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UserXTD ComponentPlugin

Asikart UserXTD extends Joomla! user profile by a powerful form construction system.

It is 100% integrated with Joomla! core registration, and you can replace com_users pages.

* NOTE: This is a beta version and not for use on production sites.
* NOTE: No longer support Joomla! 2.5. please install in 3.3 or higher. Beta9 is the latest version support Joomla!2.5

- Support both 2.5 & 3.0
- Custom fields by form contructor for registration.
- Integrate with core users profile system.
- Show author details after article.
- User profile page and edit page.
- User list to show all users' profiles at admin.
- Replace core users pages by UserXTD pages.

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Reviews: 26
This is a simple and lightweight way to customise your registration form, if you need more flexibility than the user profile plugins which ship with Joomla! and a simple UI to manage fields.

My only criticism is that the documentation is at present quite poor, making it frustrating to work out how to use the extension.
Reviews: 3
I had previously used extendedreg for my customers' site but upon upgrading to Joomla 2.5 I decided I didn't really want to pay the upgrade fee and it's a reasonable amount of work to add custom fields manually! I would have given USERXTD and excellent rating but I did have an error relating to components/com_content/includes/css not existing! I created the folders and it works fine!
Owner's reply


UserXTD is a vary complex component, so we need more time to debug and make it perfectly completed.

If you meet any problem or bug, please report on our support forum(have to register), help us removing all bugs, thank you:

Reviews: 3
Joomla's User manager is very good at ACL, and I can use it for operate multi-member's site. While I want to add some fields to member,usually used CB(community builder) component.But It's too big.
After using UerXTD, it's very light, simple, and custom any field I want. Good job !