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Force Complete Profile Plugin

This plugin will force users to complete their profile according to rules set. Very useful, when you use authorization via social networks which usually generates random emails like or usernames like "Name Surname".


• Forces to change password on first log-on or if it's empty.
• Change display name if it equals username or empty.
• Change username if it doesn't match the rules (regular expression).
• Change email if it matches rules set (regular expression).
• Set custom messages to explain user the rules for each field.
• Calls The Krotek team to change spammer's gender!


• FIXED: Change password request ignored, when page closed or reloaded.
• Minor bug fixes and code optimization.

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Reviews: 6
For a free extension, this rocks.
I needed it for a site where I had batch created users and emailed them with a temporary password.
The plugin prevents them doing ANYTHING until they update the password - then it leaves them alone.
Had a slight configuration issue, but the support was quick and accurate.
Reviews: 2
I wanted to try out this extension because my site is getting a lot of SPAM registrations where the USERNAME equals the NAME.

It was not clear from the description but my hope was that this forces compliance (form validation) during the registration process.

However, this plug-in, waits until the user is registered, activated, and logged-in, before it asks the user to edit their profile to meet the requirements you set.

It took me a while to figure out exactly how this worked since it didn't seem to work while I was registering. (As I falsely expected.)

So to sum up, this plug-in DOES NOT prevent a user from registering on the site. It merely prevents them from seeing anything on the site EXCEPT the profile edit page once they log-in (if they are not in compliance.)

It even prevents them from logging-out! They MUST get their profile in compliance before doing ANYTHING else on your site!

The developer is NOT kidding when he says FORCE complete profile! LOL!

Overall a very neat plug-in, but unfortunately, it doesn't prevent SPAMMERS from registering. (It just frustrates the heck out of them when they do!)