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Improved AJAX Login & Register ComponentModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Register and Login with Facebook | Google | Twitter | LinkedIn | Microsoft account!
Create your own registration form easily in the Live Form Editor using Drag & Drop!
Check this short tutorial video here:


➤ Login with your social account
No more registration required, just one click and you can log in with your Facebook, Google, Twitter or Microsoft account. If you already have lots of users in joomla, they don't need to create new account, Improved AJAX Login will auto link people with same email address. The component includes tutorials to help at configurations.

➤ Need a new Login and Registration interface?
Improved AJAX Login is a very elegant extension, it speeds up the Login, Logout and Registration procedures with AJAX technology. These process never were so simple and easy, and the clean & smooth design, of course.

➤ How does it work so fast?
The Improved AJAX Login does the dirty work in the background, the login process will only take a moment, it's lightning fast! This module does not need to reload your webpage, the user is logged in as soon as he hits the login button. The Login also warns the user on unsuccesful login attempts with nicely decorated popup fields. The validation of the registration form is also make in the background, and mark the incorrect fields with an error massage. Go ahead to the demo page and try it yourself!

➤ AJAX-powered User menu
After login with Improved AJAX Login a stylish User menu will appear instead of the login form. User menu is fully customisable and have some default menu items like Edit Your Details, Show Cart (only if VirtueMart installed) and of course Logout. User menu is also AJAX-powered so all menu items are loading in the background.

➤ Some more words of the registration
The Improved Ajax Login & Register has an own popup-box for the fields. You can use captcha, to avoid bots registration to your site. As it previously mentioned, this extension make the validation and the register process with the AJAX technology, so there won't be any page-refresh during the registration.

➤ Live Form Editor
Live editor using the WYSIWYG method (What You See is What You Get) to make well-planned forms in seconds, because you see the result live. There are many predefined fields like Address, Date of birth, Terms of Services, etc. But you can also add custom fields: textfield, select list, checkbox, etc.

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Reviews: 3
This product does what it says and the support is super fast. Great work guys!
Reviews: 1
I have to say this is Ridiculous GOOD! Spend a lot of time and tried al kinds of plugins for different option regarding login/email/username combinations and most of al of them crashed or whatever...and this com/modulle DID IT ALL AND MORE! the options you can add are a lot more than I expected. 10 STARS
Reviews: 1
Have to say that I spent a long time looking for a better nicer looking and fully functional log in extension until I found this one. This one fit all my criteria and was really simple to install and the support was outstanding! Keep up the good work guys, 5 STARS!
PS I also purchased their search extension which works fabulous.
Reviews: 5
This is a PRO module that looks great and the developer gave support after very short time. For me about 10 min. Thats great! Looking for a good looking (social) login, this is the one!
Reviews: 2
Very nice module with clean backend and self explanatory settings. A minor browser glitch made me contact the customer support, which was very professional and helped fix the (IE) problem immediately.
Reviews: 8
Great extension and great support!

Works perfect in all browsers and on Ipad.

Easy to use and looks good.
Reviews: 2
I have been looking for a simple but powerful login and register module, when I found this one - I stopped looking further!
Great code, great functionality, user friendly and most important - support is amazing.

I recommend this mod/component to all of you, as personally im quite satisfied.

And note to developers: Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 3
Fell in love with this product. I've tried a couple of other login register modules. None can even match the quality and simplicity of this product.

The support is fantastic. Balint is the guy who assisted me in fixing a couple of things I wanted to include apart from the core functionality (like including JFBConnect and TOS) as part of registration. Thanks a lot Balint. Keep up the good work.

I strongly recommend this product + support with a 5 star rating.
Reviews: 6
These guys produce unusually great products. This login is a great way to modernize a Joomla site. Works on all browsers, mobile, etc. I've use their Vertical Menu as well and am very happy. Had one support request with the login because it was conflicting with the old Google Map.. by the time I wrote the support request, they had already fixed the bug in the latest version.. The got back to my request in 24 hours and the new version of the extension did, in fact fix the conflict. Very happy customer.
Reviews: 1
This is simply the best login extention for joomla... Stop to search for another one, this is exactly what you need (all in one) The support is great and fixed my problem in a few hours... Buy it with closed eyes!
Reviews: 7
This is a very nice plugin. It looks beautiful and is easy to customize it's appearance. If I were to improve it, I'd like to add the ability to put custom profile fields in the registration box (to go with joomla profile plugin).
Reviews: 2
This is the best login extension I have ever used. The module is beautiful and have tons of possibilities.
I had a little problem, but the support was really fast to fix it.

If you search the best login module, this is the one should use.
Reviews: 2
Great extension and great support!
Had a problem which was picked up by the support whitin an hour, in a couple of hours my issue was solved.

Great options for theming, social login and more.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
Really a great module and responsible support. Do not hesitate to buy it!
But a little advice, to make it supports login using Twitter account will further make it perfect.
Reviews: 1
After being very disappointed by SLogin extension I was looking for a more sophisticated and smoothly working extension in order to grant my site visitors access via Social Networks.

THANKS to JED I came across this great extension.

First of all:
The module simply looks great, and perfectly integrates into any site, with a wide range of backend customization options.

GREAT support from Balint. There were some customization issues, and I opened a ticket on the developers' site, and was helped within hours only. It can not be any better.

Nice features, like Captcha integration, password strength indicator shown when registering, to name only two.

Definitely worth the money, and saved me a lot of stress and time compared to other - often premature - software.


Reviews: 14
Currently the best and nicest looking login extension for Joomla. Works great and has attentive support!
Reviews: 8
I have checked out dozens of login extensions, but what totally convinced me about improved AJAX login was their great demo version: You can really test every feature - including the backend - on their website. So you definately know in advance, if the product fits your requirements.

No need to say that I am a happy customer right now, as this extension looks great and offers advanced options (e.g. have an additional user menue shown, if you are logged in).

This already would be enough to be willing to pay 10$ - but there's more: You really get outstanding support. I set up two tickets and both of them have been replied in less than 12 hours - simply amazing!

I highly recommend this extension to everyone!
Reviews: 3
I have bought some extensions now and sometimes you just get disappointed.
This is not allway the developers fault. Site administrator like myself may tend to use a lot of extensions and this can cause conflicts between the different extension.
This was also an issue with this extension. Some conflicts with Community Builder and Zoo on my site.
I am glad to say that Offlajn have done a great support job and got everything fixed. Fast and competent support and they even changed some settings to fulfill requirement... fantastic.
I can higly recommend this extension which offer a lots of settings, to make it fit on your site, and at low costs.
Job well done! Thanks Offlajn.
Reviews: 3
I have never bought an extension before and so my expectations were high but this extension just works fine.
Easy setup and works out of the box.

Also I like the step by step tutorial to setup social logins. Simple enough even for a beginner. Besides you can choose your own style and adapt as required.

Anyway I am happy with this extension and ready to offer my users more login opportunities.
Thank you.
Reviews: 3
Thanks guys ! Very nice module.
We had a small problem with jquery conflicts but support helped me,quickly resolved.Maybe in the future add a button to conflicts in backend.
Very useful and beautiful in design

Thanks By Tanas Alexandru Florin
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