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Email Activation Plugin

Protect your Joomla website from dummy emails made up by your users.

With this plugin every time users change their email address in profile, they will be required to activate/confirm it by using a link from an activation email.

Available translations: English (GB), Polish, Russian, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian.

This is simple. Features:
- Works with Joomla! and 2.5 and 3.x
- Supports Community Builder 1.7+ and JomSocial
- Uses your standard Joomla mailer to send activation link (no configuration required)
- Execute your custom code upon successful activation
- It is secure!

Test it now! Just login as demo using password demo and try changing user's email.

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Reviews: 3
I needed to confirm changed email addresses were valid before allowing the change. I installed and enabled this plug-in and it, well, worked. :) Could not have been any easier unless it came installed as part of Joomla.
Reviews: 9
Install, enable and you are done!

Additionally the author is answering mails very fast and he is open to suggestions. The perfect mix for a non-commercial plug-in.
Reviews: 12
Installed the plugin enabled it and it does exactly what it says blocked users from changing there email address without confirming that there new email is valid and there real/useable email.
Reviews: 1
This plugin works perferctly well.
I made a test with Joomla and Kunena and it request to activate the new mail when you changed it.

GG creator !
A must if you have a lot of users or if you don't like to have spammers on your website
Reviews: 2
I've been using the plugin for 1 month now. It does exactly what it's told. Its support was really professional and overall usage its easy.