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Social Authorization ComponentModule

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Neat and easy to use component, which allows your users to login with their accounts in different social networks. It has lot of options to suit all your possible needs, including custom avatars and profile links.


• Available networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, VKontakte,, Odnoklassniki
• Easy installation and setup. Must read the instructions though!
• All social networks can be merged with existing Joomla account.
• User social connections stored in database, which allows to quick login from any location.
• Requests user's email, if certain social network doesn't provide it.
• Custom avatar and profile link from different community components (JomSocial, CB, Kunena etc.) can be set instead of network's default.
• Optionally display standard login form along with social icons.
• Connections journal, where you can remove any social network connection for any user.
• No monthly costs! No user limits! Not dependent on any library!
• Absolutely fault safe from any popup blockers or tabbed windows.
• Any other network can be added by your request!


There're lot of extensions with similar functionality nowadays, but in most cases they are either awkward or have ridiculous limitations. For example, OneAll and LoginRadius, which have its mods for Joomla, allow you to have only small number of connections for free and the rest is billed monthly. There're other limitations as well, including providers number and layout customization. Social Authorization component doesn't have any limitations and can be customized any way you like. It also doesn't depend on any external library and works with network APIs directly, which greatly increases stability and control. No more problems with popup blockers and tabbed windows.


• Minor bug fixes for Facebook API.

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