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Master User Plugin

This plugin for the Joomla CMS allows selected administrators to log into registered user accounts using their own administrator passwords.

Optionally this facility can be restricted to selected administrators only, or all administrators can be allowed to do this.

Since administrators use their own passwords these are encrypted and stored securely in the database as normal, so this should not compromise the security of your site. Additionally you can restrict the facility to selected IP addresses only. The plugin does not allow you to log in as another administrator.

This plugin works with the standard Joomla login and extensions that use this, and will also work with Community Builder if the Login Field Type is set to 'Username, email or enabled CMS authentication plugins'.

Our tests show that it works with other extensions such as the Virtuemart customer accounts as well - it should work with any extensions that support Joomla authentication plugins and the core Joomla user account.

The plugin is compatible with all versions of Joomla 2.5 and 3.

Upload and install using the Joomla installer. Enable it in the plugin manager. Either set the 'enable all administrators' parameters to yes, or list the ids of selected administrators as a comma separated list in the 'Master User Ids' input box. If you wish to restrict by IP address then list allowed IP addresses as a comma separated list.

Now, if you are an administrator you can log into your site as another user by supplying the username plus your own administrator password. As far as the site is concerned you will be that user.

********* News *****
Release 2.1.1 includes support for Joomla 2.5.18
Release, 2.1.0 now includes support for Joomla 3.2

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Reviews: 10
Thanks so much for making this plugin, and also making it free for use! It works wonderfully, and allows admins to access and change things as needed on our community systems. Thanks again!
Reviews: 4
We use this with our Joomla 3 & Community Builder site and we absolutely could not function without it!

Fantastic plugin - well done works exactly as expected, provided the CB configuration is set correctly as you say.
Reviews: 5
I give this an Average only because I am reading all of these other great reviews. The extension installed without a problem, and the settings are very straightforward, however I believe this is not working due to my use of Community Builder login. Having built with Drupal for many years, this is a feature I was really looking forward to using again.
Owner's reply

Hello, as we make clear in the description, the plugin will work with Community Builder if the login field type setting in the Community Builder configuration is set to 'Username, email or enabled CMS authentication plugins', otherwise it will not work - this is a limitation of the way that the community builder login system works, it is not a fault of the plugin. Giving the plugin a 3 star rating on the basis of this seems grossly unfair.

Reviews: 5
Wow... Simple and easy to use...

Install and enter your IP address and now you can log in as any user.

This is extremely useful for anyone using a Joomla site to sell subscription levels.

It helps you to deal with support queries like "I can't see my stuff when I log in"...

With this plugin, you can log in as that user ans fix their problem. Very useful! :)
Reviews: 7
Quick and easy. Just what I was looking for. Works without issues on J3.
Reviews: 3
I've been using this and it works flawlessly.

Made my job supporting users so much easier.
Reviews: 7
Simple, ingenious, it works correctly and is really very useful.
Reviews: 2
Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for putting this up. You might want to add the community builder login tidbit into your general instructions, but other than that it is fantastic.
Reviews: 9
This is very good extension for user support and quick auditing.

We use it on our cloned websites (rather than live websites) to prevent privacy issues and to protect the actual timing of user's login.
Reviews: 37
This is a plug in one will either use a lot for tech support, or occasionally and turn on the plugin when necessary, which is my case. I find it truly ingenious that someone can proxy another user simply by entering the Troubled-UserId and the Admin-Password (the steps that should have been in the install script). Great tool!
Reviews: 4
Great plugin . Working flawless.
Thanks to the developer. You saved me a lot of time tweaking virtuemart's code to enter in all users the same password.
Reviews: 4
Simple & does something that is really useful.
My one recommendation would be to add the ability to use the user's email address in addition to their username as the 'username'.
Since we're using emailasusername plugin, we just use email address for normal login process.
Reviews: 12
This is exactly what I was looking for in an addon.

It is working perfectly with Joomla 2.5.3. However, it does not work with Community Builder's login module which is perfectly fine. There are creative ways to have more than one login module. Joomla is fantastic about that. You can also hide the original Joomla Module or turn it off (if using CB) when it is not needed.

Thank you for making such a great plugin. It really helps an admin see ACL in action real time.
Owner's reply

Very glad to hear that you like the plugin. However please note that it does work with the Community Builder login, in CB you need to set the 'Login Field Type' option (on the congiuration->general tab) to 'Username, email or enabled CMS authentication plugins'. This enables CB to process Joomla authentication plugins as well as uing its own system of authentication.

Reviews: 7
If you admin a lot of sites, this makes it very easy to test stuff. Great job.
Reviews: 3
Makes life a great deal easier for admins with lots of users who claim to need help managing their own account.

Ingenious idea, well thought through in terms of available parameters. I had it downloaded, installed, configured and successfully tested in about two minutes. Many thanks for this plugin.
Reviews: 7
There are a few other login scripts on the JED. This is the best of them all. Look no further. Thanks for a great plugin.
Reviews: 4
Very useful plugin! Tested using this on our Community Builder and VirtueMart sites and it works great. Allows our site administrators to login as the members / subscribers / buyers and manage their account for them (some people just won't login and do it themselves!?).

Install is 2 files which I reviewed in detail, all looks safe and and secure to me. Can't go wrong following the directions above (on joomla extensions page). FYI - You will find the settings under Extensions / Plugin Manager as 'Authentication - Master User'.
Reviews: 8
It Works! I found it odd to be logged in using my admin password and another persons username. But, I was needed to access my customer's account in Virtuemart to manually place an order for them, and this plug-in simply did the job.

Masterpassword used to be my plug in of choice in this category, until it failed for some reason.
Reviews: 2
A very useful idea well implemented

Once I'd actual set the plugin up to allow my super admin account access to the plug-in it all worked like a dream. Our site uses JFusion as well to log into a VB forum, and this plug-in worked in conjunction with that which is exactly what we needed!

It was a slight pain to have to go through the virtual mart check out process to download
Reviews: 2
I installed this to help me test a site I am building as I needed to access the site with various authentication levels - this plugin was invaluable. It was easy to install and configure and worked out of the box.

I can will be keeping the plugin installed as it will also help admins fix user account issues when the site goes live.

Well done.

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