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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
Core Design Login module for Joomla! 1.5 based on Highslide JS. This module displays a Username and Password login form. It also displays a link to retrieve a forgotten password. If user registration is enabled, (refer to the Configuration settings), then another link will be shown to invite users to self-register.

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Reviews: 3
Best Login Module for Joomla of all times! Highly Recommended!
Reviews: 12
This is exactly what i needed -- a login module that doesn't occupy too much web real estate! And with lots of configuration options to booth.

The cool "balloon" type window panel that shows up to display the login forms, is a great space saver. Unfortunately, it messed up similar balloon-type pop-up windows from other installed extension apps in my website, such as JomSocial. In JomSocial, when you place your mouse over the user's avatar, the pop-up balloon panel shows up. When i installed this login module, the source code in JomSocial shows up instead. When i disable this login module, the JomSocial pop-up goes back to normal -- which proves the conflict between apps.

But overall, if you're not using any other apps that implements "pop-up" javascript feature, this login module is neat!
Reviews: 1
This is good stuff people! saves space with the "popup" design and looks really professional. Worth mentioning is that There is a add note in the window with the text "Powered by Hislide JS". I dont mind but maybe someone else does.
Reviews: 1
This was an easy install and a great extension. I have errors but not with this module, just general login errors, which I hoped this would fix. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for the module, it saves so much space and looks great on site.
Reviews: 2
I like this module because it sits nicely on the page and enables me to better utilise space. It would be nice though if the author could put info on this module page about requiring the plugin though.
Reviews: 1
I have been using this module for quite a long time now. It works nicely across browsers. Five Stars!
Reviews: 1
This is a great tool to use.

It is small, and offers good functionality.

I like being able to have a simple 'Login' button.

Awesome job!
Reviews: 1
Great Login Module - saves me lots of space on my menu - looks and functions great, Daniele was very helpful when I got stuck in my first try installing.

Documentation could be improved - esp for novice Joomla users - but with Daniele's help and a bit of tweaking it's working well!

Thanks so much for sharing
Reviews: 1
I tried several login modules this is the most stylish. I saw a comment by gazfocus saying that he couldn't get the "dimming" effect. You have to remember that the alpha fading effect is 0-1 so you should use decimals I have the dimming effect at .5 and it works perfectly. Hope this helps out. This is my only but about the module it is lacking Documentation.
Reviews: 2
Excellent module and I will be using this on every Joomla website I design.

There are only 2 suggestions really. It would be really handy to be able to make a menu item linking to the Login box, instead of have a totally seperate module. Also, I couldn't figure out the 'dimming opacity' feature - whatever value I entered (with the exception of '0') resulted in the website going black.

All in all though, a fantastic login module :)
Reviews: 1
I am not a techie by any means, however, this module was a snap to install. (Though I would ask that the designers would write up a short FAQ and maybe package everything you need in a zip file that users would need to unzip first. Other than that, it works wonderfully.
Reviews: 5
I do use cd login, because of the superior usability I can offer to visitors: They can login now without leaving the webpage, they are just watching. The login will happen in a sort of overlay, which is created by cd login with highslide effects.
For any further activities like remind / reset / register, the Joomla default masks are there as usual.
Reviews: 1
I am a new user of Joomla & I liked most this module for my login. I have downloaded & installed on my local server but it is not working as it's showing in Demo.

I have also tried so many tutorials for it included in official site of Core Design but failed to learn.

Pls. help me if possible with screen shot tutorial.
Reviews: 1
am still a novice with joomla, but this module works great and easy. you need to install also the Core Design Scriptegrator plugin for Joomla! 1.5 to make it work.

the greatjoomla team did a great job with this and there site is easy to explore......
Reviews: 1
Plugin would be great, if there was a
possibility to change language - even changing ini file do not work :/
Reviews: 11
I can see that a number of people have come on here complaining about installation issue and loading times. I have experienced nothing of the sort with this module. Truthfully all extensions require a little work, what do people expect. This is astounding and I was pleasantly surprised to find this as a "non-commercial" module. Excellent work guys, I have your other modules in mind for the future.
Reviews: 1
This has a great look and is pretty customizable. It would be great if the options made it a little more customizable (like right alignment of login text and images).

There is one XHTML problem though. I quickly found it and fixed it in my installation. Specifically there is a UL close tag that is closed outside of the if statement where the opening UL tag is defined.

Looks and works well though.
Reviews: 3
I am a person who is aware of loading performance most.
The loading is much higher compared with its function. In order to make that small effect works, 3 pieces of javascripts (2 external and 1 embeded, totally 100kb!) needed to load in the page.
Owner's reply

Hi, you need to load Highslide JS only in plugin configuration - has 43 kB (compressed).

Reviews: 1
The module is great - when it works. It was enabled on one of my sites and worked well till I loaded Jom Comment and then it did not work.

On a second site, it never did work.
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