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PopLogin Module

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PopLogin is just a slight modification and yet offers another look of standart Joomla login module. This module will display a login button and when you click on it will pop up a login form with stylist look.

Yeap this used to be an addon module for our commercial templates since comuna4 plazza and now we release this Joomla 1.7 version for FREE! (it works in Joomla 2.5 too)

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Reviews: 2
Used this module for 5 months
After last upgrade this module stopped to work in chrome, everything works fine on other browser except in chrome, you can try the issue also in the demo page of the module, opening the url with chrome:
Owner's reply

Hi maurizios, can you please post the problem detail at our support forum? Because I'm unable to replicate the issue at my end. Thanks

Reviews: 1
Hi. Plugin a very nice appearance. Downloads without problem. Other information found on the forum. Small fixes in the code to correct the display.

Reviews: 2
I really liked the look of this Module, and thought I could use it. Easy installation and setup proved encouraging, but the modules was effectively useless.
All greyed out and could not enter details. I tried looking for possible conflicts with other extensions, but could not find a third party reason . . . nor could I obtain an answer from support. Still no word from them, and it was not easy to find where to ask . . . if they reply here saying they could not check my link, the link is long gone . . . too late, extension uninstalled. would love a reply as really thought it would be good, and it looks good.
Owner's reply

Hi seoirserob,
Sorry for the inconvenience. It's probably because of css / js conflict with your template. I have replied your question in the discussion support. Can you check it please? Thanks

Reviews: 21
This is a really nice module and it does work. Make sure you do go to the forum and read the posts (not many at the moment) if you run into trouble. I did in the beginning, now it is working nicely and safes so much space on my website. Thank you.