: 2
We used jFusion to integrate our phpBB users within the Joomla authentication system. We were already using the mehdi bridge, but the way it wanted to integrate the users was not fitting to us, because mehdi requires that all users must create a new password after integration.

So, I thought, let's give jFusion a try. It was a wise decision! JFusion's integration is amazing! You just have to follow instructions in the documentation (although a bit outdated), understand the difference between master and slave plugins, and you're set! Just be sure you know what you're doing.

Now we have Joomla as a layer where the mehdi bridge lays the phpBB display, and JFusion handles user-authentication. Great! As a token of gratitude we have donated to help jFusion's further development. It is a great product and a lot of hard work has been put into it. Thank you again jFusion!
Reviews: 10
I'm only starting out with all of this cms but really, this is such an awesome extension.
Reviews: 10
Jfusion is solution for me to bridge Joomla with vBB 4!
I hope stable version for 1.6 will out soon!
Reviews: 2
I needed a way to log users into and out of phpBB3 seamlessly by simply logging in to Joomla 1.5. JFusion claimed it would so that, and it does. Requires reading the instructions, and a bit of thought to grasp how it works, but it integrates the log-in between Joomla and phpBB3 flawlessly. It does exactly what I wanted it to do, and does it well. Couldnt be more pleased. It does a lot more than this, but that is all I need it for.
Reviews: 2
I use Jfusion since the first version. It works as intended, but have some problems.

First, the support. I know the developers work for free (this is a free extension) and have absolutely no obligation to do anything for you, but the support they provide is very bad at times, with VERY generic responses (when they respond to you).

Second, the plugin support. I use MyBB with Joomla, and this plugin (it's an official Jfusion plugin) was silently and "unofficialy" abandoned by Jfusion Devs. It works, but only some of the basic features.
Some of the problems: dual login don´t work both ways, no frameless integration, no discussion bot, no bugfixes (it has various bugs), no new features (already present in other official plugins), Joomla don´t work good as slave, etc.

Reading the support forums for answers and help, you can see that the developers only reply that they don't have a dedicaded developer for the plugin, so no work on it. You are on your on. "If it works for you, good. If not, well..."
Also, the plugin is for MyBB 1.4, with is almost EOL.

The documentation they offer is sometimes confusing, lacks information and is not up-to-date with the current version.

Jfusion is a good product, works almost out-of-the-box, and I recommend it, but beware that depending on the software you want to use with Joomla, You can end with almost to none support and help and your sofware be "forgotten" by the devs in a near future.
Reviews: 1
I finally got JFusion to work with my installation of Joomla and WordPress. I have been trying to marry Joomla, Wordpress and Moodle, but haven't quite gotten things to work seamlessly there. JFusion delivers the ability to synchronize user accounts across different platforms. Synchronized updates save a lot of time and effort. On the pro side, these folks have put a lot of effort and thought into a very difficult problem. After a lot of fiddling and experimentation, I am happy with my results. On the con side, the JFusion people probably have taken on a bit more than they can handle. By trying to support Master and Slave configurations for many different software packages, the variables get hard to keep track of , and things don't really work, at least for me, in both directions. What did work and is working well is Joomla as the Master program and Wordpress as the slave. This coupled with a good CSV import utility in Joomla allowed me to add, delete, and synchronize hundreds of accounts. Now if only the other software manufactureres would stick to the same standards for user accounts and passwords, I'm sure that we would all benefit and things would go more smoothly. Kudos to the JFusion team.
Reviews: 1
I use JFusion to integrate the great dokuwiki wiki engine into Joomla without need to re login.
The frameless mode is excellent (no need to use a wrapper).
Documentation is clear and support is fast.
Reviews: 4
I must say that this component is by far the best bridging extension for joomla.

It was a little daunting at first but once you know what all the settings do its pretty much flawless.

Its so hard to find products that allow you to create a bridge between 2 content managment systems but this does it very well.

I use this with my SMF and it works perfectly.

I just wish they would have had something like this years ago when I was running PHP Nuke.

A Must Have.
Reviews: 1
Hello there.

I tried Jfusion to connect a PHPBB3 forum to joomla and i can say it's working correctly now. So that's why i registered to drop this message.

At first i did had a problem with duallogin. I logged in into Joomla, after that clicked at the forum link but then i had to login again at the forum. I did take a look at the supportforum at but didn't figure it out. But well it seems i overlooked one simple thing. In admin->components->Jfusion->Cpanel there is a button at the right where you can enable jfusion plugins. I pushed at it and after that duallogin is working correctly.

maybe i'm saying it wrong but i guess it changed something in Joomla->admin->extensions->plugin manager. "authentification-Joomla" is disabled, but "authentification-JFusion is enabled"

I don't know if this is helpfull for anyone, but well i just wanted to say that fusion is working correctly.

I have:
- Joomla v1.5.22
- JFusion v1.5.4

Jfusion Plugin configuration
- joomla_int = master
- phpbb3 = slave
Joomla Module manager
- JFusion login module (disabled)

Jaap (from The Netherlands)
Reviews: 1
JFusion has been a critical component to the success of my site marrying together Joomla with phpBB3. The integration worked flawlessly after a simple configuration process. My only complaint it does not seem iframe integration option doesn't always auto resize to the proper size. Getting around it was easy. Big thumbs up!
Reviews: 3
I would have to say, I have tried Joomdle as well and in comparison JFusion beats it hands down. This bridge is excellent if you need to bridge a number of different components or programs into your Joomla install, my only complaint is that in bridging Moodle, sometimes the Moodle side over rides Joomla and ends up being full screened eliminating the Joomla side all together.

A minor issue to deal with, I am sure it is just in need of some tweaking and is nothing big, but honestly, this is the way to go.

I develop professional websites for my clients and use Joomla in every instance as well as JFusion since nothing can of yet.
Reviews: 1
I tried a couple of other Joomla!/phpBB3 bridges and most of them were confusing to try to install. I read all the reviews on this one and was quite hesitant to try this one, but I was quite happy that I did. Some of the instructions were slightly unclear, but almost all of them were very simple to understand, and those that were slightly iffy I didn't think deserved a ranking decrease on my part. Best of all it required no hacking/coding on my part. Thus far it is working as advertised. I thank the developers for their hard work to make the installation and set-up as seamless and simple as possible.

Simple Set-up
Requires no hacking of any phpbb files
The final set-up is outlined step by step at the top menu
Works as advertised, which is something that is not given for free stuff.

Installation instructions on their website are a little iffy in places and could definitely use some refinement.

Cheers and good work guys!
-Bryan D. Shepherd
Reviews: 2
I'm a IT undergraduate at University, I run a gaming community in my spare time who's website is based on Joomla.

We were looking for a suitable forum integration package as at the time we were running phpbb3. After initial difficulty of setting it up, triple checking the configuration etc, Jfusion failed to work as expected. Seeking help, I went to the forum asking about my issues providing detailed information, however he developers ignored my thread. The one developer that was active on the forums was seen commenting in other threads saying he had little to no knowledge of the phpbb3 integration.

After reading this, I decided to move my forums to SMF and try again. This worked and worked well, but randomly broke about a week ago, again, login related issues. When I tried to uninstall Jfusion, it rendered both pieces of software unusable. I have since reinstalled my website from scratch.

My advice is to look at the alternatives before opting with Jfusion, can you use one of the Joomla Forum extensions? (Im now using Kunena) or if you must run a seperate forum, do you REALLY need to integrate it. Its important to remember that the pieces of software were made standalone, and that any extension to change that is effectivly a hack and increases the chance of incompatability with upgrades or something breaking as mine did.
Owner's reply

The forums are very busy and a post can get easily get missed. Maybe you should bump a post rather than assume people are ignoring your single post on purpose. Your post says:

"I have phpbb integrated into joomla frameless, when I login in this way, it works fine."

You say it works perfectly, but want some help adjusting the cookie settings so it works both in frameless and standalone. Thats easy, just read the wiki on how to change your cookie settings to and the cookie path to /.

Not sure why you rate an extention 1 out of 5 stars when you say yourself it works fine, but just want to fine-tune it slightly.

Reviews: 2
I am using Jfusion to integrate phpbb3 for full bi-directional login/out functionality and it works very well indeed, right down to mapping user groups across the two platforms. For example, it is incredibly easy to map the Joomla author, editor, and publisher groups onto a single staff group in phpbb3.

To my eyes the code is well-formated and commented which I take as a good sign of the care put into developing this software.

That said, the configuration process is not as easy as it could be. This mainly comes down to the Installation documentation not matching the actual screens you see, and the lack of a "key concepts" introduction explaining the terms used. I was completely thrown by the User Options on-screen description of usergroup management settings because I didn't know what it was talking about! It was only once I had everything up and running that the penny dropped.

It is also unfortunate that some configuration options are undocumented. I still don't have a clue what the JFusion joomla_int plugin editor "Connection Options" settings are for, or the JFusion phpbb3 plugin editor setting "Allow Auto Login Cookie".

A final word of caution applicable to JFusion 1.5.1 - If you are integrating Joomla and phpbb3 and you enable Authentication Mod settings in the JFusion phpBB3 plugin editor Mod/Plugin Options to log the user into Joomla if applicable, you will not be able to log in and will see a load of error messages. The fix requires a code edit to auth_jfusion.php which you can find here:

In summary, once you learn how to set up this extension you'll never look for another one to do the same. The developers have done an excellent job on the code and an update to the documentation would be the icing on the cake!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your detailed review.

The documentation is unfortunately somewhat outdated. Because the code is improved very rapidly it is hard to keep the documentation up2date. Hopefully once JFusion 2.0 is released we can focus on updating screenshots. Thanks, Marius

Reviews: 4
I'm new to joomla but this extension was pretty helpful to integrate my gallery2 into joomla...
Reviews: 1
Hey, i would just like to say this is one of the best script i found. Great support as well.

I know a number of paid scripts that do not even come close to what jfusion does. Excellent work!

Also, just want to say thanks to all the developers.
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