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JLV Facebook Login Module

* With JLV Facebook Login module, you can Create an account or login the website is extremely fast with just one mouse click.

* Facebook login button integration into Joomla login module, making the most convenient login.

* You can change the options is large or small botton image.

* Multilanguage support: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian, Brazilian Portuguese

* New interface for Joomla! 3 with bootstrap

* Easy install and config with video tutorial

Releaded 1.1.5: Thank you Jose Maria and Daniel Anghel contribute translations.

See video how to install and config JLV Facebook Login module here:

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Reviews: 1
This module is nice and easy to handle.
I have problem with use it in joomla 3, but after help from Stephen it's now working very fine.
After post a notice about this I get quick support from Stephen.
Reviews: 1
With Facebook so popular now, integrating it into your website simply makes sense. How wonderful that JLV has provided a simple, fast, and non-commercial extension to quickly let you add FB authentication for your users! When I contacted the developer and pointed out that there was a class conflict of the username and password fields with Joomla 3 compared to the standard login form, he had it fixed lightning fast. So there should be no extra fussing with CSS... if you are using the standard login form, the switch to JLV login will take only moments! Thanks for a great extension. :)
Reviews: 2
Thank you very much for this excellent module.
It works without problems.
Reviews: 1
in a sea of commercial plugin find this free was so nice!!!
it works immediatly, also easy to custom,rarely i use my time to translate a plugin , but for this plugin i made italian translation and now is perfect for my italian site!!!!!
Reviews: 2
At first sight, i find this extension to be a great one. I will sure give it a try. My final comments will come after i use. The demo looks just what i want and i am sure to give it a try
Reviews: 8
Easy to work with, I finally found how to create the Facebook app ID & Pass (
easily managed to modify the modules to my needs.

one small feedback - the Joomla 3 login has a new login view which would look better if implemented.

Thanks anyway, great job!
Reviews: 24
Well, some days ago I downloaded this extension, I found that fields: "name" and "password" overlays the module and could not find the way to narrow it, I wrote to support and I got no reply. Now after a few days I found out that the site is a parked domain and there is no way to get in touch with tha creator of the application. This is sad and make people waste their time.
Owner's reply

Thank you for you review. Let me explain in details:

1. I've received a question on the forum with content similar to what you are talking about, you can see here:

I came up with a solution to fix by editing the css.
Is this the topic you're talking about?

2. Previously I have used a temporary domain, this is our mistake, there were some topics we did not come through with official domain. We are sorry.

3. Cannot have a team or extensions 100% perfect.

Thank you!

Reviews: 8
Very simple and working fine.
You don't need to spend many time to setup, is clear any step.

Also inlcude the basic options that you need on a extension like this one.

Great job!
Quick, simple, working.

ps: I am just looking for integrate in a better way with K2
Reviews: 4
I am also extension developer and I DO appreciate your work on this. It works great, thank you for this great free extension!

Note to new users: All it takes is to register a new app in development facebook app (developer center), specify doamins for facebook login, and put the integration url.

Fill in the app id and app secret you'll get from facebook in the module settings and you are ready! :)

Best Regards,
Deian Motov
Reviews: 2
I was looking for an extension to allow the login of an user through his Facebook account and this extention is perfect for that.
Very simple steps to install.
Sometimes the button to connect is hided when collapsing the menus but this minor problem was solved by adding some text in the "post-text" field while configuring the module.