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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
ExtendedReg (ExtendedRegistration or ER) is an extremely powerful Joomla registration system that gives you total control of the user registration process. From simple custom fields to advanced multi-page registration process, ExtendedReg does it all.

Create as many registration forms as you like and collect different data for each form. When allowing users to update their data from the front end, they only see the fields that were available in the form they registered with at the time of registration (unless you add more of course).

Custom fields can be selected to display in user manager list
Each registration form you create for your site can be set to a new user group
Uninstall capability for Addons
New Statistics capability, allowing you to view how many people registered from the same IP
Ability to block IP addresses and IP Ranges from registering or logging into your site
ExtendedReg now recognizes most public proxy servers and gives admin the option to block access to users using these proxies
Easier Stats search feature
Easier GUI form builder

ExtendedReg Features:

Built-in CAPTCHA (Simple or Math Guard)
Accept Terms and Conditions
Custom Fields
Custom Field Categories
Single or Multi-Page (Multi-Step) registration forms
Age Verification
Replace any of Joomla default registration field with your own custom fields (This data will still go into Joomla's _users table)
Built in stats on user activity (login and log out times)
Ability to sort, display and view or delete inactive users within a given time period
Plugin system allowing easier integration for/by 3rd party developers and features added by jVitals
Fully customizable emails to users and admins as well as allowing admin emails to be sent to Super administrator or emails other than those found in you database
Blacklist usernames, emails and passwords you don't want to allow on your site
7 custom themes to choose from or let your Joomla template control it all
Full control of .js libraries for advances users
Full control of password strength. Allowing you to control what characters are and are not allowed in user passwords)
Complete control of redirects for before, during and after the registration process. You can even redirect your users to a custom page if they happen to fill in your registration form incorrectly)
The most powerful tool in ExtendedReg is the simplicity of creating custom forms. Simple right click, add rows, columns, steps, default or custom fields. You can even add an entire group of fields in one simple step.



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Reviews: 2
ExtendedReg does work as advertised but, getting support for sales (upgrading to next level questions) is next to non-existent. After several days and one user posting a module support question in my sales thread, "support" went straight out the window.

Apparently, the "support team" is unable to differentiate between users or even recognize that a sales question had been asked in their own sales forum.

I'll not be spending any money with nor recommending any product from jVitals.
Reviews: 3
The best extension for customization Registration. Excellent and fast developer support. System has a translation of pt-BR. 5 stars
Reviews: 3
Hazzaa just spent the past 5 hours with me troubleshooting a custom field validation issue that was plaguing me. I am so pleased with his persistence and dedication to resolve the issue. At first I thought the extension to be a little pricey but now after the support I just received I feel it is well justified. Thank you again!!
Reviews: 1
Extended Reg is a very well designed component that is easy to use and set-up, but provides many options for the advanced website designer. The custom fields are all stored in separate rows for each user - making custom access to the user DB fields quick and easy.

Customer support is great also.
Reviews: 5
Being a loyal Agora Forum user for years, I had no doubt ExtendedReg would meet my needs too, and it does, and goes way beyond that. It's very powerful. But what I really want to mention here is, once again, the awesome support from these guys. My knowledge is limited so I did some misconfigurations at first but my forum posts were answered instantly and within minutes I had it up and running. This is always the case with jVitals, their support blows me away all the time! You'll never regret spending money on their products, I highly recommend them to anyone! Best regards Peter
Reviews: 1
Great Extension and support is great, helped me get the extension working due to some jquery issues!
Reviews: 1
I really like extendreg - purchased the advanced bundle and it is a pretty comprehensive set of modules. The user interface is pretty easy to work with (being a novice), and I like the intuitiveness of the design.
Customer support is also really helpful, so I am less concerned about the subscription price, although by comparison it is a bit higher than most. However, the developers are pretty responsive and pleasant to deal with.

One thing that is a bit cumbersome is the update procedure - it would be nice in future versions to have things a bit more automated since the installation requires a specific sequence to the installation of com and mod files. The only other thing would be perhaps the ability to explicitly choose the form that fits with the task. The way it is set up now, the registration form and the profile form default to specific forms that is coded into the platform- and I had some problems initially because older versions of the forms were being picked than the ones I intended. Again, easily solved with good customer support. Have also suggested that future versions have the ability to batch assign forms to specific users, which would be a helpful addition to the module.

Thanks for a great product and support.

Feedback from users has been very positive and easy to work with
Reviews: 2
Let me start by saying that ExtendedReg is a well engineered extension that worked for me, bug free, right out of the box. It is a genuinely well considered add-on that delivers everything it promises.

My requirement was to register different users to different predetermined user groups, dependent on which entry point/form they used. In other words, multiple registration forms on a single site.

I followed the installation guidance on the website and right away I was able to set up forms and allocate them to user groups that I had already added to the ACL. The layout follows existing Joomla 3.x methodology so it was easy to work out how to set up all the parameters.

I re-assigned the login modules as per the user guide and, hey-presto, it worked seamlessly. I am delighted.

So why only four stars? Glad you asked. The purchase process is dire. There is no explanation of the pricing. What exactly am I getting for my $39? Is it a license? Is it for multiple sites? Will the license be automatically renewed? What support is included? None of this information is available and it only becomes clear that the fee is for a 180 day license at the end of the laborious purchase process.

The terms and conditions are hidden at the bottom of the page in the footer menu. I thought I had better give them a really good read before I pressed the final buy button.

I quote - "our feature list and live demo site are very representative of our software". I hope not - the front-end demo didn't work for me. The much needed trial version is non-existent. In the end I made a leap of faith based on the reviews here in the JED.

I'm glad I did. Great product. But if your hoping to be cosseted in the paternal hands of an immersive retail-therapy process - no, this is about as comforting as stepping into a cow pat with your bare foot on a frosty morning.
Owner's reply

Hi Go-rilla and thank you for the great review on ExtendedReg and what a great product it is. However...the rest of what you posted is so incorrect I had to comment about it.
1. The Terms and Conditions are not hidden at all. They are located in the registration process for you to accept or you would not be allowed to register. So you accepted the T & C during registration.
2. During your purchase, on the final page "Confirmation Page" there is a link directly above the "Finish" button stating "By clicking on 'Finish' button you agree with our terms & conditions". With a link to the T & C just in case you missed it during registration
3. It IS located in the footer of every page for anyone that missed it during registration and during the purchase process.
So I really don't know how many other places you would like us to have it.
4. During the purchase process, there is also the License of 180 Days with a tool tip explaining you are not limited to use the extension for as long as you like and on as many sites as you like. The 180 days is for support and updates.
With that said, I think you just chose to find the hardest way possible to find your information before making your purchase ;-)

Reviews: 2
Strongly recommend this extension. So powerful and so good!!!
Reviews: 8
Worked out of the box, simple to configure - when i had an issue that needed dealing with the support was patient and helpful, even though the issue was with my template
Reviews: 2
I bought a component which consist to create groups of users and assign to each one certain features, in my case created two, one for sellers and one for users.

I needed a register component that would create two forms and than each form assigned to the registered users to one of the groups created, one form for the sellers automatically assign them to the group of sellers, and another form for users which would assign to the Users group.

This component do that and simplified my work. Now I don't have to review each registered user and assign manualy their groups.

Forgive my english but is not my native laguaje :P
Reviews: 1
My Requirements:
-- A customised registration form / user profile (Native Joomla registration extension is not that customisable)
-- Extension must be able to register users automatically and users must be able to activate their account via a link sent by e-mail

I Tried other extensions which gave the customised form capability but without the ability for users to automatically be registered.

ExtendedReg gave me 100% what I required and in my opinion is a superb extension. Support on their forum is also excellent and very fast. I have tested this extension with success in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE.

I would recommend this extension to anyone with the same requirements, you will definitely get your money's worth.

-- Use the CAPTCHA that is supplied with ExtendedReg, I had some trouble with SecurImage 3.0.1 on Chrome, Safari and Opera.
-- Also, enable the jVFixScript plugin that is installed with the ExtendedReg extension.
Reviews: 4
I've used extendedreg for a couple of years now, and I like the fact it does as little or as much as I want it to. Originally I just wanted to add one custom field to my registration process and it was the most straightforward way to do that. Now I'm using it for multiple forms and making use of a few of the add ons. I've used it on j1.5 and 2.5 and can't remember any problems.
Reviews: 19
Its just a j! Form component, demo look good but its just a form component that other form component can do.witha a proper form component you can do more than than. Value for money? Its expensive!
Reviews: 1
The product is very good and the support forum excellent. The only thing I miss is some online documentation as some things are not self explanatory. There are some tutorials and the majority of info can be obtained from the component itself, but sometimes it is not enough.
The component however enables you to extend the registration process to new limits and is a very good thing to buy if you need such things.
Reviews: 3
It is very difficult to judge which is better, the Software or the Support, i decide both are excellent.

Reviews: 9
It does what they say it should do and far more than that. Perhaps not the most easy to use if you want full advantage of all the possibilities, but there's always the quick and adequate support to help you get on.
This product makes complicated websites possible!
Reviews: 2
I was looking for an extension that could help me configure a rather extensive registration process, including several registration forms, assigning of specific groups based on field values. I have spent an immense amount of time looking for a product that could meet the need, and I feel that Extendedreg is without doubt the best and comprehensive extension available. I also needed to integrate my registration info with a forum product, so combining Extendedreg with Agora Pro was the perfect choice. The support from the developer is outstanding in my opinion. Very prompt and detailed, they genuinely care about helping you solve your problems. Especially when you identify a bug or error, instead of just getting a "we will fix in next release" reply, they provide you with a temp. solution editing the core files, so you can proceed, this saves a ton of time in the development process. I will definitely recommend this product. Great work.
Reviews: 6
We use Virtuemart 2.0.10 on Joomla 2.5.6.
We also use the Flexible Web Design shopping cart theme and Istraxx UPS shipping module. Everything was working exactly as we wanted when we added ExtendedReg. It was our hope to use this as a way to assign new users to particular shopping groups, thereby facilitating discounts for that group.
After we installed and configured ER, the shopping cart changed from automatically selecting the one and only one UPS real time quoting system and the PayPal plug-in, which were configured to be automatically selected, to now forcing the user to select each choice.
I submitted a support request 3 days ago, but have not heard a reply.
This product may eventually do what we paid $100.00 for it to do, but the support leaves much to be desired.
Owner's reply

Hi johnlanglois and thank you for your review. Your 3 days was actually 2 over the weekend. Monday morning we responded to your support question. After working with you and spending several hours on your site, you determined that the issue you were having existed before you even installed ExtendedReg and was a misconfiguration on your part of the shopping cart and a 3rd party plugin. Though we do appreciate ALL feed back, good or bad, I think a fair assessment of the ExtendedReg is only fair.

Reviews: 5
The extension is extremely handy when using login/logout functions and hide show menu's.... but thats not all. far from..... the best part still has to come... It's extreme user friendly. Well developed and extreme FAST support. (yesterday I got response before I even asked!!)

Thumbs up for this!!!
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