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Simple Registration ComponentModule

This component allows user to register by inserting only an e-mail address: it will be used both as "Full name" and "Username"; password will be created randomly and sent to the user.

To use this component, just create a menu item which links to Simple Registration -> Registration Form.

Or, you can also use the included module to have the register form everywhere you like.

# password field not present in module even with relevant option set
+ password is sent to the user even when no activation is needed (override Joomla behaviour)

+ compatible with Joomla 3
+ now the package includes also a module
+ option to create username from the "user" part of the e-mail (before the @)
+ autologin option

+ You can now configure the component to ask the user for a password instead of generating a random one

* fixed "class JParameter not found" error in Joomla 2.5

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Reviews: 1
This module deserves more attention, as currently represents the only solution if you want your users to be able to register only with their emails and a password, without a username. Even sends the password to the user. Excellent work!
Owner's reply

Thank you! We too feel that there is no alternative for this feature. BTW that is exactly the reason why SimpleRegistration was originally created :-)

Reviews: 6
There is a very famous extension on the top of this category and this can't break the process down on one field (there are minimum two) and there is no verification process anymore. But that was needed, because of my newsletter.
This extension give me exactly the function what i was looking for and thats for free, just great! :)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words, we made this little tool just for some specific cases and we use it a lot ourselves; we're glad to know it's helpful to others as well!