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LoginPlus Module

Versatile login module. Horizontal or vertical mode. Graphical buttons, surrounds and backgrounds. Graphics can be customised with your own artwork. Change text and input box size.
Standard login features are selectable. Input box labels can be internal or external.

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Reviews: 3
Even for a newbie in Joomla like me it was pretty easy to setup and customize this extension: text, colors, position, design... and all the typical login configurations.
I really recommend this extension.
Reviews: 8
It is a pleasure to have such excellent module that works like a charm out of the box. Easy installation and serve the purpose of what I've been looking for. Easy customization both back-end and front end. Furthermore, it is a FREE download.
Reviews: 7
The module is fantastic as it allows an incredible amount of customization which really allows you to fit it into your site design nicely. We had an issue where another addon was utilizing bootstrap and the style names were conflicting. Bob quickly provided some additional css styles to add to the module and everything was perfect again.
Reviews: 1
You did a excelent job! i tried almost every diferent login non-comerce module! LoginPlus gave me exactly what i need... i could configure it to look just like i wish.... i recomended it
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this simple to use Module. I needed to disable forgot username/password and register features and Login Plus did it! The install and setup are easy and the straight forward customizations make this a GREAT login module!
Reviews: 7
Had an issue with user logging in and pressing ENTER on my particular browser & OS. Bob sent me a patch that resolved the issue. The module is well designed and allows for multiple looks and options, so can be easily embedded in multiple locations with completely different looks. Glad someone thought this was important for UI/UX.
Reviews: 3
I needed to be able to turn off the forgot password and forgot user name for my site and also wanted to be able to control the looks of the login. Very happy with this extension. Thanks!
Reviews: 29
Thank goodness, a login module that's customizable! Want to have registration enabled, but not show "Create an account"? You can with this module.

The service is even better though. I had a problem/request. Within a few hours Bob had added code and sent a revised version. Thanks Bob - someone who understands decent business practices!!
Reviews: 1

Looking of a horizontal login module, I stumbled upon this one. Fits my needs perfectly.

The module installed ok. Does what the developer describes and is largely customizable from within the module as well as by CSS. What more would one want.

Thank you.
Reviews: 4
This module looks good, and works well.

The only downside is all the layouts are built with tables, and very poorly I might add.

Expect 10 - 20 validation errors at least from this module.

If this module was re-written with CSS I would rate it Excellent.
Owner's reply

When you say the module should use CSS rather than tables, this is misleading. If you removed all the tables there is no amount of CSS that would replace them.

Joomla itself actually makes wide use of tables.

Presumably what you really want is div elements rather than tables . If so please say that. However to get the same amount of stability over a wide range of browsers both current and past it would need not only CSS, divs but also Javascript. The additional Javascript would only do what is already present in table structures.

Also I am not sure why you would place the utility of a stable module second to validation processes when no browsers actually adhere to standards. Indeed if you look through W3C (the main standards body) schools pages you will find them quite happily quoting slightly non standard ways to make stuff work in actual browsers.

The best overall answer to that would be a rapid move to HTML5/CSS3 (which would also cut the number of graphics files needed to make this and my other modules work.)

Reviews: 4
Hi Guys, well done. I have been searching for hours for this type of module. So simple to customize and does exactly what it says.