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Just install this FREE module and enable the following features on your Joomla website:

1) SOCIAL SHARING - Let users share your web contents on over 90 social networks resulting into dramatic increase in referral traffic.

2) SOCIAL COUNTER - Add social counters (Like, Tweet, Google +1, Linkedin Share, etc) on your Joomla site.

JomSocial, Community Builder, Jcomment, JomFish, Kunena, K2 content management, VirtueMart


English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Greek, Danish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Estonian, Polish, Portuguese

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Reviews: 1
The setup was fairly easy and the module is easy to implement. The only questions I have are how to change the Facebook login icon from the square "F" to the "Login with Facebook" icon we normally see.

Also, on occasion, when I click the Facebook login button it almost acts like it redirects to the registered user page before it's logged in and asks for your username and password again. Maybe just a glitch on my end?
Owner's reply

Hi Scorpionlance - Thanks for great review.

We haven't heard this issue before, but we can certainly take a look at your website and try to resolve the issue with your Facebook login. Please send us more information at and we'll be glad to investigate further.

LoginRadius Team

Reviews: 2
I tried LoginRadius module because I wanted my site users to login with their account, without the need to register in my site.
In my Joomla 1.7 site, the template was not compatible with the module, but LoginRadius support solved the problem, published a new version of the component, and I have been able to install and configure my site in no time. Thank you !!!
Reviews: 8
Incredible must have application. Have some problems with installation (old version uninstall don`t deleted sql records) but all solved in 15 minutes. ABSOLUTELY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Vere happy.
Reviews: 1
LoginRadius is a powerful solution for my website: users will be happy to use social credential and on the other hand, it is big impulse to my site. Last but not least a great and usefull support!
Reviews: 1
It's really really cool extension, I used it on my development site and got good results..

Thanks LoginRadius
Reviews: 4
Tried Janrain and the Thakker module. $20 later for the module and paid support, and couldn't get it to work.

Then we tried LoginRadius.

EASY instructions. Installed quickly. Couple of mods and had it working to add members to JomSocial. One problem with the redirect, but support was immediate and we kept working until the problem was fixed.

Top marks to the LoginRadius team.
Reviews: 1
It didn't work for me just out out of the box due to file_get_contents restrictions.
Send a mail to them and a day later the code was rewritten to use curl.
Works perfect now.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension and have used it to replace our current login system. Technically it works flawlessly and have nothing to complain about there. Tried janrain before, but it never worked- this did what it was supposed to.

My gripes with this is more cosmetic- it doesnt seem to take properly take the styling of the site's template. There needs to be customization in the following areas: Module Width, Module height, number of icons displayed, size/style of icons and disabling Joomla login/registration (it doesnt seem to work). It also seems to clash with twitter feeds.

This is perhaps the best social authentication system available on joomla right now. A few tweeks could make it unbeatable!
Owner's reply

Hi HeavyUser, thanks a lot for reviewing the extension and for your feedback.

Our engineering team is working on further enhancements for this extension, and we'll definitely take your suggestions into consideration. We'll also look into the issue of the extension clashing with Twitter feeds.

Thanks again, and we look forward more suggestions from our users! Please send all feedback to

LoginRadius Team

Reviews: 5
Thank Login Radius for you your great product. It works perfectly although I had to create the API for each provider :)
I just have the question. Is there any way to change the login form in to the horizontal menu at the top of website? Of course we will have the icon for social log in.
Owner's reply

Thanks for reviwing Social Login extension, J.O.Y.

Currently there is limited customization of the login interface, but we are working hard to offer you more customization options and will release many more features soon.

LoginRadius Team

Reviews: 1
This module superb.... and easy to add.
Thanks to LoginRadius team which provides social login scenerio..
Reviews: 2
This simple module let me setup in no time a wide variaty of login such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and more. My users for my site can log in without registering and creating new user credential. It is all done simply via the module. Nobody needs to remember many passwords and usernames. It creates an easy to use functionnality to my site. I had also a great support from the dev team, responding quiclky to my question before installing and seting up the module.

Great work!
Reviews: 1
Probably the best module I've used. Offers fantastic functionality, excellent documentation, and (despite not expecting it) everything worked perfectly the first time. Good work!
Reviews: 7
Easy to setup. It's a long process though at not fault of the company, mostly to do with setting up things for Facebook, Twitter...etc. But detailed, step-by-step instructions are included for each login you choose.
Reviews: 1
Thank you developers for this extensions. It does help.
Reviews: 1
I installed it, set up the parameters for google and for facebook and that's it, running after minutes.
And the help system ist perfect! If you set up the parameters for google or facebook, the (personal) parameters you need are already inside the help of this module (URL, Path), just read, copy and paste. Very good!
Reviews: 6
Though they offer a lot and I find it very interesting, there are two things that made me not to choose this (again):
- It takes time to register each key for every login type (not mentioning the loginradius key itself). It could be that those keys are mandatory by the login service sites and not by loginradius though; i don't know.
- It alters the joomla core users table (which is already rather ill advised), but does NOT put it back when you uninstall this.
Owner's reply

Hi e_builds,

Thanks for reviewing our extension Social Login.

1) The keys are required by ID Providers as per their terms of use, so we can't do much about that. However, the advantage of using your own keys is that when a user logs in, s/he sees your website name on the login page instead of LoginRadius.

2) This is the first version of our Social Login extension and we are working hard to further improve it. Regarding your second issue about altering the Joomla core users table, we add the additional column in order to save each provider's ID for user authentication. Once a user logs in the first time with an ID provider, we save that information in this column and reference it each time the user logs in going forward. If you delete this column after uninstalling Social Login, then you will lose all Social Login data collected thus far. The readme.txt file that comes with the extension specifies information about this additional column. In the next version of our extension, the admin will be able to choose whether to keep or delete this column during uninstallation.

Please let us know if you have any more suggestions at We'd love to hear from everyone! :)

LoginRadius Team

Reviews: 1
I instaled this module for Joomla 1.5 and everything works perfectly.
Reviews: 1
needless to say that it is a good extension but also very friendly and quick customer service if you have any problem or questions.
Reviews: 1
I've searched for something like this right at Jan 1, 2012 and found this module. It looks "WOW" at developer's site. I've registered for download but this module is in private beta-test (and still for now - Jan. 6, 2012). I've submitted few sites but no reaction was given from developers. So... I don't know for whom this module is. Developer wrote: "Its first release and please help us to improve it..." ok, give us access :).

Once again - module looks pretty good, but no opportunity to test at own sites.
Owner's reply

Thanks for reviewing LoginRadius. We are glad that you like the product.

We are personally looking at all requests and accepting as they come. We are really sorry that you have not yet received the invitation request. Please send your email and domains to and we'll prioritize your request.

Thanks again for the great review, and we are here to help if you have any other questions.

LoginRadius Team

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