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AccessByIP ModulePlugin

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AccessByIP identifies your site users by their web browser's IP address and is thus the ideal way to give your academic or corporate customers easy access to confidential and subscription material on your web site. There is no barrier of difficult-to-remember user names and passwords, nor the need to distribute and update individual log-in credentials.

PLEASE NOTE - AccessByIP is limited to one user log-in account and recognition of one IP address range. If you require more flexibility and features the "Pro" version of this extension offers multiple users accounts and complex IP address patterns (now listed on the JED).

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Reviews: 3
This plugin works as explained. Modifying the code to suit your exact needs is easy.
Thank you for this excellent contribution !
Reviews: 2
Now it works only for a single user, which is specified in the plugin settings.
Do you plan to add the ability for multiple users autologin?
Owner's reply

Thank you for the very positive feedback on my extension. Please refer to the comments on the AccessByIP support web page ( as I think it should answer your question.