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Login Immediately Plugin

This plugin lets you login the site users just after the registration, so they don't have to separately login. Improves usability and user retention.

Usually Joomla site users need to
1) register on the page
2) login to the site with the same credentials they've already entered

That's quite a bit annoying, and to complicate things sometimes you need to verify your email address.

This leads to leaving users, less signups, less visitors, less sales. Login Immediately helps you get rid of this, and get your new users on the site as fast as possible, meaning MORE signups, MORE visitors, MORE sales!

It integrates well with the Joomla account activation feature:

- If the Joomla account activation is disabled the user is logged in immediately after creating the account
- (Only in Joomla 1.5 and 2.5, not in 3.0) If the Joomla account activation is ON, when the user clicks the link that Joomla sends him via email, he'll be automatically logged in to the site.
- (Only in Joomla 1.5 and 2.5, not in 3.0) If the J!1.7+ administrator activation is enabled, the user is not logged in automatically, but must wait for the administrator to approve his account

Examples of what can it be used for

- Community-driven websites
- Any site that requires registration will benefit from this
- Faster login
- More user retention
- Better UX
- Users more likely to partecipate to your site

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Reviews: 2
I wanted to use this extension with a third party membership system. Even though it, in the end, was not compatible, I received great support from Flavio. He responded the next day via email and supplied a refund with ease. He was very professional and I appreciated that.
Reviews: 1
JOOCODE have been very fast to respond to my emails all within 1 hour. Unfortunately the plugin didn't as I had a paid subscription service getting in the way. But they offered me a refund without me even asking. I could ask for any more brilliant service
Reviews: 7
There is a core Joomla! 2.5 issue when User Registration is set to "Self". Users register on site and are sent an email for confirmation. This is good. However, upon clicking the confirmation link users are presented with a new log in page. Upon entering their new username / password combo they are taken to their Profile page instead of being taken to where they intend to go (in my case, Kunena forum) This is terrible UX.
Searched the Joomla forum for 2 hours yesterday and the only solutions I found involved hacking the core code -- not a recommended solution.
These two plugins installed in seconds and SOLVED the problem with very low overhead. Well worth the price of admission.
Reviews: 1
Flavio is an awesome guy. I sent him an email because the extension didn't work, turns out I was using CBSubs and it doesn't work with it. He personally tried a few things to see if he can make it work and when he couldn't he promptly offered a refund. I didn't even have to ask for it.

If it works on your site this guy means business. Very good support.
Reviews: 1
I wasn't quite sure if the plugin works with AEC. So I contacted Flavio and within minutes he replied. I downloaded it to try. Unfortunately it doesn't work with AEC but Flavio refunded without hesitation. It's a good plugin but wouuld be even better if it supported AEC.
Reviews: 8
Ok this is probably the only one's really great for this stuff, because it can handle the activation link too.

Just be aware that this is a Subscription Commercial plan, you pay each 6 months. On the product page "with 6 months of updates and support" doesn't tell it as it should.
Owner's reply

Hi Sirius, thanks a lot for the review!

One thing to note, it *was* a subscription plan when you bought it, now that has been changed to a 'buy once' extension, just to be more clear about that.

Reviews: 3
Thank you very much for this brilliant extension.Easy, simple, useful - "MUST HAVE"!
Reviews: 1
Great plugin,
Tested J 2.5 works great ..

Auto Redirection to your Main Joomla Site , Jomsocial, Kuena, Agora or any 3rd party joomla extension ..pretty much anywhere on your site with a powerful option of entering URL.

You can even redirect users to Non-Joomla CMS , Non SQL + PHP parts of your site to just plain HTML/CSS pages.

Or redirect to any self made PHP/SQL plugin/component/module of your own on your site that pulls your users from the joomla user table and they will be logged into that software !!

Excellent plugin, good to see developers keeping up the pace with J 2.5 extensions.

10 out of 10 :)
Reviews: 2
I use Joomla 2.5 and i install the plug in.
There is no problem. It is easy and do what it say.I use it for a sport portal website so every one can log in immediatly .