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HOT Login Plugin

HOT Login stands for Hidden On Top Login.
This plugin "moves" the login module on the top in a hidden window which scroll down when you click on its tab.

If you need support open a new thread on my support forum

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Reviews: 2
I have used this extension in most of my sites. I must say it is amazing.

It fits right on the top of the page without obstructing the menus. I had to do some adjustments (on the css) to make the input boxes fit to the login column though.

I highly recommend this extension for anybody looking for a non-obstructive login extension.
Reviews: 1
This login plugin worked perfectly from the first try. Easy to customize and exactly what I was looking for.
Reviews: 4
It doesn't get any easier than this. And it works! Just like that and inside a non-joomla template created in Artisteer. Awesome plug in.
Reviews: 2
This is extension is easy to install.
Just install and publish plugin.
Few seconds later you login module is at the top of the website, hidden through a dropdown.

Better then the most JQuery dropdown login module you destroys the website.
Reviews: 1
Works Great... The plugin conserves page space - and provides a modern loon
Reviews: 1
This is a great plugin! Great looking, very functional, customisable and easy to setup. Also the support on EmmeAlfa forum is very good!! My recommendations, because we are using it for several years now.
Reviews: 6
Worked straight out of the box! no issues, simply perfect! Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 4
I have been playing with Joomla for sum years now, from 1.5 2.5 and now 3.1. HotLogin is the best extension I have ever used it always works no trouble at all.
Reviews: 3
As I say in the title of my review, this extension is interesting, but the code used is really not clean.
Style tags are inside html code instead the css file... for that, customization is not as intuitive as it should be.
Thank improve it
Owner's reply

There isn't any style tag in my plugin. HOTLogin wrap the mod_login code, which is not included in it. So you're probably having trouble with the login module, not with the plugin itselfs.
Anyway, try the support forum.

Reviews: 3
Very nice plugin. Easy to use and very beautiful. Thank you
Reviews: 2
Well done! This is a nifty module, it works great on my site and saves a lot of space
Reviews: 18
A very needed module to my site.. I wanted a hidden log in area and this plugin just does that! recommended to any one who is looking for a clean front end log in. and it's stylish. Thank you
Reviews: 4
Does what is says on the Tin, beautiful work, TIP! read the FAQ before enabling, simple and elegant, would recommend anytime
Reviews: 1
It's a perfect extension and saves a lot of time. I'd indeed like recommend it as it worth it..
I've a problem however whenever i do login/logout it redirects me to home article instead of root(home). On the other hand if i do the same thing using the login module disabling the plugin the module works fine.
Reviews: 5
Brilliant plugin, messed around for ages trying to make site login and logout user friendly. Standard joomla and k2 login modules cumbersome and take up valuable room on the website. Installed this, worked perfectly straight away - easy to style to make it look really good and moves around with the page so user can always do a one click login or logout. No need to contact developer for support as worked easily after reading 5 lines of instructions. A big thumbs up, will definitely be using it on every site that requires login from now on!
Reviews: 37
I had just tried another login and it didn't work but this one, easy and apple pie! Thank you for a cool little login!
Reviews: 1
Used this in 1.5 and now in 2.5,im just amazed.I will recommend it always.Thanks
Reviews: 2
Very good plugin. Easy to set up, and works as it should. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 3
Very nice extension. Thank you so much for making an easy-to-install-and-use extension! I had issues with getting the module override to work but that's only because I was putting the module name for my CB Login when I shouldn't have been.

Thanks again!
Reviews: 5
This is exactly what I was looking for and I was able to easily updated the CSS to fit my site. Thanks for the plugin.
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