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  • This extension requires registration to download.
ExtendedReg (ExtendedRegistration or ER) is an extremely powerful Joomla registration system that gives you total control of the user registration process. From simple custom fields to advanced multi-page registration process, ExtendedReg does it all.

Create as many registration forms as you like and collect different data for each form. When allowing users to update their data from the front end, they only see the fields that were available in the form they registered with at the time of registration (unless you add more of course).

Custom fields can be selected to display in user manager list
Each registration form you create for your site can be set to a new user group
Uninstall capability for Addons
New Statistics capability, allowing you to view how many people registered from the same IP
Ability to block IP addresses and IP Ranges from registering or logging into your site
ExtendedReg now recognizes most public proxy servers and gives admin the option to block access to users using these proxies
Easier Stats search feature
Easier GUI form builder

ExtendedReg Features:

Built-in CAPTCHA (Simple or Math Guard)
Accept Terms and Conditions
Custom Fields
Custom Field Categories
Single or Multi-Page (Multi-Step) registration forms
Age Verification
Replace any of Joomla default registration field with your own custom fields (This data will still go into Joomla's _users table)
Built in stats on user activity (login and log out times)
Ability to sort, display and view or delete inactive users within a given time period
Plugin system allowing easier integration for/by 3rd party developers and features added by jVitals
Fully customizable emails to users and admins as well as allowing admin emails to be sent to Super administrator or emails other than those found in you database
Blacklist usernames, emails and passwords you don't want to allow on your site
7 custom themes to choose from or let your Joomla template control it all
Full control of .js libraries for advances users
Full control of password strength. Allowing you to control what characters are and are not allowed in user passwords)
Complete control of redirects for before, during and after the registration process. You can even redirect your users to a custom page if they happen to fill in your registration form incorrectly)
The most powerful tool in ExtendedReg is the simplicity of creating custom forms. Simple right click, add rows, columns, steps, default or custom fields. You can even add an entire group of fields in one simple step.



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Reviews: 5
A lot of work has gone into this component. It is feature-rich, and simple to setup. Their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful if you have any questions, they even stayed late one night to help me resolve an issue.

Joomla's frustrating lack of native user registration extension is solved by this wonderful component.

Some of the included plugins might cause your site's speed to take a hit, but this is addressed in their forums.

An excellent choice for registration extension.
Reviews: 1
Spent too much time trying to style this component to match my site. It was a headache. Couldn't get my questions answered. Customer service was not helpful.
Owner's reply

Hi Austin and thank you for your review. However you did forget to mention that your subscription for support and updates was expired by 2 months at the time you came to us for help.

Reviews: 15
An excellent extension to manage registration forms and users. Integrates perfectly in to other extensions and if you need any form of custom fields on your registration forms, then this is the extension of choice by far! Keep up the good work folk!
Reviews: 1
This component is easy to install and configure. I am somewhat of a Joomla novice (about a month or so of working with Joomla). Thus far (couple of weeks) I only have a couple of complaints with the component, which I hope jVitals is already addressing: (1) the redirect URL after logging in does not have the option of staying on the current page; (2) the Admin module does not note which form the registrant used nor the group to which the registrant would be included if registration was allowed; (3) the popup form that is displayed from the admin module is ugly and appears not to be configurable -- further it displays all custom fields and not just those from the form that was used during registration.
Reviews: 1
Our company recently bought it, to use it on an education site -project, which requires a complex registration form and process.

E.reg have it all: multiple forms on multiple pages, with multiple types of custom fields, also field groups and verifying system.
Form layout designer with drop-down method (which is an awesome idea!)
The activation re-send and password reset features are also nice, along the email-variables.
It comes in a pack with modules.

We've reported some bugs in the verifying system with custom fields (integers), and in the dropdown form builder.
Also, the CSS class-system could be more deep, for the possibility of detailed customization / "theming".

They dont have a member ticket-system (yet), only forum+email, but we got an issue, and they replied fast and the problem was solved. (thx Hazaa)

Very professional, not flawless, but near to it, totally worth its price.

Recommended and big five!
Keep up the good work, and make it unbeatable! :)
Reviews: 1
This is my first review on any extension and would gladly recommend this, not just for the extension itself but also for the excellent support that comes with it. If it was not for Hazzaa :-) the client's website would not be able to launch in few days to come at all, as the main client's requirement was to have Register/Login. So I strongly recommend this as it does what it says. Thank you Hazzaa :-) Keep up the good work!!!
Reviews: 2
Does the job very well but is lacking some functions that are already planned for future releases. Every single problem i'v had was adressed from the exceptional support. Well done.
Reviews: 7
I had a problem with the extension - less than two hours after my first post, the problem was successfully solved by Hazzaa!

Incredible support, and great features! Don't hesitate a second!
Reviews: 6
This was the extension I was looking for, seems at first that there wasn't the features I needed, but the support is excellent! and I won't have to wait much longer to have full controle of it. Thanks Hazzaa !
Reviews: 3
Hazzaa has made one fine addition to my core stable of Joomla components. Its really the best solution for custom registration forms and his support after the sale has been the best I have experienced. The one suggestion would be to keep improving the Tutorials area to address common issues.
Reviews: 1
but the assistance it's...amazing! I use this component in a site already made by someone else and at the beginnig was not easy to me understand everything. But every time i posted something in the forum they reply to me in a few minute though my english was not so good (you can see it in this review) and thoug i wasn't very kind.

Really thanks to ExtendedReg and to Hazza!
Reviews: 2
The new version of the component installed easily and the configuration was easy to handle. The few issues I had were answered by tech support in a prompt manner. We are very pleased with the addition to our website and will be using other extensions from this company.
Reviews: 2
Very flexible extension with many options to customize the registration process and an excellent support team - very quick responses. Highly recommend!
Reviews: 3
I am loving this extension. I had a slight problem loading it but with a very fast response from support I was up in running within an hour.

Great product and fast quality support.
What else can you ask for?
Reviews: 1
i am relative noob to joomla but this product and the support provided by the team was/is great.

with every product there is always a little learning curve the support team was always there to give a hand and in on one occassion fix the issue within 30 minutes!!!

keep up the good work guys!!!
Reviews: 5
Great component for Customizing the registration process
Nothing else out there like it
Had a small issue with the update.....contacted support and it was fixed in minutes!

Just what I was Looking For!
Reviews: 4
Was looking for an extn that would let me add custom fields to the registration form.

Had a problem due to me removing a required name field, support answer came back within an hour :)

Works well.
Reviews: 4
The extension didn't work at first but the Support helped me out very quickly and that's why I give 5 Stars anyway because the Support is the best I have experienced yet with a commercial joomla extension.
Reviews: 2
This is what I was ever looking for, a comprehensive registration component which make you independent to components like Community Builder (just in regards of registration form) and etc. The support team is huge... It is exaggeration to say it is realtime but IMO it is not less... I just wished it could make a little improvement on the Joomla's access control, but it is unrelated as the solution should hack the joomla's core like sections/categories... Thanks jVitals.
Reviews: 2
as per review title i installed the extension followin the perfect intsallation instructions and it works fine...perfect and quick support for suggestions in order to adapt the extension at my website...
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