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HOT Login Plugin

HOT Login stands for Hidden On Top Login.
This plugin "moves" the login module on the top in a hidden window which scroll down when you click on its tab.

If you need support open a new thread on my support forum

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Reviews: 1
I wanted my login on the top-right of the page, but with a fairly small company logo, the login was dominating the header area (and looking terrible). This plugin neatly tucks the login prompt away, and overlays it on the site, rather than pushing everything else down. Great job!
Reviews: 13
I've tried so many of these types of widgets and they never work... to the point that I'm sort of surprised that I even tried this one. It works, and it works real smooth :). Thank you for the awesomeness Alessandro!
Reviews: 6
Love this login - It's SO easy to use. Fit's in easily with your site design (neatly tucked away - yet easy to see)
My no 1 choice when I need to use a login.
Well done!
Reviews: 1
This is a highly recommended plugin. It spices up the look on my site and is easy to use.

I want to see more of this genius work :-)
Reviews: 3
I love this plug saved me an extra space taking my modules on my site. highly recommended!!! i love it. definitely hot!
Reviews: 17
Very powerful plugin! Thank you!
Reviews: 16
This plugin just works I spend three days finding a simple dropdown login, I paid money and wasted my time messing about trying to make any of them work, then I stumbled on this superb plugin, its easy to stylise its easy to redesign the png images, it overal fantastic, and wait for it its free?
Reviews: 2
A great job, thank you !

This plugin is also compatible with Kunena Login.

There are only some problems with the French translation (the accents are not included).

(Sorry for my English)
Reviews: 4
Excellent plugin.

FAQ on the developers website are very worth reading and there's also a forum.

I had to delete the existing LOGIN script from the CSS template I use in order to make it work correctly.
Reviews: 4
I have tried many login form and I can say that this is without doubt the best.
But lacks the possibility to send data securely.

I hope there is not any advertisement code hidden or encrypted because because this plugin is very good.
Reviews: 1
I have a personal website and this was a great fit for my site. The installation was extremely easy and is working as designed. I've been using Joomla for about 2 years, it's modules like this that make me keep using it. Thanks
Reviews: 3
I was looking for a popup solution for cb login and this plugin is perfect for third-party login modules too.
Great plugin!
Reviews: 1
Works perfect on my site, just installed it, enabled it and told it what module to override.
Reviews: 1
very esthetical Login-plugin to save place on your webpage.
Very quick and efficient support from the develpper.
Thanks a lot !
Reviews: 4
After trying to mod the default login module to look good on the site I'm working on, I decided to give someone else's work a shot. This plugin is amazing! Up and running (and reconfigured!) within minutes.

Now if only I can figure out a way to make my horizontal user menu match the tab design, this site will reach a new level of awesome!
Reviews: 1
Easy to config and change images, if intrest i could contribute whit some templates. plz contact me if so! Kind Regards
Reviews: 1
Cracking little script. Does exactly what it says.

May I suggest one thing though? Within the tmpl/default.php you need to make a couple of minor changes to make it validate correctly. Firstly change a few tags and attributes to lowercase (namely SPAN and ID) and then also add the 'type' attribute to the script tag which deals with the horizontal offset ... then the script will not break anyone's HTML validity.

Apart from that, it's well done.
Reviews: 4
you did a great work but please tell us how can we customize the opened box colors and size as if the email is long letters then will not appear in the box
Owner's reply

Thank you for review.
On my support forum there is all you need. Even the customization! Take a tour!

Reviews: 3
This is a brilliant add on. Works very well on my site! Cheers!
Reviews: 6
Love it!

There was absolutely nothing to it; I installed the module, went to the plugin manager and enabled it.

At first, it was only showing on the home page, but as soon as I went into the login module and enabled visibility on all pages, that problem was solved.

Kudos to the developer(s) of this module. As a newbie to building websites, it's exactly what I needed... something simple! Methinks I'll use it on every site I create. Oh, and thanks for making it free.
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