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Supercharge your Joomla! site. Integrate almost any software into Joomla! and allow your users single logins.

Now get full control over integrating multiple softwares at the same time, with the new master/slave capabilities. JFusion is a free GPL plugin for the award winning Content Management System (CMS) Joomla. JFusion provides universal user integration, by extending the Joomla 1.5 user authentication framework without any core hacks. JFusion does not support every software out-of-the-box, but is designed for people to easily write a plugin to create a bridge, without re-inventing the wheel.

JFusion proves that Joomla is the future of CMS softwares. Which other CMS software can act as a portal and integrate your users across multiple different platforms? None! Now you have full control over all of your web applications using JFusion.

Currently supported softwares are;
1. vBulletin 3.8.0
2. phpBB 3.0.x
3. MyBB 1.4
4. SMF 1.1.8
5. SMf 2.x
6. Magento
7. Moodle
8. Gallery2
9. dokuwiki
10. Elgg
11. Oscommerce 2.x, 3.x, XT, Zen, Max, SEO
12. e-Front
13. Wordpress
14. Mediawiki
15. Universal plugin (integration to "anything"? as long as it is simple enugh)

A number of modules are provided with the JFusion package such as;
1. Login Module
2. Latest Activity Module
3. User Activity Module
4. Who is Online Module

Additonal features such as a search plugin (integrates external search i.e. from you integrated software inside your Joomla! search) and a discussion bot(posts news items posted in Joomla! into your integrated forums automatically).

In addition to a user sync feature JFusion now also provides user-group sync using which you are able to link user-groups between softwares (handy if you have membership subscriptions that need to be synchronized between softwares)

Excellent support is available from the JFusion support playform, where our JFusion Support Team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Make sure you also check out our documentation section, as it has many guides on how to make JFusion work for you. With our new version checker and one-click upgrade functions, it has never been easier to keep your JFusion installation up to date.

JFusion is arguably the most actively developed integration software for Joomla. Just imagine what features we will be bringing to you next!


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Reviews: 1
I have been very pleased with this integration tool with Kayako. It does EXACTLY as described and support is the best I have seen.

I integrate Kayako with my Joomla site and the bridge is seamless and no core hacks are needed. I can now upgrade my Joomla site without having to go under the hod again to fix Kayako. Great job Henk!
Reviews: 1
I have installed Jfusion for integration with Dokuwiki. I had a minor issue that was dealt with promptly and had the wiki going in under 24 hours from the start. So far it has worked like a charm.

Great job by the Jfusion team. They have made a fine product that works beautifully.

Now if I could get them to do the same integration for MediaWiki... ;)
Reviews: 2
The program is very promising, but it needs more development, and support was very responsive.

After battling for 2 days with the help of Support, whose promptness was very admirable, I was able to configure Moodle and Gallery2.

However, when I came to the point of linking Moodle and Gallery2 inside Joomla! I was disappointed to learn that the visual integration was way, way far from what I expected, although the developer was very candid to admit this shortcoming.
Owner's reply

Gallery2 already has full frameless visual integration and this is working perfectly on dozens of sites that I know. Moodle visual integration is done with template modifications.

You have had a reply to your post on our forum within 5 minutes. And have had a total of 6 replies from JFusion developers. None of your posts mention visual integration, but you had problems finding out your database prefix. Once you used the JFusion installation wizard (which configures your plugin automatically), your problems were solved.

I am surpised that you give a negative review because:
1: We provided excellent support within minuted and solved your problem.
2: You can visually integrate softwares and we pointed you to our documentation wiki. After this we did not hear back from you, so assumed you found the information.

Thanks, Marius

Reviews: 1
Jfusion is top notch. Very easy to install and support from the jfusion team is second to none. I now have joomla/phpbb3/and gallery2 all working as one. New features being constantly developed. I highly recommend jfusion to anyone looking to create a highly featured website.
Reviews: 3
one word enough i guess so thank u so much its PERFECT
Reviews: 5
This week they released JFusion 1.1.3rc. This is by far the best version to date. I have tested it with SMF, and now PHPBB3. If you follow the documentation for installation the software will work right the first time. It is fantastic, and the only limitations I've ran into are a result of the license SMF uses. Therefore I've decided to switch to PHPBB3.

The support on JFusion's website is above any I've encountered for a free extension. Their support is actually better than most of the sites I've bought extensions from! Fanno was very patient and helpful with every issue I had. Even when it was my fault for overlooking something in the documentation.

This is one component I would not want to be without. I'm running it on a live site with no issues. (It's a release candidate still so that isn't recommended) However it is working perfectly!

Thanks to the JFusion team for a great, and free component.
Reviews: 17
There is really nothing I could add to the comments that have been added here. The stats for the Jfusion project speak for themselves! In excess of 200 comments most of which rate the project 5 out of 5.

If you need to sync multiple software solutions, there is nothing that even comes close, to such a complete and progressive solution as Jfusion.

Top team and a top project in a class of their own.
Reviews: 19
I am currently using JFusion with Joomla 1.5.10 and phpBB 3.0.4. I have also tested this with SMF 1.1.8. This component does exactly what it says! It does what some bridges say is not possible, Dual Login/Logout, both from Joomla and phpBB. I have set phpBB as my master software and Joomla as my slave, disabled user registration in Joomla and allowed registration in phpBB. New users are automatically added to Joomla, updated passwords and emails are also updated into Joomla. The activity mods, login mod and discussbot are all working as they should be. It is simply amazing what the developers have accomplished in the last few months. I do not use the IFrame integration so I cannot comment on this as I use matching Rocket Theme templates for both Joomla and phpBB. The forums are very active and the developers are very helpful. I would highly recommend this add-on to anyone looking to use Joomla and phpBB and/or SMF.
Reviews: 3
We have a site with 6 digit numbers of content pieces, thousands of users requiring simultaneous login across forums, a Virtuemart store and Joomla.

jFusion does an amazing job of this incredibly complex task with not much more than a little tweaking of the odd plugin settings page. Doing this without hacking core files of any app, *and* providing excellent support and a rapidly developing code base makes this the most exciting open source project I've seen since Joomla first emerged.

If ever there was a project that deserved praise, use and yes, financial contribution, kids, this is it.
Reviews: 8
I believe this is the first component I've rated excellent and it is worthy of this grading. Simple to install and offers a progressive yet slow learning curve. Brilliant component, many thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 1
By far the best extension I have found, and one of the easiest to install. If it only integrated with either wordpress MU or b2evolution, it would be perfect.

Absolutely amazing for forum integration and linking two Joomla sites, making things much easier on the users.
Reviews: 1
Two months ago, they said that the dual login for joomla_ext will get into 1.1.2RC1. However, after two months, JFusion still can not allow mulitple Joomla to be sync. Maybe I misunderstand what this component is about. It is only a bridge with broader capacity.
Owner's reply

Yes dual login between Joomla installations is available with JFusion. If you have questions: the best place is to ask on our support forum. If you suspect you have found a bug: please report it on our bug tracker and we will fix it for you asap.

Reviews: 1
Every site today has a forum. If you want to use an external forum, like I like to do with Phpbb, this plugin is absolutely a must!
Quite simple, but probably you'll need the official video-guide (you find it on the website) to configure Jfusion without errors.
Done this, your users can register only on Joomla (for example) and have their account for phpbb ready.
Great! Thank you for your work
Reviews: 1
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the best Joomla extension in this directory. They have the most dedicated team, most professional organization, fastest evolving codebase, fastest turnaround for support, and above all most rock-solid extension I have ever seen on an extension of this scope. You can write a flawless extension that does little or nothing but this is a flawless extension that does everything: like a magician it juggles all of the big community packages and does so with ease and a top-tier GUI. To make it even better, every single piece of code I've seen reads like poetry. All of this sounds like the makings of a top-quality business but that's where JFusion transcends: it's 100% free. Marius and his crew are on this nobody else in the Joomla Bridge game, and if you haven't tried JFusion you've missed out.
Reviews: 5
I have been using Joomla for over a year and played around with lots of extensions to accomplish almost anything. I've never taken the time to leave a review but this extension got me to do it. It's simple, well documented, and just plain works (as long as you follow the documentation). I'm using Joomla 1.5.8 and SMF 1.1.8 and this synched my users perfectly. Thanks to the developer for such a great product - it is extremely useful.
Reviews: 1
Jfusion is top notch. Very easy to install and support from the jfusion team is second to none. I now have joomla/phpbb3/and gallery2 all working as one. New features being constantly developed. I highly recommend jfusion to anyone looking to create a highly featured website.
Reviews: 1
best Plugin there is .
It took me less than 3 minutes to install and configure to have phpbb3 up and running on our site

This piece of coding is absolutely damned Briliant.
Tnx a LOT for the effort you put into developing this.
And i look forward to the next release to support CB Avatars and stuff.
Reviews: 1
I wanted to thank Alan and Morten for getting my site ( up and running with Fusion. They spent hours working on my site for free.
Reviews: 1
Great product, easy to install, easy to use, setup is a snap for even the most basic of users.

Great documentation and support, including walkthroughs and videos with step by step instructions.

Used it for Phpbb3 and The latest Vbulletin, and no issues at all whatsoever.
Reviews: 1
Jfusion is one of the most important components that are out there now!

Works great with all the forums, and by suprise even better then a bridge made for a specific forum.
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