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AjaxRegistration Pro Component

AjaxRegistration Pro is a extended version of AjaxRegistration, improve your Joomla! register form .

Just install the component then check settings and that's all.

Features :

* Password strength check
* Check username already exist before post
* Check email already exist before post
* MVC Architecture
* reCaptcha Enabled
* No module installation require
* Backend enable disable option
* Translation:
After installation the language files will be located in 'language' directory.
The English language file will be 'language/en-GB/en-GB.com_ajaxregistration.ini' where you can edit the language strings.

If you have some other language installed, like German, create a file 'language/de-DE/de-DE.com_ajaxregistration.ini'
and translate the strings. Of course, if you use a multilanguage component like Joomfish, the strings will be automatically translated.

version 1.3 :

Auto Login feature enable/disable option in backend

Redirect page to article after autologin

Version 1.4

Added custom URL field where you can provide the URL for redirect the page after auto ligin

version 1.5

Admin approval feature

version 1.6

Show Terms & Conditions from article or language file

Version 1.7

Added drag to order captcha

Version 1.8

Added ajax check in recaptcha

version 1.9

Added new set of images for vaild/invalid

Version 2.0

Added BotScout api for stop spam registration

Version 2.1

Added language option in recaptcha

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Reviews: 1
Pros: works great with kunena, quick support!
Cons: not easy to translate - u have to manually edit .ini files; recaptcha is difficult for non english speaking users.

I had a problem installing component because of my db tables prefix different from "jos_" but was very surprised by quick support. After logging in to my site and investigation, they modified the code and sent me version with problem fixed.
This component is must have.
I only wish they add more captcha options.
Reviews: 2
Kind of odd that this kind of check is not in the core of Joomla.
This is a great component and it just makes registration SOOO much easier. :-)

I also had an issue with the component, but thankfully the great team Virginsoft fixed it for me rather quickly. :-)

I recommend this, though I would really really like it to be a version for JomSocial and CB aswell, as this would make it 100% complete.
Reviews: 1
The Virginsoft team solved immediately in a short time (5 minutes) a difficult problem with a template. They showed great professionalism and willingness to help their custumers.
Not only is the product recommended to
increase protection from unwanted access but it is also easy to install and easy to use.
Reviews: 13
Excellent, works perfectly and does what i need it to do. I had a problem with a specific template and virginsoft support logged in and got it working for me within an hour of support request, i wish more were this user friendly. many thanks
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