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Login Styles Module

Login Styles provide stylable authentication module for your Joomla website in Various preformatted styles : Horizontal, Vertical, Popout and Bookmark.

Horizontal - Much required format if you want to login from a toolbar or header/footer.
Vertical - Useful for logging from the vertical sidebar on left or right.
Popout - This one is a space-saver. It shows just a short stylable 'Login' button. On click, it opens up the actual interface for the users to login.
Bookmark - The login button will stay fixed on the corner of the screen for better accessibility without taking any space on actual web area.

You can easily switch between the three layouts from the Joomla backend Module Parameters. Also these can be furthur styled to suit your template skin.

Features :
Stylable to fit on your template : You can skin the login styles to fit your website theme with little knowledge of CSS.
Compact Javascript : Login Styles for Joomla used Native Javascript which makes it quick and universally compatible.
Optimised XHTML and CSS : The markup code is optimised and valid, to improve your ratings on search engines.
Cross Browser Compliance : IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
Multi-language support : The module supports Joomla's multi-language features, and you can implement it in regional languages by just copying the language files.

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Reviews: 10
I've rarely paid for Joomla extensions as I've almost always found perfectly decent free ones. However, this is one of those that's worth the money. It's well thought out, good options, works perfectly and Cecil's support is excellent.

Having also bought their responsive menu I'm very happy to be supporting some great Joomla development.
Reviews: 1
superb extension .. works as promised .. one click install, two click configure .. provides many styles to choose from
Reviews: 1
It took me only a minute to make this work on my page - cannot save more time per site
Reviews: 1
I needed a horizontal login for my website. I wonder why this feature shouldnt be on the default by Joomla. Thank you for making this module, its a lifesaver.
Reviews: 1
Whatt a simple and easy login module it is. I tried another extension which I could never make to work, waste of time. I later saw this but was confused if I should buy it. I contacted the company and they were helful to explain my queries. I knew it was a correct buy, and it didnt disappoint me. I am going to buy more extensions from this developer.
Reviews: 1
This is first time that I purchased a joomla module. I could install this login module without hassle, it worked out of the box. installed, and published. I happily recommend Login Styles.
Reviews: 1
I was having issues with clients that use laptops and/or small monitors. The resulting menu was forcing the vertical login out of site. Login Styles provided so many presentation options and the interface looks very professional. I would recommend use of this extension.
Reviews: 3
Works perfectly... Im a newbie and the support you offered was perfect. Thanks..
Reviews: 9
Simple and Brilliant - That goes for both this module and the support behind it.... It does what its supposed to do - and when I wanted to get things tweaked slightly for my unique site the support was there - fast and effective. Thumbs up for this one!
Reviews: 1
Hey, you've done a good job mate. This worked just as you described. I am going to try some of your other extensions too.