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SCLogin Enhanced Login Popular Module

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
SCLogin is a free and fully supported enhanced login module for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. This module is based off the Joomla 3.x login module, with improvements like:
* A horizontal mode
* An easy template system
* Improved two-factor authentication that asks for a separate password only from those users who have it configured
* Streamlined looks
* Modal popup view for login
* Customizable user menu displayed when user's are logged in

Additionally, the new module seamlessly integrates with JFBConnect for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter authentication and login on your site.

Go ahead, give it a try!

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Reviews: 2
Very good job. Had to disable caching to function correctly.
Other than that, keep up the very good job.
Reviews: 3
Complete, perfect and free login module, without any bugs. A little bit hard to css, but well.. that is not so important. Thanks again!!
Reviews: 16
Very functional, and well designed as well. Especially good with the social login integration. And.. It's free. Well done.
Reviews: 1
This extension is i want to use my web site. Because it has fb login and my users want this from me. And you have not to check your registers.
Reviews: 2
Great extension!!! the support is great very helpful.

Only fault i could pick on is that the out of box styling could be a bit prettier but if you have basic css knowledge then its pretty easy to change the look and if you get stuck the support team will tell you what to do within a few hours ;)

Over All the best login ext i have ever used.

Well done to the Dev's
Reviews: 9
Very nice and simple to use, this module. The only thing missing is a "close button" at the top or bottom, but the extension it self seems to be perfect. I strongly recommend it.
Reviews: 4
Very happy to have found this one, it's the best login extension and support is fantastic... very, very knowledgeable, helpful and fast to respond.
Reviews: 3
The extension is pretty easy to use and customize. But the best part of it it's support - fast and very helpful.
Reviews: 1
Very comfortable in use for admins and for users of any site. I would like to add button of SC Vkontakte. People from that SC is major group of potential users of my site.
Reviews: 1
Extension was great but I have a little problem, facebook and linkedIn button doesn't appear, I use joomla 2.5.8
Reviews: 1
I appreciate the great attention to detail you gave when creating this modules. It is everything one needs from a login that the regular joomla just could not provide. Thumbs up *****
Reviews: 1
this is a good extension for logins, and fairly easy to use once you get it figured out (it took me a little while). it has a few features that i didn't use (like the social stuff), but i do like the clean look and feel of the login module. i needed a little help and was able to get a pretty quick answer on the forums, so that was appreciated. sometimes your question just isn't answered in the existing postings, so having a real person respond was great.

i just wish there were a little bit more documentation on how to use the sclogin. i was going by the screenshots i saw and going through people's discussions on the forums. but otherwise, this is a cool module and i'd recommend it!
Reviews: 2
Fantastic extension that elegantly handles logging in and logging out with just the scalability required and easy to use, with great support from the guys at SC.
Reviews: 3
Worked right out of the box. Super easy to setup and has way more options than I would expect for a free module. The support is awesome and very fast, great job guys!
Reviews: 1
I was very pleased with the component itself and the support and responsiveness of the developers - very professional for a free component.
Look forward to working with them again soon.
Reviews: 3
We LOVE this login module! It's simple, elegant, and the only one for us that worked correctly on the first try.
Reviews: 9
Nothing to say. Excellent module. Though a small bug is there, sometimes the default search button image doesn't show, but that hardly matters as the search button always shows. Its an excellent module. I love it.
Reviews: 1
The module works as advertised and the support was quick and helped me solve a problem of my own fault. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I tried this extension and found all free so far and this is the only one that worked out perfectly for my need, which was a horizontal form my website and also could be integrated with Virtuemart registration option, so I recommend it 100%. Additionally, I wrote some suggestions for improvements to the extension, the development team and I very quickly and kindly respondienron so definitively establishing support must be very good too.
Reviews: 1
Really like this module. First of all, it is for free. Given that it is a free extension the support is very good (according to my experience). With a little knowledge it very customizable and just a very "need" substitute for the genuine Joomla loving module.

I also must say, that I tried different ones, but this was the only one working together with some of the other plugins and modules I am using...
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