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  • This extension requires registration to download.
ExtendedReg (ExtendedRegistration or ER) is an extremely powerful Joomla registration system that gives you total control of the user registration process. From simple custom fields to advanced multi-page registration process, ExtendedReg does it all.

Create as many registration forms as you like and collect different data for each form. When allowing users to update their data from the front end, they only see the fields that were available in the form they registered with at the time of registration (unless you add more of course).

Custom fields can be selected to display in user manager list
Each registration form you create for your site can be set to a new user group
Uninstall capability for Addons
New Statistics capability, allowing you to view how many people registered from the same IP
Ability to block IP addresses and IP Ranges from registering or logging into your site
ExtendedReg now recognizes most public proxy servers and gives admin the option to block access to users using these proxies
Easier Stats search feature
Easier GUI form builder

ExtendedReg Features:

Built-in CAPTCHA (Simple or Math Guard)
Accept Terms and Conditions
Custom Fields
Custom Field Categories
Single or Multi-Page (Multi-Step) registration forms
Age Verification
Replace any of Joomla default registration field with your own custom fields (This data will still go into Joomla's _users table)
Built in stats on user activity (login and log out times)
Ability to sort, display and view or delete inactive users within a given time period
Plugin system allowing easier integration for/by 3rd party developers and features added by jVitals
Fully customizable emails to users and admins as well as allowing admin emails to be sent to Super administrator or emails other than those found in you database
Blacklist usernames, emails and passwords you don't want to allow on your site
7 custom themes to choose from or let your Joomla template control it all
Full control of .js libraries for advances users
Full control of password strength. Allowing you to control what characters are and are not allowed in user passwords)
Complete control of redirects for before, during and after the registration process. You can even redirect your users to a custom page if they happen to fill in your registration form incorrectly)
The most powerful tool in ExtendedReg is the simplicity of creating custom forms. Simple right click, add rows, columns, steps, default or custom fields. You can even add an entire group of fields in one simple step.



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Reviews: 14
This is a great extension and for the people this extension works for is a testament to the developers. Unfortunately this extension is not compatible with Acesef, for this reason we have had to bin ExtendedReg and write off the purchase price. We did contact their support and they identified that the problem was a compatibity issue between the two extensions. We could not give this extension any more than 3 stars for this exact reason. This is the only extension we know of that is not compatible with Acesef. Perhaps the developers of ExtendedReg should compile a list of incompatible extensions before anyon else looses money, which in my language is VOODOO.
Reviews: 1
This would be a wonderful product except that the Capcha contains MANY sexually explicit words. I cannot list them because of their nature. I can edit them out of the language file, which I did, but this is time-consuming. I am just glad I found these before my client did. Why even do this?
Reviews: 3
Though it takes some time and I did encounter some problems, The suupot team were very helpful and cooperative.
I do recommend this component as it does the work very well.
Still I think it will mature in the near future...
Reviews: 9
This is a very useful component, providing a relatively easy way to customise the information gathered from users as they register. I particularly like the ability to have registrants accept the site's T&Cs during the account creation process.

The developer is responsive to any support queries via a forum and is actively improving the product based on feedback. Yes, it's a commercial product but, quite honestly, not a lot for what you are getting.
Reviews: 6
I was very keen to get this extension in the aparent absence of anything else that could provide a simple way of adding an extra couple of fields rather than hacking the core files. If took me a while to get it working, probably my fault for being a beginer. Overall it does what it says it does but I dont think the implementation is very clean. It appears to overide some global configurations settings and I have yet to find a way of styling the log in box. Its documentation is poor for a commercial product.
Reviews: 1
Extension is easy to install and configure. Enough option exist to allow quiet a bit of flexibility.

Documentation covers the basics well, but is not extensive, however this is addressed with very prompt and helpful support.

Well worth the investment, if you need more than the standard joomla registration (such as capturing some info).
Reviews: 2
I really like this component, best (only) one out there. Should really be a standard/inbuilt Joomla component since it's so useful!

Well worth its money for what you get, now you can organize your customers(?), users(?) etc.. very simple.

Also has alot of language-files, and very easy to translate!

Recommend it to everyone as a must have!

Reviews: 1
The extension was simple and easy to install.

Initially though I found the extension hard to customise. While I am a PHP developer, I blame this on my relative lack of in-depth Joomla knowledge.

Any questions I had though were fairly promptly answered on the extendedreg forums. I was having a particular problem with an element of the extension and didn't seem to be able to get the help I needed on the forum. After this the developer skyped me personally and walked through fixing the problem until it was resolved and was very helpful in getting it fixed.

The developer said that in the next edition there would be a fix for the problem I was having.

I'm quite happy with this purchase and would consider buying other extensions from jvitals in the future.
Reviews: 8
I wanted to add phone number field to my registration page without having to use a community type product. The additional fields like age confirmation may come in handy too at some point. I recommend it!
Reviews: 8
As a very junior Joomla novice, I just have to praise the ease of use this product gave. When my lack of experience or knowledge let me down, Hazzaa and his merry men on the support forum soon put me on the straight and narrow! It's the first extension that I have ever purchased, but absolutely worth its cash.
Reviews: 2
This is a great product. The latest version 1.0.3 works really well and does exactly what is promised. Support is great as well, fast and efficient. Well worth the $29.
Reviews: 7
This extension solved a time consuming task for me! I do have to say they need more information about the product and what it is capable of - as I basically took a leap of faith when I purchased it. But I can say after using it and asking for support - Hazzaa and team were right on top of it and addressed my questions straight away! I am extremely pleased. You won't be sorry if you purchase this extension. It is perfect if you need additional information upfront from the user when registering. Saves you a TON of time and effort! And it is very simple to use!
Reviews: 2
Having gone through the gamut of registration tools I have a good knowledge of available technologies.

The folks at JVitals have once again raised the bar on "cool" and "useful" - previously with agora now with this.

I found it to be easy to use, very powerful and quite frankly likely will find its way into our next product release website!

Good work!
Reviews: 1
I am impressed - what can I say? The developer support is excellent and fast with concise answers.
The product is quite straight forward to use and does not oversell what it is from a capability perspective. Worth every dollar (Not expensive) Thankyou Hazzaa
Reviews: 3
I have been looking for a simple way to extend the user registration for ages. All I wanted to achieve was to have additional information about the people who are registering on the site and to be able to approve the registration; simple...not so.

My current solution was a mix of mods and coms using Chronoforms to create the form and handle the registration and xiadminapprove for the approval part. It took ages to get right and although there is more flexibility with Chronoforms to create the form just how you want it is a long process if all you want is to capture an address for your prospective users!

So on the the extension...Its in early stages so I expect this will go from being excellent to being THE extension for user registration on J1.5. So far I have tested its functions and can say it just works as it says. But the most important thing is its simple and quick.

I know its a paid extension but hey the price is less than a few beers and the time it saves is well worth it.

Unzip the files locally and install using Joomlas install system. Set up the parameters and use the modules supplied instead of the Joomla ones and basically thats it. Ensure you have the plugin enabled! Add an extra field and its added to the registration form...add another and thats added to the end...change order and use different types of entry types such as text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons etc and hey presto it all works.

Each email that is sent to the user is easily changed to make your site more user friendly.

The extra data is stored separately on the database and can easily be viewed using the extended user view which is identical to the Joomla view but has all the extra information relating to your extra fields.

I have suggested a couple of improvements and must say the response was almost instant! They tell me they will include these improvments soon so watch this space.

These are:

Ability to select a landing page once the user confirms the email address
The ability to export the user details to a csv file or similar

I hope this helps and really cannot praise this highly enough.

No need to register on their site to buy...just select what you want, checkout and you get an email with the extension attached minutes later!

Great job!

Mark at GoHost4U
Reviews: 1
I just got this extension for my site but so far so good. I was a little weary of getting a brand new extension but my site was riddled with spammers and fake accounts so I had to do something. I’m glad I took the risk. Extended registration was easy to install and configure and it definitely gives me much more control over who to approve and who not to allow access to my site. I feel comfortable recommending this extension to others who want more control over their Joomla user base.
Reviews: 1
I can't say enough good things about this extension. It's easy to configure and use, everything is labeled very clearly and the amount of available features is second to none.

I especially like all the auto responders that you can setup for new accounts and also that I can see the IP address of the person registering so I can pre-screen their location for possible spam hot spots.

This extension is something Joomla core should of had all along. Definitely worth the cost of the license. Thank you J-Vitals!
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