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Just install this FREE module and enable the following features on your Joomla website:

1) SOCIAL SHARING - Let users share your web contents on over 90 social networks resulting into dramatic increase in referral traffic.

2) SOCIAL COUNTER - Add social counters (Like, Tweet, Google +1, Linkedin Share, etc) on your Joomla site.

JomSocial, Community Builder, Jcomment, JomFish, Kunena, K2 content management, VirtueMart


English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Greek, Danish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Estonian, Polish, Portuguese

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Reviews: 2
This app really works great and gives your visitors multiple login options. I had trouble with getting the facebook login to work and the developer was quick to respond. A couple of weeks later the developer even followed up with me to make sure I had it working. A++
Reviews: 1
I'v installed K2 component in my site and activate the reCaptcha for user registration,this is make a conflict with LoginRadius..I get this answer and solution from LoginRadius team,thank you very much for your support service..This is must have extension!!
Reviews: 2
1) Does what they say.
2) Easy to configure instructions in their Site.
3) Analytic showing how many logged in from which site?

1) Every time site loads, their app loads, sometimes it shows "problem loading page" in small box, only in the module position selected for this extension.
2) The boxes for Username n password wont appear exactly one below the makes your site look ugly. it forces you to use joomla login module.
3) If you use this module with Joomla login module, u will see 2 log out buttons in your site.
4) There are no options at all in this module, not even module class suffix.
5) There are only two types of icon set to choose for social icons.
6) There is no forum in their site. Not a con but still it would have helped to discuss similar problems n configuring issues.
Owner's reply

Hi damnpradeep,
Thanks for your review. Please see our comments below:

1, 2 & 3. No one has reported these issues. Could you please provide more details so that we can investigate and resolve them for you? Depending on the Joomla Theme that you are using, it may require extra configuration but these issues should not be due to LoginRadius SaaS. Please email us at

4. As this module provides the Social Login functionality through our SaaS (Software as a Service) which runs on the cloud, the LoginRadius service is maintained from our end. However, we will add more customization options for our clients when we come out of private beta and become public.

5. We have added 5 icon sets and 5 login designs. Please see them in your LoginRadius account.

6. Yes, it is a good suggestion and we will be releasing the forum soon. We also offer 24/7 support so if you require any assistance, please contact us at and our engineering team will respond immediately.

LoginRadius Team

Reviews: 9
Well, it was free, and works. What more can you ask for. . . documentation, yup has that too.

One thing I do not like is that you must configure this via the plugin, and insert it via a module. But I can deal with this.

The setup does take awhile, because you need to setup users, apps, keys etc with Facebook, Google, Twitter. This is required by Facebook, Google, etc and can not be avoided by the developer. They do however provide great step by step instructions with screen shots. I had no idea what I was doing (ok, just a little) and got it up and running in about 30 minutes.

I do have one issue with login redirecting to the home/root page, when it "should" just stay put on the page. The issue seems to be related to the lack of trailing "/" on the SEF URL's

I am very satisfied with this extension
Reviews: 2
I am surprised with the power of this loginradius solution. This extension is really useful. I totally recommend it.

Thank Loginradius Team for this so important work.
Reviews: 9
I installed the product because I wanted easy authentication through social networks. In the configuration process, however, it asked for an API-key from LoginRadius, so it seems that the plugin is not handling the authentication with the social networks directly but through a service of the manufacturer.
That means, LoginRadius not only gets your facebook and other API-keys through the configuration but also can trace every social activity on your website.

Total NoGo for me!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback.

It seems like you misunderstood the concept. Let us summarize it:
1. The authentication happens on ID Providers website and a user enters his/her credentials on ID Providers website, not on LoginRadius. So we can not see or access user's credential or any critical information. We never have access to user's social account and can not perform any activities in his/her account without users consents.
2. We do not and will never track user activities on social networks as well as on client website. We only assist you with authentication process in current module.
3. After users consent, ID Providers deliver us user's profile data and we store these data in client database. This happens through a highly secure channel.
3. We do not have access to clients database and do not fetch any data/information from client website or database.

Please see our developer section for further technical details.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at We are available 24/7.

LoginRadius Team

Reviews: 7
takes lots of time to get API from developer, at the end after adding API module is reporting that API is not correct.
There is not instructions that both plugin and module should be installed.
Not happy with this.
Thank you.
Owner's reply

Hi miloskorac - LoginRadius is based on the idea of simplifying the whole social login integration process and making even non-programmers to add this functionality to their website.

About getting API from ID Providers, its standard process that is required by ID Providers, so regardless you implement it by yourself or through LoginRadius, you have to spend time to get APIs from ID Providers and LoginRadius can not do much in this matter. To make this process quicker and easier, we have developed step by step documentation with screenshots for each ID providers, please see them in our developers section or under Social Login >> Provider Settings in your LoginRadius account.

Regarding plugin and module both installation - its mentioned in our developers section under Joomla Documentations, please see these two documents:

For Joomla 1.6 & higher:

For Joomla 1.5:

We hope it answers your questions. Our support is available 24/7, so please feel free to send us an email if you have any other questions.

LoginRadius Team

Reviews: 31
it wouldnt be fair if i didnt come and submit a review ,,i am honeslty impressed by this app , to be honest ,,its really wonderful and it works fine , they guide you as well to create applications on different social sites so you can make this SOCIAL LOGIN work ,,i HIGHLY recommend you to download this,,,for the following reasons :
-it'll boost your traffics up so just imagine how many persons can join your site with one click or use ur site with facebook for example .
-its against bots if i am not wrong specially if users sign up using facebook ,twitter,myspace,,,those sites are highly configured against Bots ,so you wont need no more CAPTCHA ,
- it works as well with JOMSOCIAL & COMMUNITY BUILDER , the ones i used n still use
-its all for free
do not waste your time or money
Reviews: 6
works (mostly, see below) and free. two good things even better together.

is there a paid/pro version perhaps were you can remove the logonradius link?

the redirection on logon and logoff (which interestingly is defined in the plugin, not the module), doesn't seem to work in a 2 level menu.

i select the menu item to go to but when i logon, it tries to go to (note the two 'about-skyrun's which cause a 404).

and logging off seems to go to the logIN vs. the logout page defined... fix that and 5-stars for sure (so i put on the 5-stars anticipating the fix ;-)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review and rating. We really appreciate your feedback.

We have white label and other premium features available, however only for our earlu adopters right now. We are also working towards launching standard packages soon and will be taking it out of private beta phase.

Regarding the redirection issue, we are not aware of this issue. But our engineering team will investigate further. We would really appreciate if you could please provide more details by sending us an email to We will definitely fix it in next release.

Thanks again,
LR Team

Reviews: 7
Login radius makes it super easy to have a bazillion different logins to your Joomla site. Setup takes some time because you have to gain permissions from most sites before can use their login services (like Facebook, etc.), but once you are past this login is a breeze.

Even though LoginRadius isn't Joomla specific (it can be used with other platforms, too), the developers are quick to respond. They fixed a conflict with another plugin in just a couple days with minimal hassle. I also like that they don't ask for more permissions than are needed (like asking for permissions to post things to Facebook for users -- this is usually a turn-off when authorizing facebook logins).

Really, you can't go wrong with this service. I definitely recommend it.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install it, easy to use it. And its free.
Muchas Gracias!!!!!
Reviews: 6
Takes a bit of time to set up but the instructions were easy to follow and support was given quickly. Thank you
Reviews: 2
THank you so much for this product. Thank you so much for your care, and support. Thank you for making both product and support free for people and nonprofits like us. you have saved us money literally and you have done wonders with your widget. thanks! this one is a truly clever, functional, usefull must have for joomla platforms. thansk again for your support. Cheers and best wishes. African Views
Reviews: 1
Very convenient expansion. Works without problems. It is easily established and adjusted.
Perhaps, while analogs it aren't present.
Reviews: 2
Perfect extension, extraordinary support: what else? Thank you
Reviews: 6
After testing some other extensions I decided to test loginradius.
It's a very good extension with many social networks and easy to use but I had a problem. Before I use an extension on my server I do all the testings locally. Testing loginradius on localhost resulted in error messages. I couldn't test it locally and do any CSS changes.
So, I contacted the support team asking for a solution. And guess what?
Next day there was a solution in my inbox and an update was published!!!

Great extension and an excellent support team that you can't find even in paid extensions.
Continue this excellent work!
Reviews: 1
Unfortunately I moved everything over to loginradius without thinking beforehand. There appears to be issues with Joomla and grabbing user data. I can't grab Avatar, Gender, Birthdate etc... I am using Joomla 2.5 so I don't know if this is an issue with the beta software. I am now forced to move back to my previous solution.
Owner's reply

Hi Tinytitan,

Thanks for your valuable feedback and bringing your concerns to our attention.

We are currently working on these advanced features and will release them soon with our next version of plugin.

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions, you can reach us at

Thank you,
LoginRadius Team

Reviews: 1
All compliments to loginradius team.
One question: Anyone tried to have captcha in the basic joomla registration form + loginradius?
Owner's reply

Hi bertokoren - Thanks for reviewing our Joomla extension Social Login.

Currently, CAPCHA generates a validation error when it's used in the same screen as social login. However, our engineering team is investigating the issue and hopefully we will be able to find a solution soon.

Please contact us at if you have any other questions. We offer FREE support 24/7.

LoginRadius Team

Reviews: 1
Its really good Extension for joomla, I have implement in my site. Its working perfactly. Its easy to install and also login via 20-25 providers.

Its really good plugin!!

Reviews: 1
i download this module to implement for my CMS and believe its a so easy to implement and it has great security and good functionality and ofcourse LoginRadius team helps me so much. and i feel any body will try this at once.
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