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Leo Userpanel Module

you would not like to use a form login or register form as default of joomla, you want to spend many spaces for putting other other information on your site. This module is one of good choice for completing this idea. The module only display links looking as button or menu items, simple user only click to them so forms will show out to allow them entering required data.

- Module Features

# Support Login function and User Registration function
# Support three 3 effects for opening form:
- NoEffect: Click a button, the form will show without any effect
- FadeEffect: Opening with fade Effect
- SlideEffect: Opening with scroll up and scroll down form
- Modalbox: The Form will be showed in Modal box which supported by Joomla
- Support overriding them in Owner template or inside this module
- 100% table-less, validation CSS, HTML following W3C
- Fast-Loading Layout

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Reviews: 1
I've used this module on my commercial site and delivers almost perfectly.
However it does not support the ReCaptcha plugin of J2.5 in the registration form. :(
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I was looking for! I was going to make a menu that did something similar but your extension made life a lot easier. I was easily able to re-style it as needed. Only thing I can think of to add might be a option in the module to Show or Hide the titles. For example when I used it in order to hide the title "Login" I had to use CSS to display:none all h3 tags.

Excellent work thank you so much!
Reviews: 3
This is exactly what I am in search of however it looks like the wrappers for login and registration don't quite wrap all the contents. At first I thought it was my template, but it shows the same in the demo too. Look at the bottom of both the login and registration popup wrappers and you will see that the links for password or register if you have them enabled get left outside the wrapper. Wish this would get a fix so I can use it. Otherwise I think this is a great module.
Reviews: 3
It was just what I was looking for, It Has various aspects such as fade in, pop out ect, however I did notice that their is no parameter for terms of use.
It contains both login and resistration and works fine for me right out of the box.
Thank you