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Facebook Graph Connect ComponentModule

Facebook Connect for Joomla implements new Facebook OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization, this extension lets Facebook users quickly register on your site.
A Connect with Facebook button is displayed on a selected module position, where users can easily Login or Register by click on it. After registration they are automatically logged in! Next time they visit your site, they can either click Facebook connect button or use temp password/username already sent in their email.

* Implements new Facebook OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization
* Auto Registration with valid email and facebook name
* Option to show only login button or Full login form

*Note: This extension requires you to create a facebook application for your site here : and grab it's APP ID and APP secret, which needs to be inserted in component parameter fields in your admin CP.

Installation Instruction :
Facebook Setup Instruction :

Change Log
3.4.1 : Fixed mail, changes in language file.
3.3 : Added Wall publish for Joomla 3, fixed infinite loop in multilingual websites
3.2 : Fixed "Undefined Password" while registration
3.1 : Checks invalid Facebook email address and other fixes.
3.0 : Re-written, No Facebook JavaScript SDK. Updated Facebook PHP SDK (v.3.2.2)

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Reviews: 5
Nothing would have been better than this. Big thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 2
Good extensions , but doesnt work on multilang websites
Reviews: 1
It's really easy to use and efficient extension. It would have been good if it was possible to modify the info that will be taken from Facebook and how to use it somehow.
Reviews: 12
This extension worked great! I have been waiting for someone to write a Facebook Connect extension that is free of charge. This one worked!

I hope in your next project update, you add a functionality to integrate Facebook data with Jomsocial, K2, and Community Builder! Thanks.
Reviews: 5
I've tried several Facebook login extensions and all of them are very hard to configure and get working.
This extension is the opposite to that! Got it running in 5 minutes!
Reviews: 3
Friends, i highly recommend this great app, simple and very comfortable to use facebook registration integrated with native joomla users, and facebook login. Thank you man, when i have enough funds, i will surely donate this developer to show my gratitute :)
Reviews: 6
This extension is superb! It is user friendly and creating account + setting avatar in kunena is exactly 3 clicks away from your users! It's almost perfect and the best part it's free!

Good job!
Reviews: 2
I've tried several Facebook-Login extensions. No one actually worked for me and the support was dreadful.
But then I got to this one and it was unbelievable. It worked from the first installation onwards. I even didn't need to contact support. It's recommendable to everyone who wants to have a nice backend administration and a stunning frontend experience.

Keep going. Great Work!
Reviews: 12
I would say for a free product it is damn good. I donated just because he is free and I like that. I also donated because it is a good product that should really already be a part of joomla.

Thank you Sir
Owner's reply

Thank you for your support, people like you keeps us going.

Reviews: 1
I am very much thankful to the developer of this extension.

I have a suggestion,
* When user gets authenticated from fb and record is save in local users table then there must be save a temporaray password for joomla login and password should be emailed to the user..
I hope developer will consider it.
Reviews: 9
Works like a charm, enough guidelines, easy as 1 2 3 ...

Thanks for this very need extension !

Keep up the good work !
Reviews: 1
Esta extensión me ha salvado la vida, sólo tengo un problema y es con la validación w3c. Haré feed-back cuando los autores me respondan.

This extension saved my life. I only have a problem with validation w3c. I will feed-back when saaraan answers me.
Reviews: 1
Just 2 minuts and i got stuff working on my site.

IS the best non-commercial fb thing i've found :) and it works with j 1.5!

Really happy with this, where you can donate?
Reviews: 1
I install in Joomla 2.5.3 and works very well.
Excellent work for developer.
Many thanks
Reviews: 18
Installed this app in 3 minutes, including setting up FB app id and secret. Works as described. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
I got it to work with minimal knowledge of the facebook API, even though I had to do some digging around. Mostly everything is explained, but I was confused when I was asked about a API ID and a API Secret (hint: you have to create a facebook application for this to work).

Unfortunataly I found that, once logged in, a log out button is needed, and maybe some info. When a user is logged in, only his picture is displayed, nothing more, not even his name. Hopefully that will be added in the future.

Also has a nice backend to check out which users logged in, and you can even get their emails and basic info for several stuff.

I'll be looking forward for more development on this one!
Thanks Saaraan!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a solution to allow users to have more ease in registering on my site and therefore was looking for a facebook connect solution, with this extension I can use Kunena and have users use their facebook account to register. G-R-E-A-T! Thanks very much for this extension :)
Reviews: 4
I needed an application that would install seamlessly and work out of the box without a lot of forum-shopping for answers to technical problems. This one did just that!! And its free!! Thanks to the developer. When I find a free app that works like this, I make it my business to donate. This one clearly deserves it. Great job!!
Reviews: 2
This is such a great component, especially because it is free! Some more customizability in the back end of the component and module would always make it better, but you seriously have done a great job as it is!
Maybe a checkbox to select if the component should auto publish to the users facebook profile? or maybe a checkbox to allow the user to choose this?
I'm not complaining at all! This is such a great component! Only suggesting! Keep it up!
Reviews: 3
I've used this component on multiple sites, works like a charm every time! Some small configuration-errors (myself to blame) were solved only a few minutes after i posted a question on the support-forum.
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