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Supercharge your Joomla! site. Integrate almost any software into Joomla! and allow your users single logins.

Now get full control over integrating multiple softwares at the same time, with the new master/slave capabilities. JFusion is a free GPL plugin for the award winning Content Management System (CMS) Joomla. JFusion provides universal user integration, by extending the Joomla 1.5 user authentication framework without any core hacks. JFusion does not support every software out-of-the-box, but is designed for people to easily write a plugin to create a bridge, without re-inventing the wheel.

JFusion proves that Joomla is the future of CMS softwares. Which other CMS software can act as a portal and integrate your users across multiple different platforms? None! Now you have full control over all of your web applications using JFusion.

Currently supported softwares are;
1. vBulletin 3.8.0
2. phpBB 3.0.x
3. MyBB 1.4
4. SMF 1.1.8
5. SMf 2.x
6. Magento
7. Moodle
8. Gallery2
9. dokuwiki
10. Elgg
11. Oscommerce 2.x, 3.x, XT, Zen, Max, SEO
12. e-Front
13. Wordpress
14. Mediawiki
15. Universal plugin (integration to "anything"? as long as it is simple enugh)

A number of modules are provided with the JFusion package such as;
1. Login Module
2. Latest Activity Module
3. User Activity Module
4. Who is Online Module

Additonal features such as a search plugin (integrates external search i.e. from you integrated software inside your Joomla! search) and a discussion bot(posts news items posted in Joomla! into your integrated forums automatically).

In addition to a user sync feature JFusion now also provides user-group sync using which you are able to link user-groups between softwares (handy if you have membership subscriptions that need to be synchronized between softwares)

Excellent support is available from the JFusion support playform, where our JFusion Support Team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Make sure you also check out our documentation section, as it has many guides on how to make JFusion work for you. With our new version checker and one-click upgrade functions, it has never been easier to keep your JFusion installation up to date.

JFusion is arguably the most actively developed integration software for Joomla. Just imagine what features we will be bringing to you next!


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Reviews: 11
Worked like a charm. From its installation to the actual bridging process, all went like a breeze. JFusion's "wizard" managed to automatically detect PHPBB3's correct settings when pointed to its directory, which really simplifies the bridging process even further. Big thumbs up.
Reviews: 4
Merci d'apporter une solution à l'utlisation de joomla et de smf qui sont vraiment les deux meilleurs dans leur carégorie.

J'espère que cette solution permettra à le développement de ces deux logiciels.
Reviews: 3
I started testing with JFusion a couple of months ago and decided to go live with it this week. I didn't roll out the complete single sign-on yet, but will soon.

Even the activity component offers more than most other PHPBB3 addons.
Reviews: 1
Not to repeat what others have already posted, but this component really does work amazingly well. I use it to fuse Joomla to phpBB3 and it works like a charm. The nice thing is, phpBB3 has better controls for user accounts that allows for duplicate email addresses, changing the password requirements, and has visual verification. In short, features that many people hack to death to get to work, or install multiple components. Fireboard really has come a huge long way since Simpleboard, but in reality, phpBB3 is still king of features. Thanks to Jfusion, it's now very easy to fuse the two.
Reviews: 3
Best integration option for phpbb3 though it still needs a bit more debugging. If the developers continue the pace, this will be a must-have.
Reviews: 1
This component shows real promise and is a must for any Joomla webmasters who wish to integrate a full forum software like phpBB, SMF or myBB into their Joomla sites.

Whilst the component is still in Alpha stage, I jumped in and began using it on a small live site after rigourously testing it. What these guys call Alpha, is what most other developers would call a RC in my opinion.

I actually upgraded my entire site from Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 1.5 just to be able to use this component.

And the best thing is, being able to offer full forum functionality again to my members and moderators.

I forgot just how much stuff Fireboard cannot do, and how difficult it can be to Administer (no merge posts or anything).

JFusion has solved that, and I look forward to it being able to fully run in Frameless mode once it moves out of Alpha and the bugs are squashed.

Well done Marius, Imran and James.
Reviews: 1
I've been using this product on several of my test sites for the past few weeks. I am amazed at how far along this extension is, and how little trouble I've had considering its only in Alpha release at the moment. Typically, with Alpha releases I have at least one issue getting the extension to work, but this one had no issues for me (with phpBB) out of the box. It worked exactly as it was claimed to have worked on their site.

I've also been very impressed with the speed at which this extension is developing, and the very fast responses from the developers and other team members on their website. If you've been waiting for an easy way to integrate your phpBB, SMF, and countless other forums with Joomla, this is the extension you need, hands down!
Reviews: 1
I agree a lot with the other reviews. It is easy to install and to understand. Following the installation tutorial, you are up and running within 30 minutes.

However, there are two VERY important aspects to point out that is forgotten here:

1. Using Joomla as (master) database for your users, leaves you with little or no user management. As you probably know a new Joomla user does not need to be confirmed by Admin before entering the site, nor has Joomla any built in security features like 'captcha' or checking for password strength.

That is ALL 'normal' Joomla features... ;-)

BUT, if you install phpBB Bulletin board AND JFusion, setting the phpBB as Master database, you get all this working in Joomla! i.e All phpBB user admin features are now used to register/maintain users!

Ok, maybe you want 'captcha' in the Joomla! contact form, then you need to install a separate 'captcha' for that.

But other than that, this extra goodies solved my problems when installing this combination. And who doesn't install a forum on their professional site?

I'm using Fireboard in production today, but not for long I can tell you.
Reviews: 2
This extension is great, and getting better. I use it to bridge my phpBB with my joomla. I does as promised, and integrates to one log-in. It also integrates very well in wrapper mode. I had to tool around to get the look I wanted, but I was very happy with the results.

At first I tried Rokbridge, but I got nothing but headaches from that. Hopefully it improves in the future, but at this point Jfusion has it beat hands down.

Looking forward to getting a smoother integration and resolving account conflicts, which apparently come in further generations.

Kudos to the design team/person.
Reviews: 20
This is an very recommended user integrator for different other open source applications.

Marius, the key dev, is solving long standing problems like a hero and is a master mind integrator!

Try this integrator to any kind of supported apps and you will be impressed. Now even solved seamless visual integration with phpbb 3.0.+ with latest version!

More than well done Marius! Hope more people will donate for you for this very good J project.
Reviews: 1
Although Alpha, version 1.0.7 works perfectly on my site, no wishes left. Well done!
You should not use alpha software on a production site, but this is far better than anything else I could use.
Reviews: 5
Flawless installation of component, plugins and module using Joomla 1.5.6, Community Builder 1.2RC and phpBB 3. Even with the little problems I encountered (all of my own ignorance, I want to add) I was able to find the answers in the Support forum without a problem! Best of all, I'm a complete nitwit when it comes to the coding side of anything, so the ease of which this this extension was AMAZING to just WORKED, and it worked perfectly!

The ONLY wish list I have for this extension is that an auto-logout be somehow integrated so that my users don't stay logged into phpBB, but having read the documentation out there, I know this is no easy task and it's really not something that bothers me or them--I'm just greedy!
Reviews: 2
Backed up my Databases, downloaded the JFusion, Installed and configured with it running perfectly in less than 90 minutes from the start of the backup. Totally Awesome to be able to offer a "Dual Login" for both my Joomla website and my PhpBB Forum that is associated with my Joomla website. Will definately use in future Joomla/PhpBB new Website installs!!!!
Reviews: 9
This is an absolutely brilliant piece of Software! I recommend it to all who want to integrate a powerfull forum into their website. It's definitely very use to install and use, though I recommend you really follow the install instructions. (Which are very short and not hard to follow, even for absolute beginners, I guess)

This works almost flawless, even in this early Alpha stadium, on my private Community Site. Very brilliant, and I will definitely donate to it!
Reviews: 3
All i have to say is: "Brilliant"

Can't believe how easy it was
Reviews: 1
Several months ago I struggled with integrating a forum into Joomla with a bridge. I spent hours and hours and finally weeks trying to achieve a seamless integration but it never came out right and one thing or another was always wrong or didn't work the way it should have. In disgust, I gave up vowed to never bother integrating a forum again.

Then along came JFusion! It took me all of about an hour to install and make the integration functional, and the results are absolutely amazing! Perfect! And I didn't bang my head on my desk at all today while doing it. I can't say enough great things about JFusion and the folks behind it.
Reviews: 2
This is a great addition to Joomla and would progress much faster with your donation. Take a look at his "Chip-In" donation link on his home page. I chipped in. So should you.

Reviews: 1
Man this plug-in for joomla 1.5 is the big future already, the whole plug in works, but however when i get into the cp for the plugin (component panel) it says that joomla auth must be unpublished but that has no effect with the plug-ins popularity.

JFUSION is the future of joomla 1.5(its almost better than joomla itself!)
Reviews: 1
The extension works great in my testing.
Reviews: 12
I was debating as to whether I was going to create my personal website using Joomla 1.0 or Joomla 1.5. While I new all the tricks to Joomla 1.0, integrating Simple Machines Forum is increasingly problematic with the death of the various bridge components and increased issues with the latest Joomla 1.0 versions. After some thought and after some testing last year in the early beta versions, I opted to load my first Joomla 1.5 stable install and immediately followed up with JFusion, connecting it to an existing SMF 2.0 Beta 3 Public forum I use primarily as a personal and business notepad as well as a client discussion and support forum. The complete operation took little more than 15 minutes.

While it was once easy to mass produce Joomla 1.0 clones loaded with content, it was always a great pain to integrate and hack the code to forum a bridge between Joomla 1.0 and SMF. With Joomla 1.5 and JFusion, the operation is very easy, requires no hacking of code and includes ample configuration options that were easy to navigate through with the integrated help notes.

Now, I'm that much closer to being hooked on Joomla 1.5. THANKS!
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