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AJAX Register ComponentPlugin

NEW: Conditional custom fields, selectable user group.

AJAX Register gives your Joomla site a better user experience for registration through inline field validation, also allowing you to extend your registration form with unlimited number of custom fields saved under each user profile.

You can create additional text or text area input fields or even radio buttons, select lists or check boxes with unlimited number of options, upload fields for images and documents which allows you to require additional information on registration that is perfectly fit for just your site.

Besides giving a better user experience, AJAX Register will also eliminate spammers via several types of CAPTCHA options.

It also features auto-login after successful registration, custom redirection URLs, Email as Username option, selectable user group and multiple forms to register users into different user groups, each group with different custom fields for registration.

AJAX Register will seamlessly override Joomla's own registration component, you won't even notice it's there. Just install it and you already have new AJAX based account registration, but would you need to customise it, you will find different configuration options in admin and powerful layout and translation possibilities.

Increase the number of registered users on your site by offering a user-friendly, foolproof registration experience!

Key features:

• AJAX technology, making the registration process quick and user friendly
• Seamless integration overriding the core registration component
• Easy installation, no additional settings required, no core hacks
• Native MVC structure
• Add unlimited custom fields for registration
• Create multiple registration forms to register users to different groups
• On-the-fly field validation as you type
• Asynchronous check for username and email availability
• Live password strength check
• Error messages and information inline presentation
• Redirection options after successful registration, to referrer or custom URL
• Possibility to turn system messages on and off
• Auto-login after successful registration and account activation
• Built-in CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA and custom questions with asynchronous validation
• Unlimited number of options for custom selection fields
• Conditional fields, set custom dependency for each field
• Allow user to select user group to be registered into, choose available groups
• Create multiple registration forms to register users to different groups, with different extra fields and different redirections
• Option to use Email as Username
• Username blocks, words censor
• IP filters, whitelist/blacklist, ranges and wildcards supported
• Backend administration with customization settings
• Custom fields info available within user profile and user manager
• Users CSV export with custom fields info
• Multilanguage support, simple translation
• Templates for easy layout editing
• CSS Styling

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Reviews: 10
This is a great extension

Check Username Availability
you can know how secure your password is
most important it has 4 way to fight with SPAM

Reviews: 1
This is my first JED review, even after being with Joomla from the very beginning.

Ajax Register is a really excellent enhancement for any Joomla site requiring member registration - it was my first choice in fact.

Ajax Register met all requirements for my new Joomla 2.5 site except for just one - the IP address filtering only facilitated blocking of IP ranges, not Allowing of IP ranges.

I contacted Emir and within a few days he had modified Ajax Register to facilitate IP Allow - which is implied blocking of all other IP's - and it worked perfectly.

This is a must have Joomla Extension where you can be assured of a high quality, genuinely useful product, with exceptional support.

If you are looking for an enhanced Registration Extension for your Joomla site, look no further than Ajax Register.
Reviews: 35
I was desperate because I had a lot of troubles with the standrd regiister component of Joomla 2.5

Didn't work at all and ruined my Template somehow.

So I was looking for a good solution. Well I was so lucky to find this component and it owrks like a charm.

I love the little deatial that one doesn't have to activate all the stuff after installing and the backend of this great extension is minimalistic and so comfortable.

One little pain is the fact that the site will be in german. So I will have to do all the translation :)

But I would recommend everybody to purchase this great component for it is worth every single euro-cent.
Reviews: 1
Very good product. Installed without a hitch and the configuration couldn't be easier.

I did have to disable another JavaScript script because it had an error which conflicted with this extension. This was in no way the fault of this extension.

Support was good and very quick.
Reviews: 1
We have a new support forum and within a day of its launch the spam registrants started polluting it.

Installing AJAX register stopped these nuisances in their tracks and allowed us to maintain a clean forum.

Great hassles at all.

Great value.
Reviews: 10
Component works great! Nice add-on is the tooltip option. Enough features for registration to make your registration more professional.

I had some problems with the component because I use a lot of jQuery (conflicts with the component without no conflict mode). Developer was nice enough the help me to find a solution.
Reviews: 5
Easy to install and configure. Choice of Captcha options was nice the standard Recaptcha images are getting hard to read. Realtime checking user input is very nice.
Reviews: 4
I was really surprised after this extension started working immediately, without the need for any additional customizations etc. It simply shows your visitors that it is not that easy to spam your website and in general looks very modern and professional. Small add-on but very powerful. It gives me a lot of satisfaction every day :) Great value for money! Cheers
Reviews: 9
It's looking good extension, fair price. easy to use

But I found a lot of disable users on my backend. How are they pass the re-captcha?
Owner's reply

Unfortunately there are lot of spam made with human intervention now days. I get lots of this on my own site: No Captcha will help in this case, you can only do a manual approval.

Reviews: 2
New updates Ajax Registry already has good features now. But a little advice, to make it supports and compatible with K2 will further make a significant innovation.

I believe, if there is support for K2...then this product will be attractive options for the purchase!

OK, while awaiting the next innovation... I would buy this product immediately. Good job Sakic and the team.
Reviews: 4
It's exaclty what I was looking for, a user registration component that replaces the default option. It works as advertised, and I don't just look at functionality but look and feel was also important when I made my decision, so this was my 5 star choice. I installed and it worked, how easy can it get.Thanks!
Reviews: 3
Ah... hear that? That is the sound of no spam registrations buzzing into your inbox. This was the easiest thing I have ever installed. Worked straight away and is so seamless I didn't even realise it was there until I did a dummy registration, and then the cool workings of Ajax Register became apparent. I love watching those little ticks appear, and I am sure it gives my clients the utmost confidence in my website when they register. Its a first class registration utility!
Reviews: 5
Spam... spam! Omg... all those fake accounts. With this extension it's history forever.

A must have for every website!

Thanks and keep on the good work!
Reviews: 12
As with SEF Advance, this is a well thought out and executed extension. Have not required support yet, but I'm sure if I do, it will be excellent as always.
Reviews: 3
I too - as with many of the other reviewers - have tried many registration extensions. While most have been non-commercial... I still must say I haven't come across one like this yet.

The AJAX Registration page works perfectly, and has integrated with my template quite well. The added bonus of having security features such as Captcha also made this extension a huge A+ in my book!
Reviews: 4
What a great component ! Does exactly what I needed and should be standard issue on Joomla Sites
Emir also provided first class support
Reviews: 1
I´ve been tried a lot of different AJAX based registration components (incl. commercials) - but this is currently the best! Simply & easy to use.
Reviews: 3
before i bought this i tried loads of free registration forms - none of which matched the joomla version.
when i tried this one i knew i have found the best!
the author is extremely helpful and i would purchase more of their programs - if and when i need them.

Reviews: 1
This is an excellent component that is easy to install. You might be put off by the price €10, I would have paid 40 to 60 euro for this product. Many thanks for making mylife that little bit easier.

Martyn Mills
Reviews: 2
This mod was simple and easy and all the above to install. All you had to do was install it using the joomla installer. Then the rest was up to them. I thought if I bought a mod or plugin it would be difficult them they claimed but I was wrong. This was my first mod I bought and I am happy with it. Simple ajax script to help spice up the registration of your joomla site :).
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