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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
Core Design Login module for Joomla! 1.5 based on Highslide JS. This module displays a Username and Password login form. It also displays a link to retrieve a forgotten password. If user registration is enabled, (refer to the Configuration settings), then another link will be shown to invite users to self-register.

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Reviews: 47
This one is a very great Module.
I simply Love it. Thanks for making our lifes easy. Its Simply superb.
Reviews: 6
Download and install the "Core Design Scriptegrator plugin", go to Plugin Manager and click on the "System - Core Design Scriptegrator plugin". Under Plugin Parameters, make sure both "Load To" are set to "Both".

Then download and install the "Core Design Login Module" and it works :) A+
Reviews: 2
the configuration is a bit complicated, but after finding the forum i got it up and running in now time, looks good and works in all major browsers, thanks.
Reviews: 2
Installation and usability was horrible. Documentation area on site for tutotrials did not have product listing.. Too bad since the product really looks nice.
Reviews: 2
I actually found this module when casually browsing the net. I registered to a site and thought, "Wow! Now that is a really cool login!" I checked out the source code and found the url to greatjoomla. I had only a little difficulty figuring it out (I usually do when installing extensions), but found the solution quickly in the forum. Got a very kind and quick response to an email question as well.

If you like the lightbox effect for photos, you will love this for your login! I agree with another review that pointed out that this is a great way to save real estate on your site. It really looks very nice and professional. You really need to check it out! Very much worth paying the license fee to use on a commercial site!
Reviews: 1
Yeah its so good, and beauty in Firefox. But Anyboy have tried it in Internet Explorer? Maybe in an older version of IE ? It's useless in IE! Generating trubles, css mixed off... So how can I use it for any website?

Dear developers! plese test it befor you release! And maybe you should test your website because menu still doesn't work in IE!
Reviews: 4
Needs to be installed with an additional plug-in that will run Highslide JS. In itself this isn't a problem, however the documentation was a little lacking on how to properly setup everything. Took about 15 minutes of fiddling around but managed to get it working ok, and it looks great on my site.

Works well, now just need to tweak things.
Reviews: 2
very useful and noob-friendly! ;)
Reviews: 1
it took me a while to figure out that a plugin is required for it to function, but once I had it installed: no problem.

great work!
Reviews: 2
Thanks so much I was looking all around for a cool looking login module and almost had to end up with yootoppanel. Great job!!
Reviews: 2
I like the look and feel of this. Saves real estate on your site. I'd love to see the mambot function with Mojoblog! The module works fine, overall I'd say download and slot it onto you site.
Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it aims to do. You end up with a really neat 'Login' link with a lock icon - pops up a login box when clicked.

Don't forget you'll also need to install a mambot from the author, called 'highside', which the author's site confusingly labels a 'plugin'
Reviews: 1
This module/plugin is very nice and is what i needed for my web site.

However, i have a problem with it. When the module is activated in left or right position, it work correctly. But, when i use an other position (top, inset, ... for ex) my template is totally broken.

As updates are not currently available for public, so i have to deactivate it for the moment.
Owner's reply

Please visit our site and contact us through our contact form or write your question on our Core Design forum. Thanks.

Reviews: 2
Pros: Install fine. Make sure you downlaod the mod and the mambot/plugin. Install mod and then the plugin to get the little yellow lock/SSL looking login icon. Attractive and saves you some space on your site.

Cons:Whish had a REGISTRATION link. Okay have login and password right but no forgot register new user account. That link is disabled/striked through. Not sure why.
Owner's reply

Hi, Thanks, this link is a strike, when you've your registration disabled in your Joomla! global configuration. Is a info for users, that registration is not possible.

Reviews: 1
this is an excellent module and i like it very much.

i use it on a multilanguage website and miss the language-files for this module.

is it possible to make it joomfish compatible with a language directory?
Owner's reply

Yes, the new version (1.1.5) is supported more language possibilities.

Reviews: 5
Install = Great
Function = Great
Form = Great
Reconfigurability = Great
Reviews: 1
Just one comment : "Smoooth...!"
Reviews: 3
I always wanted to save space on login form. This one totally rocks. Works with all my other 'js' bots and modules. e.g. simple image gallery, moofx etc.

Great job. but seriously, it'll be nicer if you can port this to cb. will see what i can do.
Reviews: 1
its simple to install. very nice mod/bot

only prob is, i cant change the bg color to match my site's so the text isnt showing...

how do i chng the bg color?
Owner's reply

CSS style is located in mambots/system/coredesign/css/coredesign.css (from version 1.0.4)
BG color - line 1: highslide-html { background-color: ? }

I add this option in new version. Bye.

Reviews: 3
Beautiful, nice effect, nice layout!
You absolutely need do a CB version. :-)
Thank you for shared it.
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