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Force Password Change Plugin

This plugin will check the user's lastvisitDate to see if it is "0000-00-00 00:00:00" (meaning the user has never logged in). If this is the case, the user will be redirected to the edit user profile page and will not be able to go to any other page until they update their profile.

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Based on the previous review I contacted SourceCoast's forum and asked them about this. They responded quickly and told me since the passwords are encrypted and obscure, it wasn't fail proof, but a very useful plugin. And that is the truth!! We needed a way for us to set up accounts for our consultants to log in to the site, but change their password the first time they went there. And this does the job.

It is a free plugin, that I would gladly have paid for. This works easily, and will make my life easier for being there.

Thanks goes to Alex and his super response in the forum for this free plugin. I am already a customer of some of their extensions, and love they know what customer service really means.

Pat Vanden Bosche
Reviews: 2
A very usefull plug-in, but it has a flaw...
When user logs in and is asked to change the password, he/she can simply click the SAVE button without entering a new password. The password entered during registration remains valid and the user can use it for further log-ins without a problem.
Reviews: 8
I like this extension and it does what I really wanted but, there is one thing I need for it to do.

It forces users to fill out the user profile, but it has no option to logout. Users can not logout if they dont want to fill out the form. Instead they have to exit out from the page. The logout button has to be active to give them the opportunity to leave at that time and maybe with an XXX number of day, update it, if not, application will delete the user from database.

Then, that would be an perfect extension.
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And I made a few small changes to make it work with version 1.6.

Please check the vendor product forum for more info.
Reviews: 1
What a great function to have. Now that we've upgraded we're lost without it. Any chance a 1.7 version is in the works?
Reviews: 5
Nicely coded and easy to install.

Any timeline on when you are gonna have this for 1.6/1.7???

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Thank you for this needed pluging! I'm using a "user autocreate" feature (LDAP AD authentication) and in this case first user's login date-time is a current date-time, i.e. lastvisitDate is equal to Registred Date. Could you please check these dates if lastvisitDate "0000-00-00 00:00:00". Or you can add an option in pluging config to choose suitable method. Thank you in advance!
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works as expected ! nice work and thank you for this plugin - Great job!

btw: for aready existing accounts you simply need to reset in the 'jos_users' table the "lastvisitDate"-field's value manually to "0000-00-00 00:00:00" for each "old" user record
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This product worked just as described and the developer went the extra mile and answered all of my questions. They were even able to show me how to customize it to work best for my site and my situation. Amazing product with great support!
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This little plugin saved me in a big way, I had a major problem! I updated to mighty registration so i could collect more info from my users, I already had about 1900 users to my site and needed a way to force them to update their details on their next login, and to my surprise there is nothing developed to do this. Well I came across this little plugin, it didn't work with Mighty Registration at first so i contacted the developer and got a quick response and he jumped right in and made it work! I am SO thankful! Thanks for this plugin, your time, and your GREAT attitude in helping me out!
Owner's reply

Our pleasure. Thanks for the suggestions on making it better. We will put out the changes once we get them finalized.

Reviews: 2
Awesome plugin. Very simple to set up and works just as expected.
Reviews: 1
Very happy,
This plugin is simple and it works.
Should be in Joomla core.