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ACL Manager is the award winning Joomla extension that will save you a lot of time managing and understanding the Joomla ACL system. Set the permissions easily via the clickable permission grid that provides a great single page overview of all ACL settings across your website.

Discover & fix issues with your Joomla assets (permissions) table you may not even be aware of and even configure the backend access to 3rd party components without basic Joomla ACL support.

★ Clickable permission grid ★
The powerful clickable permission grid allows you to easily manage Joomla permissions of your website. The overview with clear icons helps you to understand the Joomla ACL system easily.

★ Understand Joomla ACL ★
Dozens of permission screens, nested User Groups, inherited permissions... It can be very confusing. Use ACL Manager and you will quickly understand the concept and power of Joomla ACL!

★ Fix issues with your assets table ★
The Joomla assets tables is often messed up by Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 migrations or 3rd party extensions. Easily detect and fix these asset issues in a few clicks via the diagnostic tool of ACL Manager.

★ Basic ACL support for any component ★
With ACL Manager you can set basic ACL permissions for any component. Even when the component does not support Joomla ACL by default. This allows you to set custom backend access to components for your users.

★ Enhanced Joomla ACL ★
A selection of powerful additional ACL features on top of the Joomla ACL system like: Permissions per Module, Show Editable Modules only, Show Editable Articles only and Permissions for the Category Manager.

★ Manage User Group permissions ★
Easily manage User Group permissions via the single page overview with all possible core & 3rd party permissions. The sidebar shows additional information about the group, like all assigned Users.

★ User permission overview ★
User in multiple User Groups with combined permissions of the assigned User Groups? No problem for the ACL Manager! See exactly which actions the selected User can & can't perform on the site.

★ Huge Time Saver ★
Managing the permissions settings for your entire website via a single screen, extended with practical information about the selected User or User Group will save you many hours. ACL Manager is a real time saver!

★ Reset Permissions ★
Easy reset Joomla! permissions for User Groups. Revert the default Joomla! permissions or clear all current permissions.

★ Available in 28 languages ★
ACL Manager is available in Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai & Ukrainian.

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Reviews: 6
I can't recommend this extension enough! ACL Manager is an amazing tool, but the support is superb!

Sent in a ticket, got assistance almost immediately, had everything explained to me in a way that I understood.

Nothing means more to me than top-notch support from the folks who make an extension.

Want to experience that quality extension and fantastic support? Grab ACL Manager today!

Recommend without question!
Reviews: 1
I experienced some issues with my Joomla site. Searching for solution I found ACL Manager. I found it very easy and friendly to work with. My issues were not fixed completely I open a ticket for ACL Manager support. I received reply very quickly and all issues were solved in 10 minutes. Great support.
Reviews: 1
If you are a designer and need to allow only certain access to the backend of your site, you MUST have this! It is the easiest thing I have ever done in web design. Had just a few bumps and Sander was right on top of it and I was up and running in minutes! I am so happy I found this!!!!!
Reviews: 1
It's Friday night at about 7.00pm, I'm still working at home, client calls 'I'm locked out', I try everything I know to no avail. Think I'll get ACL Manager (which I've been meaning to) and see if the diagnostics fix it, no they don't. Being a hopeful kind of guy I contacted Sander at ACL thinking I may get an answer Monday or Tuesday. Oh no - 10 minutes, yes 10 minutes for a response and a further 15 minutes to fix my database problem (which you didn't have to do), unbelieveable Sander, you get the prize for most amazing support action of 2013, thanks again...
Reviews: 19
I found the ACL Manager extremely easy to use. It identified and very quickly fixed a number of issues on my sites. However there was still a problem. I asked for support and Sander replied immediately. Although my problem had nothing at all to do with ACL Manager he quickly solved it free of charge. Great software and excellent support - what more could anyone ask for. Thank you Sander.
Reviews: 8
ACL Manager is second to none but the support is even better. Sander helped us with a problem we created ourselfs and had the site up and running within minutes. I wish all support could be like this!
Reviews: 1
I had some issues after a migration from Joomla 1.7 to 3.1. The component solved some of the but the last one solved by the support within 15 min, awesome.
Reviews: 1
I'm not sure my problem was entirely ACL related but Sander fixed it immediately. Such wonderful support is well worth the small charge.
Reviews: 6
ACL is the most cost-effective investment I have ever made.
After migrating a 2.5 site to Joomla 3.1 there was a plethora of SQL issues.
I received some support from my specialist Joomla web host, but it was only after purchasing ACL (which came with excellent support from Sander), was the migration fully completed.
I will definitely maintain an ongoing subscription.
Reviews: 16
Love at first sight!!! Really a very useful tool to avoid mishaps and unintended corruption by users with little knowledge of backend administration. It is an install and play package and highly recommended for all developers or website providers.
Reviews: 7
This is really a great extension for the ACL management in Joomla!. I love the diagnostic checks for the Joomla! assets table.

Great work, Sander!
Reviews: 2
It is an excellent tool for me to manage all my users and access levels in one place. Great! If you have many users, many categories and access levels this tool is a must have.
Reviews: 1
The extension provided the exact solution we needed, and the support was the best support we have ever had. Don't hesitate to buy, ACL is the best solution in it's class.
Reviews: 1
I needed an extension to allow my end user limited administrative access to the backend to manage Virtuemart. This was a very easy way to complete this task. Sander's customer support is very fast and to the point. I can recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
This component is a must have for all Joomla! web-builders.
Also a very quick en excellent support by Sander.
Reviews: 9
This is the kind of component that just does exactly as promised. I was just smiling the whole way through the configuration of this extension :) THANKS for this excellent product worth ever single cent spent on it.
Reviews: 5
A must have on a large users base, it is just a time saver. And it actually helps a lot to get into advanced ACL settings.

Plus Sander is fast and available for any support question: I've got a fix in 29 minutes!!!
Reviews: 4
Like rather a lot of other people I expect, I bought this extension as a last desperate gamble to see if I could avoid a complete re-install...
Having happily played with the new ACLs in 2.5 everything was fine until I went into production and tripped over some leftover stuff.
This extension enabled me to see what was missing and pointed me in the right direction to debug my site. Although it doesn't fix everything by magic it really helped with diagnosis, and I can see that it will be really useful when I want to start adding extra layers to the user classes. Commercial, yes, but absolutely worth a few bucks to save me hours of effort.
AND great support from Sander when I had a problem!!
Reviews: 7
Absolutely brilliant component.

We migrated from 1.0.15 to 2.5 . All seemed well until people started moving categories around, which in turn wrecked the assets table, then users without Super User access were locked out.

This component will save you time, stress and money.

Well done to the developer.
Reviews: 1
I had an login issue which was beyond my ability to fix. I downloaded ACL as a last ditch effort to solve it.

I posted on the Joomla Forums about my issue and how the ACL diagnostics didn't find what was wrong either...and much to my surprise the support for ACL found my post and stepped my through the fix (which still involved using phpmyadmin as well as the ACL diagnostics).

High praise for this extension.
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