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ARRA Facebook Login Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
ARRA Facebook Login Module allows your members to signup/sign-in using Facebook Connect API.

Module display a username and password log in form based on default Joomla! Login Module and Facebook Login button build with PHP SDK 3.0. It also display a link to retrieve a forgotten password.

If user registration is enabled (in User Manager > Options), another link will be shown to enable self-registration for users.

You just need a App Id & Secret Key from Facebook (Get it from here:

Instead of using the default Joomla! registration form, users can create accounts within seconds. After registering through Facebook, members can simply click on the "Facebook Connect" image and they'll be automatically logged in with their Facebook Credentials.

The integration actually adds these members to your Joomla! database, so you can administer your users just like before. The module is fully customizable.
Options such as: Show/Hide Joomla! Log in form, Show/hide create account, forgot password or forgot username are only at a few clicks from the module configuration.

Change log Version 2.5.1
1. Added an Additional Layout : Horizontal display of the module;
2. Bug fixed: when module was not published in all pages login was not working;
3. When login module was set to be hidden, the links to forgot password, register, or forgot username were hidden too. Now they are individual displayed or hidden using the module settings.
4. Removed the Encrypt form option. Now if you are using a secure domain, it submits the form within the same page securely.

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Reviews: 7
Not cross-browser compatible. I read some unresolved browser issues in their forum. I checked myself and found it worked fine in Explorer 9, Firefox 23.0, Opera 12.15, Safari 5.1.7 - but did not work in Chrome 28.0.1500.95 m

Not working in Chrome is a deal breaker for me. I can't use it. Those who posted positive reviews: have you checked how it works in other major browsers? Very Important!!

I didn't bother posting in their forum since there were already unresolved browser- uncompatibility posts.
Reviews: 17
The module worked for me for logging in through FB, which was what i wanted.

The built in login form didnt work for me, if it was meant to connect to FB for logging in.
Reviews: 1
Exactly what i was looking for. Something that works as i expected. And thanks for the documentation on the site, it helped me a lot.