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HTTP Authentication Plugin

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The HTTP Authentication plugin works simple but adequate. Once published, every visitor to your Joomla! site is asked for an username and password through a HTTP Authentication popup. The Joomla! frontend is only accessible when HTTP Authentication is granted (by using the regular Joomla! login-system).

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Reviews: 4

but maybe you can add other features like,using in joomla back end only, or in some page only..

thank you :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the suggestion. We hope to implement this in newer versions.

Reviews: 2
It is almost perfect. The only thing for it to become perfect was a way for the administrator to choose is he/she want it to be used for the hole site, the administration area or to a specific section or category. Very good indeed for use with private sites.
Reviews: 11
I was in a hurry to find a plugin that helps my entire site to be restricted for public audience.

This plugin helped me to achieve that. Now my website is accessible only for those who have a username and password.

There are no bugs, no other problems. Website works excellent after authentication.

Thanks for building it