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The Login Register Module is pretty much a copy of the default Joomla Mod_login Module and the Joomla user registration page. The Benefit of using this module is that it uses Jquery and enables both Login and registration from a module itself without having user to go the registration page. The module uses Jquery and uses Jquery NoConflict tag to make sure it's compatible with other Libraries running on your site.

Improved in v1.5.1
* Added option to choose the default view. either login or register
* Added Joomla 1.6 compatibility
* Added option to disable login and display only registration into the module.
* Fixed Language file Issue
* Added nl-NL (Dutch) Translation
* Added ar-DZ Arabic Translation
* Added cs-CZ Czech Translation
* Added mn-MN Mongolian Translation
* Added sv-SE Swedish Translation
Improved in v 1.5.2
* Added Recaptcha Support
* Added Fields Validation
Improved in V 1.5.3
* Fixed minor registration view logout bug.
* Added over 15 new language translations.
Improved in V 1.5.4
* Added option to load jQuery locally or from Google API's
* Added option to display Radio buttons to switch between login and register either at the Top or Bottom
* Added option to add Terms of use checkbox and link it to an article.
V 1.5.5
* Removed terms of use checkbox.
V 1.5.6
* Terms of use checkbox with javascript validation
* Recaptcha private key validation
* Have the Checkboxes at the top or bottom
* Fixed Joomla 1.6 version Logout bug
* load Jquery from Google CDN or Local
* All Major Bugs Fixed.

Need this module translated to your language for free??? post a request at our forum.

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Reviews: 4
This is a nice module, but you should try w3c validation with this. About 30 errors.
Reviews: 15
This ext is as quick, easy, and elegant as all the reviews say. Unfortunately I have some extended User fields set up in User Configuration (address, phone), and this ext does not seem to see that. So I can't use it.
Reviews: 1
Great module, it took me 60 seconds on the dot to instal and run it. Like like.
Reviews: 2
Superb extension... works amazing... one click install. Works with ReCaptcha.
Reviews: 2
I've been having an issue with spambots registering on my site. I really needed a simple registration solution that had a Captcha form to avoid this issue.

Having the login and registration accessible without reloading pages is awesome.

Thank you
Reviews: 1
That's a great extension, easy to install and works perfectly.
I modify it a little bit to integrate lead creation for each registration. that work very well. At the disposal of creator to provide them my changes ;-)

Thanks !
Owner's reply

Sure... sounds great. send over the modified version to if you want to and we will be more then happy to play around with it and add some more code.

Reviews: 8
Within a half an hour of my site going live, I was starting to get spammer accounts being registered. After doing some searching I found this module.

It works as advertised. I made my module a "register only" type and with the addition of captcha, it stopped all the spammer robots in their tracks.
Reviews: 1
Very impressed. It didn't take long to implement, and it works seamlessly. I had some trouble finding a decent login/registration with captcha that would work in 1.7 - no more! :)
Reviews: 1
One of the reviews said "it takes 2 minutes".
In two minutes I downloaded, install it, and make it work in a pop-up with reCaptcha. and just delete a br in the codes between the login and register radio buttons to have them next to each other.
I can say that this is the first free extension, works without any errors, easy to understand codes, and no need spend hours in help files or forums to have an answer. Great work... will be on my top list from now on...
Reviews: 5
About 2 minutes flat from download to live on site. Love it. Very simple. Does what it says. I appreciate the reCAPTCHA integration. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Extremely easy to use but even you have questions about it, the support team is very responsive ! My special thanks to mr Kevin Smith from support, he deserves a raise :)

Keep up the good work people !
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a login/register module that had a better look and feel than the standard Joomla function. I wanted to encourage potential users by having sopmething easy to use and this is it!
Reviews: 2
It doesnt get any easier than this! install, publish. It just works. Ill be installing Login Register on all of my sites. Bravo! :D
Reviews: 4
Just install this and replace the original login module. Works likes a charm, ReCaptcha works perfect eitherway.
Reviews: 10
This module is simply perfect for my needs. This module would make an excellent replacement for the core Joomla login module. I'll likely use it on every project from now on.
Reviews: 1
I really like this design - it's clear and it takes up a lot less screen space - so it was worth trying to get it to work for me but I couldn't get the validation to work. I contacted their support and they were excellent - they took a look at my site and saw that the problem lay with my Rocket Theme template, the validation worked perfectly with other templates.

Support didn't stop there, as I write this they're looking for a solution to my template problem.

I may not be able to use the module but five stars for the support.
Reviews: 1
Very nice extension and great help from the deveolpers i had a slight coding probling and i posted a message on the forum and it was answered within hours with a soultion !!!

Thank you
Reviews: 6
The module is very easy to install, works like a dream and the service from the creators is great.

And they even made a dutch translation within hours from requesting.

Thnx alot
Reviews: 1
thnak you for this must have extension