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YJ Pop Login Module

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
YJ Pop login module is custom made module that display login and registration fields using MooTools Ajax class. Very simple to use and adaptive to any Joomla 1.5 website.

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Reviews: 3
This is a nice module, almost perfect. Just found a small issue, the login and registration button cant be translated in multilanguage websites... this is an importante brack in this module
Reviews: 13
Easy to customise and pretty light JS and CSS. Does what it's supposed to without any nonsense, I like.
Reviews: 5
This module is VERY NICE! Using Joomla 2.51. From a module in a positon, it pops up with professional looking login or register, and has option to remember password. Shows link if you lost username or password. Even better, after login, it shows the user’s name (so they know they’re logged in). And to log out, on same module there is a button to log out. Slick. I use it with Awo Email Login (latest 1.7), so email OR username (or user if you choose) can use their email to log in. Nice package, and free. THANKS!
Reviews: 3
Installed this module after searching and trying many others that failed miserably. This module worked out of the gate. I had to modify the style to my liking but that was to be expected. After getting the module and style working I quickly found that it doesnt redirect properly when using SEF (sef set to "on") If SEF is on in you admin backend and you try to log in or out from an article it will throw an "invalid token" or "url cannot be found" error.

I contacted the owner and he said he couldn't provide support on a free extension. I would really love to see this working with SEF. Otherwise this would be an excellent module and addition to the community.
Owner's reply

I am surprised that you did not help you need. Can you please contact me and advise where and whom you asked for help and you were turned down. Our forum for this module is open and full of helpful responses. Please find me in forum under username Neo and send me PM so I could take care of this. Regards

Reviews: 2
Download, Install, Configure. It WORKS!
Totally Awesome. I wish all extensions were this simple to use.
Worth looking at. It looks a lot better than the default login module.
Reviews: 1
This module has great reviews so I wanted to try it - but unfortunately I have absolutely no idea how to use it, and while others have seemed to have no problem, I can't find a single shred of documentation ANYWHERE. The various websites hosted by this developer are all different and while I found several demo's of the thing working, I can't find ANYTHING on how to use it. Moving on.
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear that. It is simple joomla module. All you need to do is publish it. If the buttons do not work after you published it it is probably JS conflict. please post in our forums and we will help you.

Reviews: 9
IMHO excelent job.

I tried several popup modules, but this is one, which works, it is prety straighforward.

It has only problem with empty pre-text and links to forgoten password and name cannot be disabled.
Reviews: 15
This is a great login/registration module! :)
Reviews: 2
This is the nice module. Thanks for posting it here.As mentioned earlier by other reviewer there is small problem with Joomla 1.6 logout. It gives the "Invalid Token" error when user try to logout.

Below is the one line solution to this problem. Might be helpful who are seeking solution for this problem.

- the 'default.php' file in the 'mod_yj_pop_login' directory from 'modules' folder

- just add the...

under these lines...
Reviews: 1
This review is dealing with the J! 1.6 version, not the J! 1.5 version.

It works mostly as expected. I like that it uses Joomla's built in mootools instead of trying to include some other JS framework. Most of the meat of the module is in the template file, which is good since most people will want to override the default template to make the module fit their site's design.

It biggest issue with this module is the developer hasn't fixed the fatal bug in the logout form (a missing token) which renders the module useless out of the box. The nature of the bug indicates the developer hasn't tested their module on J!1.6. The fact that they were informed of the bug a month and a half before this review and haven't fixed it yet indicates to me that they are not offering any level of support for this extension.

So, if you're a developer who just wants a starting off point for an inline-popup login/register module than this may get you what you want. If you don't have any technical experience then I'd be wary of the J!1.6 version.
Reviews: 2
After countless hours of searching for something even half way decent to use for login/register I found this module. You have to register on the website which takes a good while but its worth it. Thanks alot for this great login joomla extensions
Reviews: 24
This popup login module does EXACTLY the same things as the ones you pay for only this one is FREE! Easy to style to suit your site and bingo... it just works and it's awesome!!

Many Thanks!
Reviews: 4
everything works great, no glitches, no conflicts with other scripts, easy to style, it's a breeze!
Reviews: 5
As with the above reviewer I cannot get this working either. I have a pretty simple front page that uses a customised YooTheme template and nothing happens with this module when it is installed. The module itself displays but the buttons don't work. There does not seem to be any support for it either (no category in their forum categories) so by all means try it and you may get lucky- but don't get your hopes up.
Reviews: 23
Thanks for creating this perfect module!!

Works out of the box, easy to customise.

Big thanks to the devs :)
Reviews: 2
A great module, could use some more controls for adding additional fields, changing styles, etc, but that's easy to fix if you know a little code.
Reviews: 1
I can not believe this is free:) Good work!
Reviews: 3
My 1st review was rejected as apparently stating that it doesn't work is considered a "support request." I will state quite clearly again though that it does not work. If you have another script of any kind that utilizes Moo Tools (and many do) the javascript in this plug-in will fail. The entire purpose of this plug-in is javascript so without it, the plug-in doesn't work. This sint' a support request - it's a fact.
Owner's reply

extension is based on Joomla default Mooyools, it does not even contain a copy of Moo but using default Joomla functions to call it , if you have issues or need support visit our support forum

Reviews: 1
The module installed without problems and worked very nice. I managed to customise the module appearance to my needs with ease as well.