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Wow Login ComponentPlugin

This extension logs you in automatically to front-end when you log into back-end.

Now you will not have to create hidden links to login page for editing articles from front-end. Just log into back-end and you will be logged into front-end automatically!

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Reviews: 1
Great idea for an extension. Look forward to your next version with auto logout also!
Reviews: 14
First thank you very much for this very usefull plugin! It works really perfect! Is it maybe possible in the future that it can me log out automatically from all two sides? Thx!
Reviews: 5
I have a Google Analytics plugin installed that can be set to not track a group of users. Well...even though I was logged into the back end it did count me when I was looking at the article I was editing in the front end since we don't have a log-on system for the front-end.
With this it finally works and doesn't count me any more when logged in (to the back end).
Reviews: 11
If you have a joomla website you just have to have this extension! Works out of the box, no fuss and fantastic usability. I manage 4 joomla sites and it has made my life so much easier!
Reviews: 3
I have been *desperate* for an extension that would do this for years, and even moreso since upgrading to Joomla 2.5 seems to have stopped the old direct url login method from working.

The extension is well named, as when I logged in to the backend and saw it log in to the front end, I did infact feel like "Wow! I have what I need at last! Woo Hoo!". Unfortunately there was just one small thing missing... specifically that when you log *out* of the backend that it doesn't log you out of the fron end, too. It only works for logging *in*. That said, there is a workaround... just click the "log user out" button next to your username on the Joomla control panel before logging out.

That said, this plugin performs a critical feature that I've been wanting for years for free no less, so I am *extremely* grateful it exists. Now, if you get it logging out of the frontend, too, it'll be absolutely perfect.

Owner's reply

Thank you for review and feedback!

I assure, we will have this features included in next version.

Reviews: 2
Thank you very much, i have joomla 2.5.1 and it works, i just login at backend and get autologin in frontend. I have my login module hidden in frontend just for registered users.
Owner's reply

Thank you, glad to hear you like it.