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  • This extension requires registration to download.
ExtendedReg (ExtendedRegistration or ER) is an extremely powerful Joomla registration system that gives you total control of the user registration process. From simple custom fields to advanced multi-page registration process, ExtendedReg does it all.

Create as many registration forms as you like and collect different data for each form. When allowing users to update their data from the front end, they only see the fields that were available in the form they registered with at the time of registration (unless you add more of course).

Custom fields can be selected to display in user manager list
Each registration form you create for your site can be set to a new user group
Uninstall capability for Addons
New Statistics capability, allowing you to view how many people registered from the same IP
Ability to block IP addresses and IP Ranges from registering or logging into your site
ExtendedReg now recognizes most public proxy servers and gives admin the option to block access to users using these proxies
Easier Stats search feature
Easier GUI form builder

ExtendedReg Features:

Built-in CAPTCHA (Simple or Math Guard)
Accept Terms and Conditions
Custom Fields
Custom Field Categories
Single or Multi-Page (Multi-Step) registration forms
Age Verification
Replace any of Joomla default registration field with your own custom fields (This data will still go into Joomla's _users table)
Built in stats on user activity (login and log out times)
Ability to sort, display and view or delete inactive users within a given time period
Plugin system allowing easier integration for/by 3rd party developers and features added by jVitals
Fully customizable emails to users and admins as well as allowing admin emails to be sent to Super administrator or emails other than those found in you database
Blacklist usernames, emails and passwords you don't want to allow on your site
7 custom themes to choose from or let your Joomla template control it all
Full control of .js libraries for advances users
Full control of password strength. Allowing you to control what characters are and are not allowed in user passwords)
Complete control of redirects for before, during and after the registration process. You can even redirect your users to a custom page if they happen to fill in your registration form incorrectly)
The most powerful tool in ExtendedReg is the simplicity of creating custom forms. Simple right click, add rows, columns, steps, default or custom fields. You can even add an entire group of fields in one simple step.



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Reviews: 4
If you get a reasonable number of modules the cost of support runs about $100 for six month. For that kind of cash I expect to at least get decent documentation. The ExtendedPages module has NO document AT ALL.

Yes, the knowledge base available through the forum is extensive, but you better know exactly how to phrase your search. And you should also know some basic PHP and MySQL.

It's good, but it's not easy.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feed back. Unfortunately none of your review is very accurate. Extendedreg DOES have complete documentation. Extendedpages is documented directly in the admin panel. It requires absolutely no php or MySQL from the user part.
It does give you the ability to modify the HTML output to better suite your needs

Reviews: 1
Very pleased with the product, works as expected. Installed easily, and worked right off the bat. Excellent support in the forum as well!
Reviews: 9
This component absolutely rocks!

Excellent support, even with the smallest of things !
Just great!
keep up the good work !

Thanks !
Reviews: 8
Well done - works a treat, easy to use and support was quick and helpful!
Reviews: 5
This extension is comes with many features needed in customizing and controlling user registration. A huge plus is it writes directly to the Joomla user tables, so no need to constantly make sure your users are in sync with the component. You can create custom fields and add them to the registration process, and send multiple emails for each step of the registration process. Another plus is the ability to assign email addresses to the registration process, so if you have distribution lists this comes in really handy. If a full community extension like CB or JomSocial is overkill for your site, but you need a more complete and customizable registration solution with statistics, extra fields, and statistics, definitely get this extension. Very easy to use and install, even for beginners.
Reviews: 1
Is is a very good extension and maybe the only component with this capability now for Joomla 2.5.
Also great support.Some functions would be improved and added to be a perfect Software. Only one lack: we are still waiting the support to manage the Email sent to user for multi-language website. This actually cannot be handle.
Reviews: 2
We have now used this extension for more that 6 months and can recommend this product to everybody who needs a bit more from their member registration than just a username and a password.

We have successfully moved 30000+ member from another system (with the help of Hazzaa and his team) and am extremely happy. Updates and enhancements are release regularly and they also provide ad-hoc enhancements for a few.

Overall, this is a fantastic product and they provide great support
Highly recommended
Reviews: 5
I needed to extend and customise the registration process with Joomla websites for clients. This is an invaluable tool if you need to collect and manage user data properly.

Joomla continues to request simple data fields and the latest 2.5 does a poor job with a plugin to enable extra fields, that can't be customised. In comes ExtendedReg and what a job it does!

Extremely robust, reliable and effective. Minor issues on one site which was down to permissions but otherwise works absolute fantastically.

I use this on any joomla websites which require user management / memberships.

Reviews: 1
ER did exactly what I needed it to do. As a novice to Joomla and a non coder I need some support and JVitals support was quick and excellent. This component is a must have for many sites - I can't believe how easy it's made my reg process.
Thanks guys!
Reviews: 2
I always wondered if it was real people posting in these comment sections, or the creator of the extension padding their good name. I will attest that, when it comes to ExtendedReg, the comments about their quick and helpful customer service are 100% true, and exemplary. I am CONFIDENT in installing this product on my portal website because I know if I run into a snag I can get immediate assistance from their forum. Good work jVitals. REALLY.
Reviews: 6
I must say that I have used extendedreg on a couple of sites and it is in a very good extension.

It has a shortfall though and that is:

When you create more than one user profile with more than one login the redirect will go to the Default login. This means that.. If you have buyers and sellers and the buyer login is the default profile, sellers could be redirected to the buyers registration form.

This is an inherent flaw and what bugs me is that the support team quoted me $125 to fix something that should not have been broken to start with.

Unacceptable. :-(
Reviews: 3
The extension itself is fantastic and allows you to do many useful things you can't do with the default Joomla package. But, for me, the greatest thing is the support - very prompt, very thorough, and they never make me feel like an idiot, even when I am being one!
Reviews: 2
I was searching for a long time for such a solution and found it in ExtendedReg + Virtuemart-Integrator. Everything works perfekt and it's easy to manage (also for a Newbe like me). Great job - well done, thank you !
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a component to collect information about the users and export them as csv file. and this extension did exactly what I wanted. I like it and I will recommend it for all.
Reviews: 7
If you need to get a little more info about your users but are unwilling to spend days configuring a form extension and don't want the code bloat of a fully fledged membership extension then ExtendedReg is definitely what you need.

An awesome extension is useless though without good support so I'm happy to say the support is exemplary.

Thanks ExtendedReg, keep up the great work :)
Reviews: 31
This has to be one of THE best extensions I have ever used, and truly worth the price. It works beautifully straight out of the box, looks great and works very smoothly. Love the different spam solutions too!

But what I love most about this is the ease of implementing a registration form which assigns users to a specific user group automatically - which is something Joomla 2.5 core registration tool strangely doesn't feature. This extension made it so unbelievably easy and effortless.

Well done to the developers, and a huge thank you for saving me so much misery!
Reviews: 2
One of the most useful extension. Works great and support is TREMENDOUS.
Thank you
Reviews: 5
It's mind boggling to me why Joomla does have certain field in core Registration, such as First name, Last Name etc... As a humble businessman, it is crucial to capture some intelligence from your clients during sign up! This component will give you (or your clients) the ability to do just that! You can capture whatever you want, cell phone numbers, age etc... Make your registration process work for you. Fantastic tool, I took the time to set-it up on my site...Wow! Now I am gathering the info I dream of...Thank You so much.
Reviews: 8
ER did exactly what I needed it to do. As a novice to Joomla and a non coder I need some support and JVitals support was quick and excellent. This component is a must have for many sites - I can't believe how easy it's made my reg process.
Thanks guys!
Reviews: 2
I have been using the ExtendedReg component now for well over a year. I truly can't express how much additional functionality ExtendedReg brings to Joomla and how anyone that uses Joomla needs to have this component in their arsenal.

The ability to take control of your user registrations, customize and build a true "online application" for membership registrations, and over-all functionality that is brought forth for user management, ExtendedReg does all this and more. My organization would not be where it is now without the services provided by JVitals and the amazing line-up of other add-ons they provide. My organization is to the point that when we build any Joomla website, several of the items provided by JVitals are on our "required" list of add-ons to install first up.

I have to also mention their support department as well, since it is just amazing. Every time we have ever had any issues with ExtendedReg (or any of their other add-ons for that matter), their support department has always followed up very quickly and always get the problem solved. They are very quick to respond to all support requests submitted in the forms, and as always, they are courteous and professional with all their responses.

I don't talk highly of companies very often, but JVitals has gone above and beyond the expectations for the needs of my organization time and time again, and the best way I could demonstrate my thanks is to share my experience with everyone else. I could not give JVitals any higher recommendation, get ExtendedReg, you won't regret it!
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